Forbidden Tales


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83 Mins
Digital Playground
THEMES: Castles, Wenches, Digital Effects, Tera Patrick, Couples Appeal
STARS: Tera Patrick, Aria Debreaux, Pilar Versac, Aramas Felonia, Villemojas Gunter, Evan Jantz, Bentan Arnegas, Selrac Renard, Vlad Benoulli, David Sanreth
When Digital Playground released this movie on a video a few back, I got a chance to review it right off the bat. I liked it a lot and predicted that it would be a big hit when it came time to pass out awards. Though their awards aren’t the only game in town, AVN certainly squashed that prediction quickly. The movie that I called one of the best four features I had seen all year didn�t make it onto AVN�s short list and I consider that to be one of their biggest blunders of the year. Tera Patrick stars in this futuristic looking tale of castles and wenches. I know that sounds like a strange combination, but it works. Director Joone uses some high end computer graphics to give us some very sleek visual in between scenes. For the sex, Tera takes us through a number of old world sexual fantasies where the dresses are long, but thankfully don’t stay on for more than a few blinks of an eye.
Tera plays storyteller in this movie, sitting at the side of a mangled being kept alive by some sort of machine that looks straight out of an Orwellian nightmare. His only comfort seems to come from hearing Tera tell dirty tales. As she breathlessly describes a medieval love story between a frigid queen and a might general, we are treated to some of the best digital effects I�ve ever seen in an adult movie. Of course, the best part is that when the effects end, we have Tera going one on one with the Euro-stud. The music and flickering torches in the background scream out for couples appeal, but Tera naked is appealing as no matter what the intent of the scene. There is good lighting as she takes him into her mouth and delivers a sexy blowjob. I�m not a big fan of music over sex scenes, but as porn music goes, this is very good stuff. There is a little bit of a slow motion look early in the scene, but it doesn�t last long. Since she is a queen, I guess it�s appropriate that she get royally fucked by this able bodied stud. (Though the condoms may be causing him to struggle with wood a bit.) He pulls out of her pussy and cums all over her lovely ass.
During the next in between dialog segment, we get the best shots of Tera with the metallic hand. (Like on the cover.) This is the kind of stuff that is really impressive and should have made this a lock for Best Film. Since we can�t have a whole movie with only one female (Says who anyway?) we go back to the castle where a pretty blonde woman is helped out of her long dress by another Euro-dude. This guy has a long cock and the lovely young woman gets down and sucks it as deep into her throat as she can. Using the big castle window, he lifts one of her legs onto his shoulder and enters her willing body. The lighting in this scene is a little brighter and we even hear her moan for much of the action. He slips it into her ass for long strokes until he explodes all over her ass. As a side note, you can see how cold it was on this set by their breath. I don�t know why, but that�s just sexy to me.
Next on the list of Tera�s tales is the story of Jezebel. There is some nice dialog here about sin and desire that leads us to Tera (as Jezebel) curling up in some hay with one of her jailers. He plants one hell of a kiss on her before working his mouth down to her luscious tits. Before taking out his cock, this guy spends a lot of time licking and fingering her pussy. Thankfully, we get to hear Tera�s reaction to this and it carries over to her slurping happily away on his cock. A longer blowjob would have been nice, but he�s looking to fuck his hot prisoner from behind. To get a better look at her, he rolls Tera over onto her side and pumps her even harder. Their short, but enthusiastic romp ends when he pulls out and shoots on her tummy.
The story continues and Jezebel is locked up in the town square. Exposed and vulnerable, she couldn�t stop the next guy from taking her if she wanted to. When he stars licking her ass, she doesn�t want to escape, but is happy to be free of the stocks so she can show her appreciation. To show her appreciation, Tera gets down and delivers a very enthusiastic and great looking blowjob. (Hey, how about some appreciation like that for great reviews?) There is some slow motion again as he takes her from behind, but it doesn�t last long so we still get to see those incredible boobs bounce as she gets pounded. With another shot on the ass, we�re off to the next scene.
Moving from a castle to a small cottage, we get another non-Tera scene. Of the three women so far, she is the least attractive, but still pretty with a nice body. She gets it on with her husband in front of the fire. The dim lighting really makes this more of a couples scene, but their energy is pretty good. She gives good head and there is a really nice shot of some doggy while she is on a narrow bench. This is a short scene with a big load ending up on her belly, but the end signals that it�s time for more Tera.
Tera�s final tale involves a poor little rich girl who is watched closely by her overprotective father. She sneaks out early in the morning to meet her lucky lover.
Flying into her lover�s arms, Tera can�t wait to feed him her tempting and delicious flesh. In the bright sunlight, this is the best looking Tera scene so far. Getting down to some serious cock sucking, Tera licks his rod with long strokes and moans lovingly around his meat. Even though I could watch her suck all day, this guy wants to get into that inviting pussy. Tera takes quite a pounding from behind. Great shots of her thighs and ass from the side. Rolling her onto her back, this guy really pumps her hard and finally explodes all over her stomach.
When I saw this movie on video, I was impressed and gave it the kiss of death by saying it should be nominated for best film. That AVN left it off the list is a crime and as far as I�m concerned Digital Playground got ripped off. Now that we get to see it on DVD, the impressive aspects of this movie come shining through even more clearly. The computer generated castles, monsters and whatever that electro-lung dude was, are top notch. I haven�t seen anything better in porn this year. Sexually, this is still more geared towards couples than to the hard core rain coat crowd, but it does have Tera in four sex scenes. She looks fantastic and provides good sexual energy. The fact that her beautiful face stays totally dry is a bit of a disappointment, but this is still one of the better features of the year from a sexual standpoint as well. As a DVD, Forbidden Tales is even better than it was on video. The picture quality is very good, making the graphics stand out nicely. There is a short behind the scenes movie, a super high quality photo gallery and nice commentary from Tera and Samantha Lewis. Well shot, couples friendly and mostly hot sex combined with the high gloss look of the non-sex scenes make this another great effort from Digital Playground and Tera Patrick. I said it before and I�ll repeat it, Forbidden Tales is one of the best adult features of 2001. Add to that, this statement. Forbidden Tales is one of the best DVDs of 2001 as well.

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