My Plaything- Miko Lee



MOVIE TYPE: Interactive DVD
No Running Time
Digital Sin
DIRECTOR: None Listed
THEMES: POV, Virtual Sex
STARS: Miko Lee
Now that Digital Sin has their My Plaything discs down to a science, it?s easy to say that only the girls change. The POV/Virtual sex trips are all pretty much shot the same and for good reason. When you find an angle that works, why go around fucking it up? With all the technical bases covered, it?s up to the individual woman to make or break on of these discs. Obviously, how much you like a particular DVD is going to depend on how much you would like to spend some time one on one with the babe involved. I happen to really like Miko Lee, so the idea of her doing some nice hot talk for the camera while getting fucked has me excited enough to cut the open here and work our way through this disc.
Menu number one takes us to the tease section. This is where we watch Miko strip down. We start off with her tits, move to her ass and end up with her pussy. All of these options include two camera angles. The main shot is a full body look at her, while the second angle is a tight shot. You can also switch between naughty and nice dialog. Later in the disc, there will be an even bigger difference between the two personality types, but here we just get a nice overview of the women who is about to fuck and suck for us.
Before getting inside Miko, we get to watch her masturbate. Fingers first, with same two angles and two voice option as she gets herself wet with her hand. A dildo comes into play as well and her pussy just swallows that lucky sex toy. There is quite a difference between naughty and nice in this portion, especially if you hit the button to make her cum. As a final bit of fun, Miko rides the Sybian, using the super powered love toy to get herself off.
Do-You-Do-Me is the exchange or oral and some finger fucking to boot. For this section of the disc, Miko is dressed in a hot schoolgirl uniform. If you finger her, you may want to use naughty because naughty girls like to be fingered in the ass. For the vibrator section, she uses her own fingers on her asshole to cum all over a gold vibe. Tongue is what you press if you want to get a close of look at what it might look like to eat Miko?s twat. Blowjobs are always one of the best parts of a My Plaything movie and Miko certainly turns in a nice looking blowjob. Naughty Miko really turns on the heat and shoves that cock right down her throat. An added bonus is that the naughty version takes us to the real cumshot. (Others are digitally added and just not as hot.)
In sex, there are five positions. Missionary is first and the main angle is a high POV shot that gives us a shot of the action and her body. Angle two moves in close on the shaved slit between her legs. (Fake cumshots here.) Doggy offers the same high angle shot as well as a side shot that gets her face. Listed as Rev. Cowgirl, this is actually cowgirl position with a POV looking up at her face and tits as she rides you. When you?re tired of her pussy, there are two anal positions as well. Mish gives us the same camera angles we had for vag, but with Miko?s tight ass getting the shaft this time. Same deal for doggy and the POV footage here is hot. All of the pops in this section are fakes which I know bothers a lot of viewers.
There is a small bonus material section that has a photo gallery of Miko and some trailers for other Digital Sin movies. A behind the scenes section would be good here, or an interview with Miko, but that?s just a suggestion. It?s also funny to note that just about every line of dialog begins with Miko saying ?so you want?. Maybe a little variety would help. She tends to overact a bit on the naughty side, but still does a nice job. It?s great to see someone like Miko, who isn?t the big time contract star type, get into a movie like this. Now, if we can just get My Plaything Cherry Mirage and My Plaything Aurora Snow, I?ll be really happy.

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