Dr. Fellatio 13




MOVIE TYPE: Blowjob Movie
131 Mins
COMPANY: Elegant Angel
DIRECTOR: Andre Madness
THEMES: Blowjobs, Facials
STARS: Tabitha Stevens, Sofia, Shelbee Myne, Torri, Delilah Paige, Mikki Taylor, Cheyenne Sexton, Charlie, Obsession, Jenny Macarthur, Aniya, Holly Landers, Megan Matthews, Xtacee, Deja Blew, Jaselle, Emilia.
It seems like every time I turn around, Elegant Angel is releasing another volume of Dr. Fellatio. I guess when you have one of the most popular blowjob lines of all time, you want to make sure the DVD crowd gets their chance to see it as well. (I�m still waiting for the call offering to let me hand pick the best blowjobs from the first 40 or so videos.) Even though this movie isn�t that old, there are a lot of women who have come and gone from the porn scene already. Others have found their niche as B girls and a few have found their way to contract girl status.
Tabitha Stevens is one such girl. Tab was sucking dick long before she joined Team JKP (Jill Kelly Productions) and even pokes fun of her big mouth in the opening scene. She talks dirty, flirts with the camera and sticks her entire fist in her mouth. While Tabitha is doing her best to make things hot, Ron Jeremy is naked and jerking off in the background. Ron is joined by another guy just to make sure she has enough dick to suck. Any girl who can suck Ron off like this and still make us think she�s having a great time deserves all the praise we can give her. Moving her mouth from one cock to another, Tabitha manages to take a whole lot of meat and even get fucked from behind while she�s slurping. Ron shoots all over her face while guy number two fires a big load up her belly.
Torri is a good looking blonde with a bit of an overbite and a great attitude. She comes crawling across the floor to get her lips around a stiff member. Nice hand action here and Torri likes rubbing dick on her natural tits and stiff nipples. I really like her eye contact because she seems to be working with the guy, going for what he needs instead of just sucking to get the scene finished. She takes a load so big it actually seems to surprise her.
Xtacee is one of those girls who never seemed to get really big, but always managed to give a good scene. This sexy little black girl strips down and shows off her real tits and super fine ass. Those attributes have to wait though, because today she�s on hand to suck some dick. X has braces on her teeth, but they don�t get in the way as she handles a modest white member quite easily. She gives great eye contact as she works with just her lips, pumping that white cock with her soft mouth. All that attention makes him shoot onto her closed mouth in no time at all.
Jaselle is a Latina who doesn�t have much to say, but is more than willing to let her mouth do the talking in other ways. She has full lips and big eyes that flash at the camera as she runs her tongue over the head. About half way through, Jaselle loses her top, making it easier to rub her stiff nipples on the dude�s rod. I really like when she does a little bit of dirty talk in Spanish. More of that would have been great. After taking a shot across her face, Jaselle does a nice job cleaning him up.
Aniya is a cute black woman with a great smile and nice tits. She is totally at ease with the idea of sucking some dick and shows some pretty good skills as she starts out. Even though she can take it deep, her best trick is to take the dick between her lips sideways and work them up and down on the shaft. When the cum flows, Aniya takes it on her tongue and keeps pumping with her fist until she�s got every drop in her mouth.
Renee LaRue has Deja Blew along with her to help suck a dick. They rub their tits together for a bit before getting down to blowing. Deja is kind of freaky looking, like Kristi Myst�s heroin addicted sister or something. Renee is a lot more appealing to the eyes, though both women suck dick with great energy. Deja sets up camp on his balls while Renee works her mouth and fist together to milk a load for them to share.
Jenny Macarthur is a pretty cute chick, who just seems a bit lost in front of the camera. She has a great face, pretty red hair and a body that looks made for porn. I guess we can forgive her limited on camera sucking skills, but I hate to see such a great face go to waste in a less than stellar oral outing. She finally gets a little into it right near the end when she jerks a nice load out into her mouth.
Obsession is simply one of the best cock suckers in all of porn, so you know she is going to do some serious damage to any dick that gets in her way. This girl likes it messy and gets really loud when she�s working a rod. Obsession makes short work of his cock, wearing his load with pride.
Charlie finishes things out and is looking inviting as always. Her guy needs to do some trim work on his thick bush, but Charlie is only concerned with his throbbing prick. It grows big in her mouth and she just shoves it down her throat. For some reason he never gets really rock hard as Charlie loves him with her mouth. He manages to get hard enough to pop and does so all over her smiling face.
That covers most of the highlights, but there are others along for the ride. Mikki Taylor and Delilah Paige team up to drain a schlong, Shelbee Myne (Looking almost cute with natural tits and short hair.) Holly Landers and Meagan Matthews are a pretty decent tandem, Sophia (A hot little 21 years old Latina who is much better from the neck up) Cheyenne Sexton (A 25 year old dancer who looks much older) Emilia (A fairly cute Finnish blonde with bad tats) Michaela Adkins (A nice looking brunette) A pretty decent volume if you pull up the best scenes. Even the B level blowjobs aren�t terrible in this well shot movie. Nothing fancy, just good blowjobs.


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