High Octane


90 Mins
COMPANY: Hustler
THEMES: Euro-babes, Cheating
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Betty F., Gabriella D., Hannah M., Monika I., Sophie V., Sylvia K. Szilvia G., Boldizsar, Gabor, Peter, Tibor.
The box for this new Larry Flynt DVD boasts of original music by “Twist” but more importantly it has a cast filled with very good looking European women. With a hard driving guitar riff in the background, we get a very clear voice over as the credits roll. What the guy says (Something about women being the scariest thing on the planet) is not nearly as important as the fact that we won’t have to struggle to understand what is being said in between thrusts and spurts. It’s a feature, but I don’t think we’re going to have to worry about that lame feature sex that infects most US product. This looks like a good old fashioned hard core fuck movie.
Our protagonist gives us more voice over about money, pussy and why he bet everything he had, including his girlfriend on a hand of cards. His big loss clears the room of the tough gangsters and most of the hot women in the bar, but one stays back to ease his pain. The rare dialog during the sex is done as a voice over also. Not my favorite thing in the world, but it’s not a big deal. Neither is this girl really. She’s OK looking, but the ones who left the bar were much hotter. After a nice blowjob, the girl bends over and takes it from behind. Most of her clothes stay on, but they don’t cover much to begin with. What our guy doesn’t know is that the whole thing is being filmed. We know he’s in trouble, but is blissfully ignorant and just bangs away on this chick. He even gets a chance to slip it up her ass. She hops off and jerks his load towards her mouth.
When our guy goes home, he tries to explain things to his girl. She is less than receptive to his words. However, as soon as he starts packing, she decides that one more chance isn’t out of the question. Across town, Mr. Big has a beautiful blonde willing to do anything he likes. She breaks out a shiny new vibrator and creams all over it like she’s never had anything so good in her life. (Or in her snatch.) This babe is really hot and so is the solo action. I hope she’ll be back for more later.
With no other alternative, our guy delivers his woman to Mr. Big. They take her to one part of the compound, but leave our protagonist with a nice looking blonde in a French Maid uniform. Since this item of clothing is one of the sure fire signs that people are about to fuck, it’s no shock that he forgets about his poor girlfriend and has her on the table faster than you can say lemon fresh Pledge. I suppose this woman could have been hired by Mr. Big for her ability to leave his windows streak free, but after seeing her down a fat cock, I’m guessing her true skills lie elsewhere. He moves her into position, slides between her long legs and starts fucking her until those lovely tits start shaking as only factory originals can. For those of you who like to see the booty as well, there is some nice, hard standing doggy and fantastic squat fucking before he ever gets to the anal. Oh yes, some housekeepers won’t do windows, some won’t do laundry, but this babe does all that and she does anal. Best of all, she does it in the butt, then finishes him off with her mouth. Yeah, she’s a keeper.
Mr. Big brings in the lovely young woman and shows her the tape of her man getting busy with the chick in the bar. As you might imagine, she is not really happy, but in proud porn tradition, she falls quickly to her knees to service any cock that gets within six miles of her mouth. Since this is probably the best looking babe in the movie, I’m just glad to see her getting it on with anyone. After letting one of the body guards lick her pussy for a while, she takes his cock out of his trousers and treats him to a wonderful looking blowjob. It’s a wonder he doesn’t just unload his sack right into her sweet mouth. Instead we get to watch her ride his dick, bouncing hard as she watches her man fuck the bar tramp. I guess she needs a bit of lube because in between positions, she gives another wet blowjob. Great energy from this hot piece of eye candy who takes a big load on her pretty face and dutifully licks it up.
We get to watch more of what money and power can buy as Mr. Big has two more hotties put on a show for him. I guess seeing this lifestyle is supposed to make us understand why the main character is such a bonehead. They do a very nice job on each other with a slim vibrator. Since he can’t walk, I guess this is a good substitute, though I wanted to just dive in there and help the poor girls out. Mr. Big imagines himself in there with the blonde. (Nice touch.) He gives her a quick poke, then lets her ride his cock. He eases a finger into her ass, getting it ready for his cock. We get some great pile driver action that leaves her well fucked and gaping from his pounding. The blonde sucks the cum right out of his cock, proving that is it better to rich and powerful that to be a porn critic.
Our hero is tied up and bleeding while the two chicks who knocked him out get it on nearby. They cut him loose and use his cock for their pleasure. Somehow this guy fucks up and he gets to bone hot babes at every corner? Only in porn man. Of course while one of them is sucking his cock, the other is holding a knife to his throat. With the help of the vibe, he is able to fuck one while the other gets some metal pleasure in her pussy. No need for the knife once he gets pumping. No man in his right mind is going to leave before both of these babes is filled with cock and as much bodily fluid as can be pumped out of a set of nads. After a very enthusiastic RCA scene, the girls get down and pass his cock back and forth until he shoots a big load.
I won’t totally ruin the end, but let’s just say that his shot isn’t the last of the movie. This is a feature that reminds me a lot of the Private movies of old. There is a plot, though the dubbed, voice over dialog is all we really need to follow. The women are mostly good looking and all turn in top notch sexual performances. I made a crack at the start about the music, but it’s actually pretty good. A little hard for my taste, but it’s still a cut above your usual porn background tracks. Great production values, good cast, high sexual heat and a bit of a story, that covers all the bases.

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