98 Mins
DIRECTOR: Jim Enright
THEMES: Plot, Big Tits
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Jenna Jameson, Misty Rain, Holly Body, Roxanne Hall, Sophia Ferrari, Kristy Mays, Peter North, Tony Tedeschi, Stephen St. Croix, Jonathan Morgan
Great menus on this disc as well as the usual package of DVD extras. Nice photo gallery and some great trailers.
I was just listening to Jenna on Howard Stern this morning and here she is on my TV. Now that she’s with Vivid, we’re going to have to rely on the folks at Wicked to release her old titles on DVD. Since I missed a lot of these the first time, I’m always ready to see Jenna do the things that made her the biggest start of the 90’s. The supporting cast in this one is a little shaky. I love watching Roxanne Hall and Misty Rain is always good for a hot scene or two. However, some of the other girls are a considerable step down from the A list. What is A list is the DVD itself. The menus on this one are very cool looking and a perfect example of how porn can do things as well as mainstream from time to time.
Peter North plays a private eye working the City of Angels. Down on his luck, Peter gives us classic PI voice over about his troubled business and unusual personal relationship. As soon as he walks through the door, Holy Body starts taking his clothes off. Yeah, that’s always a good indication that a relationship is in trouble. (Of course, she’s a working girl, so it’s a guaranteed score.) He munches on her big tits then shows her his private dick. Holy is one of those girls who has always been really popular with the big fake tittie crowd, but she actually looks pretty good here, especially with most of Peter’s cock down her throat. Using his desk to lay her out, he gets a taste of her juicy twat then fills it with dick. The way these two go at it, I’d say they have a perfect relationship. Holy likes big cock in her slit and Peter likes to stick his rod into wet, warm holes. She does some hard riding before rolling over to take a huge North load on those monster tits of hers.
As Holy gets cleaned up and leaves Jenna comes strolling into the office. In a skirt this short, you just know that she’s a woman in need of something. She has been accused of killing her boss and needs North to prove that she didn’t do it. The catch is the he only gets paid if she is found innocent. As we see in a flashback, the dead man was a bit of a prick. When Jenna and another woman are up for a promotion, he gives it to the girl with her mouth on his cock. (Roxanne Hall) Tony gets to enjoy Roxanne at the same time he’s got Misty Rain going at his prick as well. (Misty was one of Jenna’s pal but fell in with Roxanne apparently.) These two women are both incredible cock suckers and pass Tony’s shaft back and forth during a very well shot blowjob. They lay Misty out on the desk to make it easy for Tony to slide up into her always ready twat. It’s always a good thing when two such energetic women hook up in a three way. Sure, they are even more interested in each other than in Tony’s dong, but the scene is hot and Misty’s tits take a load so that Roxanne can lick it up.
Hot on the trail, Peter goes to visit Misty to get her take on the murder. She has a few things to tell him about Jenna. Back when they were roommates, the two would often share long nights together. Misty tells him that Jenna didn’t really trust men, which might explain why she readily sucks pussy. Jenna and Misty hook up in a very sensual lesbian scene. Both women really love doing girl/girl so there is some genuine heat generated here. She may not trust men, but Jenna has her trusty sex toy ready to reach those deep down spots that tongues just don’t quite get.
Peter is getting a strange feeling about Jenna and thinks that maybe he knows her from somewhere else. Since Jenna is also big on talking about past lives and repressed memories, they make a stop to see a psychic. Sophia Ferrari plays the fortune teller and stumbles over her lines pretty badly. (Her English isn’t that good, so we have to cut her some slack.) They take a trip back to a pervious life and find out that Peter failed to save Jenna in a previous life. While he goes digging into the idea, Sophia gives a customer (Jonathan Morgan) a special reading. She certainly sucks better than she talks. In a matter of moments, his lust line is growing and sliding right between her tight labes. To prove she is a full service kind of girl, Sophia rolls over takes a hard pounding in her ass. He drops a load right in her mouth and we go back to the story.
Peter wants to go back and see for himself what he did or didn’t do in his past life. As it turns out, he was hired by a rich husband to guard Jenna. They have a quick near fling and she hints that she wants hubby dead. Part of the reason for this anger may be the fact that he’s inside the bar boning his secretary. We get a black and white scene between Stephen St. Croix and Kristy Mays. It’s stylish and well lit if you like black and white, but has all the sexual heat of a florescent tube. As it turns out, hubby dies, Jenna gets executed and now Peter is haunted by his inaction.
Learning from his mistakes, Peter saves the day and takes Jenna to the alley where they almost boned fifty years earlier. That’s a long time to wait for some nookie, but you knew it had to happen. Jenna looks great as Peter peels the clothes from her body and enjoys the taste of her soft skin. He spends a lot of time between her legs, getting that pretty pussy ready. As always, Jenna puts on a first class show when she’s sucking cock. As she is spread out on the hood of his car, Jenna gobbles Peter’s rod like it’s candy. Her pussy is nice and tight as he gives her long strokes. There are some very tight shots of the action so you can see her grip his shaft as she rides. When it is time for the pop, Peter fucks her big tits and shoots all over her boobs and face. (The first few shots come before he even touches his cock, Jenna works it all with her tits.)
It seems like I’ve seen Peter North play a private eye as often as I’ve seen Jenna play a busty blonde. Both play their parts quite well in this movie. There is actually a pretty good story here, even if it’s not well spread out. Jenna handles her dialog well and her two scenes wonderfully. More of her would probably have been a good idea. Roxanne and Misty add some sexual heat. Sophia turns in a pretty good sex scene, but is badly miscast for the dialog. Nice looking picture with a good story and couples friendly sex make this another good disc for couples and/or Jenna fans.

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