Young Devon



Vivid Entertainment
240 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Compilation
THEMES: Blondes, Lesbian Sex
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Devon, Niki Dial, Julia Ann, Racquel Darrian, Tara, Devin Lane, Maya Divine, Jeanna Fine, Halli Aston, Gwen Summers, Raylene, Chandler, Inari Vachs, Corrine Williams, Charlie, Chloe, Julian, James Bonn, Bobby Vitale, Marc Davis, Eric Price, Tony Tedeschi, Steve Hatcher, Ian Daniels

In looking at this title I have to laugh a little. How old is Devon now anyway? 23? 24? And here we are looking at a DVD that brags of scenes from her younger days. Personally, I really like Devon. She�s a very pretty girl with that girl next door/sorority sweetheart look to her. Her performances have not always bowled me over with intensity, but when it comes to eye candy, she�s top notch. Part of my problem is that she works so often with other women and I can only take so much veggie action before I want to see this cheerleader go bad and get busy with a few boys in the back of the bus. When I first picked up this box and saw all the female names in the cast, I was worried that this might be a mostly veggie comp, but there seem to be quite a few lucky guys who get to poke and prod our little prono prom queen, so that�s a good start. With fifteen scenes in the main body of the DVD (And other, non-Devon scenes in the bonus) we have plenty to see, so let�s press on.
Elevator doors open and Devon is kissing hard on Eric Price. I don�t know where she was going dressed in a thong bottomed bikini and boots, but who cares? He slips her out of the top then whips his cock in front of her face. Jumping on it right away, Devon starts sucking as hard as she can. He lifts her up for some nice looking standing 69. In just her boots now, Devon stands over Eric while he licks and fingers her lower lips. There is just enough room on the floor of the elevator for a very hard mish fuck, but the best looking footage comes when he is behind her, lifts her up and holds her open for inspection. Devon drops to the floor and takes a good load on her face and even in her hair.
After the first of many veggie scenes, things heat back up with a three way in a limousine. Tony Tedeschi and Jeanna fine are making quick work of young Devon�s naughty parts. The women take turns sucking dick, with Jeanna showing that she can still swallow a stiff rod like few in the business. They move from the limo where Jeanna pins Devon�s legs back to give Tony a straight shot back to her cervix. Not wanting the young blonde to have all the fun, Jeanna gets fucked as well. It looks like all that anal has taken its toll on Jeanna though because her rectum is now an outie. (Is that even possible?) Tony pulls out and shoots his load all over four big, fake boobs.
Devon takes on Marc Davis by herself and looks quite fetching and sweet as they roll around in bed. He spends some time kissing her, working her out of her bra and panties so he can really get to work between those lovely thighs. Devon has a really pretty little pussy that would a lot of fun to lick for hours, but time constraints force us to move on. Poor Marc, this necessary progression means he has to let her suck his dick. Since she has such a pretty face, more eye contact would have been great, but you can�t blame Devon for focusing in on her work. Moving her pretty ass up to that dick, the young blonde bounces her hips and nearly screaming as she rides. The doggy looks good, but on her back, Devon shows us her pussy, those long legs and that face as she waits for another load on her boobs.
Devon joins Chandler and Halli Aston in torturing Julian. They hold him down, put some lipstick on him then treat him like one of the girls. Luckily for him, that includes some hot three on one sex which I guess makes up for the whole forced make up thing. Halli pretty much avoids the dick as much as she can, but Chandler has a great time with that big cock. Julian slams into Devon while her mouth is busy on Halli�s sweet pussy. Eventually even Halli gets in on the action, taking cock and Julian�s load all over her tummy.
When Chloe and Devon get a little too loud, they wake up Bobby Vitale. For some reason, he stays in bed while Chloe fucks her young friend with a dildo. Bringing out a much bigger toy, Devon rips into Chloe�s pussy with a passion. Great toy play here.
The little blonde takes on two guys, Ian Daniels and Steve Hatcher and seems quite happy to do so. Hatch is licking her pussy which makes Devon cry out so much she can hardly keep Ian in her mouth. This is probably the most enthusiastic blowjob of the disc and After such great head, Ian fucks Devon hard and makes Hatcher wait. Sure he could get head, but Devon can�t moan with her mouth full very well. He makes up for it when he�s got Devon bent over, fucking her from behind while making sure we have a great angle of the action and of those lovely long legs. Both guys pull out and shoot on her smooth skin.
Other scenes include Devon hooking up with Bobby Vitale in a bar. Inari and Devon share a very pretty, loving lesbian scene in a bathtub and are joined by James Bonn. Charlie has to get a taste of Devon and these pretty girls light things up in a pretty steam girl on girl encounter.
In addition to the Devon scenes, there are two solo scenes in the Forbidden Fruit area, three more veggie scenes in the Girl on Girl section, three outdoor scenes in the Vivid Girls go Outdoor section (This is where Niki Dial, Racquel and Julia Ann show up.) and 4 interactive previews. (A Devon photo gallery would be a nice addition.)
Vivid Entertainment

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