Dr. Fellatio 12



MOVING TYPE: Wall to Wall/Oral

135 Mins.
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Blowjobs, Facials
STARS: Tye, Ursula, DeLia, Mooners, Alex Dane, Bobbi Bliss, Cheyenne Silver, Stephanie, Jena, Eve, Joelani, Barrett Moore, Regan Starr, Mimi Star, Shelia Stone, Rikki Moans, Brandy
It seems like the Dr. Fellatio movies are coming out on DVD faster than I can review them these days. I guess they are trying to release them fast enough to start doing simultaneous releases by about volume fifty or so. I had number twelve all ready to go this week and today I got number thirteen in a package of new releases. I guess the new one will have to wait until next week, because this one is all cued up and I�m ready to watch a young Regan Starr, Cheyenne Silver and Alex Dane sucking cock. I�m also looking forward to a couple of �here today gone tomorrow� babes named Tye and Mooners.
Tye starts things off and this babe just sort of oozes sex. She�s not a waif by any means, but has great tits and a nasty twinkle in her eye as she gets down on the floor. Once she starts sucking, this wide eyed brunette is all business, taking long deep strokes and flashing those peepers up at the camera from time to time. Most of the action is tight POV shots so it�s almost like being there. Tye gives just a hint of her skills when she wraps her natural tits around this lucky cock for a stroke or two. More of that would have been great, but no one is going to complain about watching this chick suck dick. Pretty face, vacuum for a mouth and takes a nice load on the face. Not much more you could ask for from a hot little slut. (Where did this babe go?)
Mooners is a girl who came and went before we really got to see her do much. She looks a little like Aurora Snow�s plainer, older sister. She has a great smile, nice tits and big round ass that gets shown off a bit in the pre-suck mini-interview. After pulling her hair back, Mooners goes to work with her mouth, showing us why she ended up in porn instead of waiting tables to pay her way through school. I would say that someone has been practicing for their porn career for a while, keeping all the boys in Anytown, USA quite happy at the end of a burger and fries date. When things get hot, she lets her hair down and takes a big load on her pretty face.
Alex Dane didn�t come and go quickly, but I still miss her a lot. She has a great attitude as she gets ready to suck cock, like it�s all just a lot of fun for her. Alex talks to the camera a bit before getting down to business, but once her lips get a hold of his cock, it�s hold on to your seats time. Nice eye contact and great enthusiasm as she sucks him deep. He has her take off her clothes for a bit of mid-suck tease that is a nice change of pace. Great ball licking footage as Alex works him over with everything she�s got. All leads to a huge load that sadly misses her face and drenches her tits instead.
Cheyenne Silver and Barrett Moore turn up for a little double action. Funny, one if a Vivid Girl and the other has changed her name and become an Extreme Girl. Still natural, Cheyenne looks lovely and is the eye candy while Barrett is there to do the nasty stuff. (Though Cheyenne is pretty down and dirty herself.) Barrett is quite average looking and that explains why she has made a name for herself by being an outrageous slut. Still, she can�t manage to out suck Cheyenne, in part because looking down and seeing Ms. Silver at the end of your rod is a damn beautiful thing. This nicely shot two girl blowjob ends perfectly with the girls sharing a good load.
Cheyenne comes back, this time with super sucker Bobbi Bliss in tow. For this scene, Cheyenne is going to really bring her A game because Bobbi is one of the best throat artists in the biz. They suck from the water with Ms. Silver in her all too cool shades as she looks up at the camera while Bobbi goes to work. Even when Cheyenne has her mouth full, Bobbi needs to keep sucking, this time on her new friend�s nipples. Very nice two mouth blowjob action here as they treat him like a king, licking him from head to asshole. When it comes down to the deep action, even Cheyenne is amazed at Bobbi�s throat. In the end, it�s Cheyenne�s pretty face that gets most of the goo.
Regan Starr has always been a hot and nasty little slut and this scene shows her at her cock starved best. She is also quite thin in this scene and her boobs haven�t grown as they did later in her career. (Naturally I might add.) Regan gives his cock a lot of attention, but talks to the audience, asking us if we wish she were sucking our cocks. Well, yeah, probably unless the guy watching has magic hands or something. After giving a little handjob/lap dance, she gets back down and begs for more cock in her mouth. They get down for a serious 69, but when it�s time for him to shoot, Regan gets down on her knees and works a nice load right into her mouth.
Ursula (A pretty Hungarian babe with perfect DSLs), Brandy (Is she black, is she white? Who cares, look at those fucking tits.), Stephanie (Another girl I don�t remember seeing in many movies), Jena (No, not that one.) Eve (A pretty, but very skinny Euro-brunette) Joelani (With great lips and an unbelievable tongue) Mimi Star (Who looks like an aging stripper), Shelia Stone (Another horny Hungarian.) Rikki Moans (Who just isn�t very pretty) and DeLia (A hot little ethnic chick.) are the suckers who keep their mouths full in this volume. There are a couple of really great blowjobs in this volume and as always, a few throw aways. Cheyenne shouldn�t have had to share both of her scenes, but she manages to be great as always. Alex Dane is just a cock sucking machine. Mooners and Tye both left us way too soon and in the end, volume 12 is good enough to make it a good oral movie. (I want to submit my name as guest editor for a collection of the best Dr. F blowjobs.)


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