Shusaku 2



MOVING TYPE: Anime/Feature








28 Mins.

Nu Tech


CONDOMS: Well, no



STARS: The voices of Asia Carrera and Raveness


Since this is only the second porn anime I’ve ever seen, I’m still not sure how I’m supposed to classify them. Yes, the action is for adults only, but apparently a lot of the normal rules for porn just don’t apply. Luckily, I got some good feedback after the last review and feel confident I can go on with this one. Part of the Shusaku series, this movie takes place in a prestigious all-girl school. We aren’t really sure how old these chicks are supposed to be, but a few of them seem a lot younger than the rest. (Though oddly with huge Barbie breasts.) They are being tormented by an evil master who wants to humiliate them; fuck them and video tape them, sometimes all at once. A lot of the action isn’t what I would want to see in a live action porn, but this is anime, and from what I can tell, the stranger, the better. As a disc, I have to say that like the other movie, this one has great picture quality and the animation is pretty decent. (Hard for me to say really since all I have to go on is faded memories of old Speed Racer cartoons.)

We pick up this Anime adventure where part one left off. Miss Minami is bound and the captor is just finishing a shave job on her. She is more shocked to find out that he is doing this to the students as well. He just laughs and fucks her while she has to watch her students. In the end, in spite her screams for mercy, he cums inside of her. (Now there is something you don’t see in a regular porn movie.)

If you think that’s bad, you should see what he does to the popular girl in school. He shows her secret pictures he took in the bathroom, mocks her about the size of her bowel movements, then threatens to show everyone if she doesn’t submit. When she spits out his seed, she just about gets her head knocked off, but is saved by a knock at the door. This gives him two girls to play with, but he seems obsessed with the popular chick’s shit. Here is some anime logic. Because her ass stinks, he has to shove his dick in there to give her some relief. This is a pretty brutal little anal rape, but this dude never seems to lose his energy.

He takes another girl, fucking her until she promises to deliver another girl to him. She has to tell him to take her friend instead of her, which only makes her more ashamed. Hey, how come all of the chicks at this school have such huge tits?) This leads to the main event, where he fucks the popular Nagisa, this time taking her cherry while the other girls watch and record it.

This volume has a lot more sex in it and a lot more rape as well. I suppose that’s pretty common for anime. It’s not really my speed, but then neither is the obsession with feces that seems to run through this story. I can’t imagine what this guy has planned for the poor girls next, but I’m sure it will be awful, they will scream a lot and the best thing about the whole movie will be the funny translations that don’t quite match up with the subtitles. It’s a bit sick, a lot twisted and just interesting enough for me to want to see what happens next.

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