Dayton’s Secret Paradise




MOVING TYPE: Wall to Wall/All Girl

88 Mins

Jill Kelly Productions

DIRECTOR: Jill Kelly

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Bikinis




STARS: Dayton, Devon, Haven, Jill Kelly, Tabitha Stevens, Phoenix Ray, Kiana


Any movie that has Dayton, Devon and Haven in bikinis on the cover is bound to attract from some attention, especially from porn critics born and raised near the beaches of SoCal. In fact, it was only after I turned the thing over that I realized, much to my dismay, that these women would not be running around like the bikini babes of my youthful dreams, sucking every cock they can find. No, this is a chick-flick and as such, no dicks of any kind will be allowed to penetrate these lovely ladies. Perhaps they are saving it for me, if I’m ever allowed to interview any of them. (Hello Haven, a few years later aren’t we?)

Dayton kicks things off with a nice little striptease to some very hip music. From there we go to a voice over introduced waterfall fantasy between her and Haven. (Hey, I have Haven fantasies and they aren’t even secret ones.) This scene is very pretty with lots of background shots and full body views of the girls. There are some good close ups as Dayton licks Haven’s pretty lips, but clearly we’re looking a veggie fan eye candy here, so I’m already feeling left out. Pretty girls licking each other is nice and all, but is a bit too pretty visually and lukewarm sexually for my taste. (That said, now I can sit back and enjoy the fact that it is nicely shot and easy on the eyes.)

Devon, looking lovely as ever, gives a hot little masturbation scene while staying mostly in her dress. The dress comes off when Dayton enters the picture. Dayton licks her fingers then slides them deep into Devon’s inviting pussy. Though this could quickly start to sound like a wicked tongue twister or a naughty sister act, it’s really a lot like the last scene. Heavy eye candy, particularly when Devon is the focus of the shot. Both of these girls seem to really like eating pussy, but in keeping with the tone of the movie, the sex is rather tame and soft.

Director Jill Kelly takes on the next tease scene, shaking that body as she slowly sheds her clothes. She tries out her new contract girl on the balcony. This could be a battle of the tattoos, in which case they would close. However, if it’s a battle of bodies, Jill wins. Her ass and legs are looking spectacular these days. The sex is pretty much the same as before, but there is some nice finger play when Jill gets Dayton nice and juicy then follows that up by rubbing her nipple on the new JK Girl’s clit. Leg, feet and kissing fans also get something nice to look at in this scene.

Tabitha Stevens breaks up the blonde trend with her intro. It looks like Dayton has to fuck every JK Contract Girl in order to really be one of the gang. Tabitha seems to be in control of this scene which features a very lovely backdrop to the pretty action. With the waves lapping against the beach, the girls follow suit, gently licking each other in every soft and naughty place they can find. With all the wind blowing in their hair and the slow motion, this looks like a Playboy movie with some close up finger insertion shots thrown in for good measure.

There is a final four way Jacuzzi scene that does a nice job if you really like bikinis, strawberries and slow, sensual lesbian group scenes. It’s got Dayton, of course, so she is in every scene. Haven is also back and she always looks good in a bikini. (Or out of it.) Since this is the same sort of scene as we’ve seen from the beginning, I’m a big overloaded on the whole soft/veggie/pretty thing. We’ll just say that if you’ve been wanking through the first few scenes, this one will drive you home nicely. Diving into that water with these girls would suit me just fine, but watching them makes me want to watch them all in boy/girl pairings right away. (I just hope all the girls are old enough to be drinking that champagne from each other.)

Once I got over the fact that this is another veggie movie, I tried my best to appreciate the idea of all these sexy bikini babes getting it on. It’s definitely an arty, pretty girl eye candy veggie movie. As such, it’s great. The locations are beautiful, the girls are pretty and into each other and the picture quality is very good. One thing that some of you may like is that there is little or no toys in this movie. It’s all fingers and tongues and girl stuff. Since we all know this isn’t my kind of movie, I’ll just recommend it for people who like the softer, pretty, MTV sort of lesbian movie. I loved watching Haven and Devon as always, but the only time I want to see them getting it on with chicks is together, while I interview them. How’s that sound girls?

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