Jumping Track


Vivid Entertainment
75 Mins
DIRECTOR: Ren Savant
THEMES: Brides,
STARS: Cheyenne Silver, Shelbee Myne, Greg Church, TJ Hart, John Decker, Dayton, Evan Stone
After interviewing Cheyenne Silver a few years ago when she was still known as Wildcat, I have sort of lost track of her. I don�t think I�ve reviewed any of her Vivid titles and I’ve only seen pictures of her new boobs. I don�t think she needed them, but hey, she�s still a very beautiful woman and that�s why Vivid nabbed her. Ren Savant also nabbed her for his latest flick which revolves around a guy, a girl and a train. I guess I could wonder if he is on the right track or if Cheyenne will be getting it in the caboose but frankly that would be too clever and I don’t want to sound like I�m tooting my own horn. With an end to the puns, we may begin.
We begin with Evan wandering through a near deserted train in the dark. Before all your Freudians can wonder if it goes into a tunnel, he wakes up covered in sweat. Lying next to him in bed is Cheyenne, dressed white stockings, lace gloves and a veil. Since he can’t sleep, she happily slips her hands over the covers. She teases a bit and we get mostly soft-core until the covers get pushed back and Cheyenne takes his dick between her lips. The lace gloves must feel good, but it’s the visuals that really work her. That pretty face staring into the camera as she licks and sucks his big cock. She stands on the bed to let him lick her for a bit, giving us a good look at her new rack. I still say she didn’t need them, but they don�t look bad at all. Better still are her legs, long as ever and spread wide to take him inside. I love the way she pulls back on her pussy, exposing her clit as Evan bangs away. The action is slow and steady until he pulls out and shoots a big load all over her ass.
The young couple is off for their honeymoon, riding a train of course. As soon as the ride begins, Evan starts having a hard time telling reality from fantasy. When he drifts off to sleep this time, he�s alone in the train except for the conductor (John Decker) and the blonde woman (TJ Hart) who has his dick down her throat. Even moves to a comfortable viewing distance and watches as John plows into her pussy. This scene is nicely lit for the artsy couples crowd and I did like the silhouette shot in the window of the train. What is really going to drive some people wild is her meaty pussy. John spends some time chewing on those pronounced lips. After a very solid fuck from behind, he paints her back with streaks of goo.
Evan�s confusion only gets worse when he enters a room where everything goes black and white and he�s watching a silent melodrama unfold before his very eyes. A top-hat wearing baddie, complete with handlebar mustache ties Cheyenne to the tracks then goes down on her. A well placed tongue sure can change a girl�s mind about who the bad guys are. Her feet stay somewhat bound as he rolls her over and enters from behind. To prove he is a bad man and to make her a bad girl, he slides his dick up her ass in doggy. After going back into her pussy, he shoots a load all over her tummy.
This time Evan wakes up with his dick in TJ�s mouth and Cheyenne giving him a dirty look. He freaks out and takes off running while the two girls get better acquainted. They look pretty good together and TJ attacks her pussy just like most of us would like to. Cheyenne certainly licks pussy like a girl who loves her job, sucking and fingering the blonde to a loud and powerful climax. Like John did in the other scene, Cheyenne munches on TJ�s dangling labes, driving her made with a tad bit of teeth. There is some good toy play here, especially when TJ is fucking the leggy beauty in her tight ass.
The wild ride gets wilder when Decker leads Evan through the fog and right into the middle of a mini-orgy. Cheyenne undresses him and turns her man over to Dayton and Shelbee Myne. Then she finds some private time with Decker. That means we have to cut away from Ms. Silver sucking to watch Evan kissing Shelbee, but we work with what we have I suppose. Even though Evan gets two girls, John has the better of this deal, fucking he leggy babe while Evan splits time between Dayton and less than hot Shelbee. Evan doesn�t seem to mind, taking full advantage of both women while he has the chance. Both guys shoot loads all over willing asses.
This is a strange little movie with some nice visuals and better than average feature sex. Cheyenne Silver looks great and all of her scenes are worth watching. I really didn�t like having to switch back and forth for the final romp, but that�s a matter of personal taste. I never like doing that. I liked the tied to a train track scene a whole lot, but there is something about Cheyenne in a wedding veil that really gets to me. TJ adds some good heat in her two scenes, but Dayton and Shelbee just end up in the way of a good final fuck for Cheyenne. Interesting visually with a lot of good sex from Cheyenne, this one is definitely worth a look.
Vivid Entertainment

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