Beach Bunnies With Big Browneyes 1




120 Mins.


Dusk Til Dawn

THEMES: Bikini Girls, Threesomes

2000 (10/98)

STARS: Candy Hill, Alexandra Nice, Alexandra Silk, Temptress, Phyllisha Anne, Shawna, Fabrice, Caroline Pierce, Elle DeVyne and Tyce Bune.


Scene Selections

Oil Girls

Photo Gallery

Don’t let the limited number of extras fool you. There is a lot here. The photo gallery is packed with tons of pictures of each girl from the movie. Each girl starts out with bikini shots, moves to soft nudes, then to hard nudes. Then we get hard core shots from their scenes. Tyce has really emptied the photo collection for this one. You can also get to the galleries one at a time through the Oil Girls feature. In addition to the gallery, we can also watch each woman applying suntan oil. These nine scenes are perfect for guys who love solo action, oil or bikinis. Played on their own, this collection of masturbation scenes would make a great solo movie. As a DVD extra, they are a brilliant addition to an already solid disc.


DVD Fans may be getting their first look at this gonzo-style line from Tyce Bune, but video fans have been enjoying it for a few years now. One of the things I have always liked about this line is that Tyce sets every scene up with funny dialog scene. In a nutshell, Tyce plays a laid back car detailer who spends most of his time surfing, scoping babes and trying to get them naked. More often than not, he succeeds. In spite some self deprecating humor, the detail guy always ends up getting laid, so it all works out in the end.

Introducing us to the first two babes, Tyce explains that some chicks are gold diggers. All they really want is to get into a guy’s wallet. How can a car detailer get chicks like this? By lying of course. When Candy Hill and Alexandra Nice catch Tyce coming out of the water, he tells them that he is a game inventor. They follow him home and everyone plays a game of “Balls.” Basically, it’s a game designed to show off both women, then get them to suck his cock. Candy isn’t always my favorite performer, but she really has a tight body that looks nice in her bikini. Alex is a Euro-babe with a pretty face and a power bod that was made for a skimpy two piece. Once they get naked, will they actually start sucking? Of course they will. Candy really attacks Tyce, taking him to the root with ease. Alex plays a bit more, licking his balls and teasing as she delivers her oral attention. Both women get an A for effort when it comes to sucking cock and give Tyce credit for not just leaning back and letting one of them drain him right out of the gate. Alex gets the first ride, moving her pretty pussy up and down his rod, getting it ready for Candy’s hole. After fucking Ms. Hill for a bit, Tyce leans back and lets Alex face the camera and fuck him with her tight asshole. Candy pulls his cock right out and sucks it in between strokes, but isn’t really happy until her own colon has been stuffed with cock. I love the way she flips over, puts her feet behind her head and takes it deep. If this is what a gold digger can offer, than no wonder guys are willing to give up the green. After sharing a facial, these two money hungry harlots look like a pretty good pick up for Tyce. The action here is well shot and you won’t find women much hotter for dick than these two sluts.

When Tyce lands a job detailing a total babe magnet of a car, you just know fun is around the corner. Walking up the street is a trio of bikini clad babes, Elle DeVyne, Phyllisha Anne and Temptress. These babes turn a lot of heads in their little suits, but the car turns their heads and you can almost hear the panties dropping in their minds. They hop into his car and it’s home for a good fuck. Before he gets them upstairs, we meet his sugar momma, Fabrice. More on her later though, because the three girls are hot to fuck and they need the dick right away. Sometimes, less is more, and with Temptress looking perfect in her bikini, I think I would have rather seen her get some one on one attention. Phyllisha Anne is always a hot fuck, but she looks really thin and a little dirty here. Elle is always a lot of fun and hops right onto Tyce’s cock to start the festivities. Temptress follows this ride by spreading her long legs and looking like a perfect beach girl. Is it just me, or does Phyllisha need a serious shampoo job in this scene. (Actually, she looks like she might have been at the beach all day with salt water, suntan oil and like in her hair.) Tyce moves to anal next, giving us multiple insertion shots as he rips into Elle’s asshole. Tasting her own ass, Elle deep throats his cock, proving that she can take it to the root in all three of her holes. Great anal action here with Elle showing us all that she is a true anal slut. Not to be outdone, Phyllisha also takes some major sphincter pounding. Temptress doesn’t get it in her ass, but does take her share of cum on the face as Tyce feeds all three women every drop of ball batter he can manage.

Tyce meets up with another couple of chicks on the beach. Caroline Pierce and Shawna are visiting from New York and looking to get seriously freaky. They’re a lesbian couple looking to de-virginize Caroline’s pussy. Randomly choosing Tyce, they take him home. Compared to the other women in this movie, Caroline and Shawna just aren’t that much to look at. Shawna has really nice, very dark skin and is cute enough, but I don’t know if I would agree to take Caroline’s cherry unless I could also get a taste of that sweet black sugar. For a couple of veggie chicks, both women seem to know how to work a cock with their mouths. We get a lot of footage of Tyce and Caroline as they finger Shawna’s pussy, working it into a frenzy. Before the cheery can be popped, the horny black girl wants a taste of that hard rod. Caroline seems to enjoy her devirginization and I suppose if you like her more than I do, you will like it as well. Once again, the action is well shot and there is plenty of anal to go around, I just didn’t find the women personally appealing in this one.

For the final scene, we get to know Fabrice a little better. Tyce gets a call from Alexandra Silk who is Fabrice’s maid. She invites him over with the hope of getting them back together. To set the stage, Alex joins Fabrice on a beach towel for some labe licking action. Both women are really into each other and that adds a lot to their scene. By the time Tyce shows up, his girlfriend is lying on her back with the perfect body of Ms. Nice draped over her in a 69. Happy to add a little meat to the party, Tyce sticks his dick in the middle and gets a very nice double blowjob from the two women. Fabrice does a really nice job of licking his balls while Alex works the head. Great camerawork here as we get one of the hottest two girl blowjob scenes I’ve seen in a long while. That just makes Tyce hot to fuck them both. He starts out with Fabrice, drilling her tight pussy while Alex watches with a sexy smile on her face. Alex finally gets a bit of cock for herself and wants to take things a step further, turning her butt to the air for some cheek splitting anal. This woman is just so totally sexy I can’t stand it. Great close up shots of the anal here, showing just what a tight fit it in her snug backdoor. Moving her into a piledriver, Tyce fucks that ass some more, then leaves his load right on her butthole. Great pop and a very nice hot three way.

This series has gotten better as Tyce has perfected his style and brought in even better looking women. This one is a very well shot, high quality fuck flick with some funny set ups. If you don’t like the gonzo set ups, you can all scan through them, but I think a little laughter and set up makes the scenes hotter. Speaking of hot, some of the bikini babes in this movie, Temptress, Alexandra Silk, Alexandra Nice and Candy Hill especially, do their all to make this a hot flick. As a video, I really enjoyed Beach Bunnies #1 and thanks to the extensive extras, I like the DVD even better. I just can’t wait for some of the later volumes to come out.

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