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95 Mins.



THEMES: Time Travel, Euro-babes, Anal Sex.

2000 (12/99)

STARS: Dru Berrymoore, Caroline, David Perry, Christian Christopher, Nikky Andersson, Cassandra Wilde, Nick Lang, Frank Majors.


When I put this DVD into the player, I had no idea what kind of a plot we were going to be following. All I saw was Nikky Andersson on the cover and threw this puppy right in. Frankly, I wouldn’t care if there was no plot at all, so long as Nikky strips down and gets busy, then this movie is bound to be good. As it turns out, there is a rather interesting plot to follow. We join a quartet of dimension travelers as they ‘slide’ from place to place. While the possibilities are endless, but for our adventure, there is one special world that really needs their help.

Before the plot begins, we start with a huge orgy. Usually this kind of scene closes a Private film, but this time, seven attractive people. Our four main travelers, Dru Berrymore, Caroline, David Perry and Christian Christopher hook up with three other Euro-performers in a scene filled with plenty of pussy and ass fucking leading up to some messy facials. I’m not into big group scenes, but the hot young flesh in this scene makes this a rather hot opening.

Moments after everyone cums, the gang is whisked away through a pretty cool looking worm hole into the next universe. The new world they land in is packed with cameras in every tree, but it’s the rocking van that gets their attention. As the gang peeks through the window, they see a very hot, leggy brunette getting the shit fucked out of her by a strapping young Euro-stud. The spoon looks great thanks to her incredible legs. As the couple exchanges oral, this babe nearly swallows every inch of his hard cock. After a quick bang in the butt, the brunette jerks her friend off all over her pretty face and mouth, enjoying the taste of his love juice.

All of a sudden, the Sex Police show up and ruin the party in the van. Luckily our heroes manage to duck into the bushes as the cops haul the young lusters off for crimes against the state. They decide to stick around, but need to find a place to stay. As soon as they check into the hotel, the clerk makes a quick call to the security force. Realizing quickly that they haven’t landed in Kansas, the quartet set out to get to the bottom of the anti-sex atmosphere. It takes about five minutes on the streets for the sex police to nab them. Showing amazing courage, the guys break free and let the women get carted off. Saved from the cops by a bum on the street, the guys are taken into the underground center of the sexual resistance forces.

They get to see the boss, Cassandra Wilde, but not until she’s finished with some pressing matters in her office. Showing us how she keeps morale high in her troops, the wide eyed blonde sucks a fat cock deep in her mouth. Cassandra does a nice job on this big slab of meat, stroking it and bobbing her head on his rod. The Commander leans back and has her studly soldier salute her with his tongue. With plenty of saliva to lube the way, he replaces his tongue with his cock. Cassandra loves cock and the camera moves in tight as he slips it into her pretty slit. Her pussy looks really small as he moves to her ass, filling that hole as she bends over her desk. Rolling over, Cassandra goes back to sucking his cock until he shoots his load all over her face. I think I’d like to join this army for the incentive program.

Meanwhile, the two captured blondes are interrogated by the system. They are hooked up to a re-education machine that reads their first thought. If you were thinking daisies and rainbows, then you need to lay off the Prozac and get real. Dru and Caroline are apparently both thinking about lesbian sex, with each other no less. They share a big bed, surrounded by a mesh curtain and slowly make love to each other. This is a very pretty scene, no question, but it’s also a very couple oriented scene right in the middle of a Private smut fest. Yes, the girls look great and there are some awesome shots of their lovely bodies, but this is a good time for strokers to get some extra tissue for later. Thoughts like this are going to get these babes in big trouble.

Our guys finally get to meet the leader of the sexual underground. Her English is pretty bad, so the dialog drags a bit, but you get the idea. They are trying to fight back against a Government who has outlawed sex. Like any good revolution, this one relies on propaganda. To help spread the word, they make porn movies to distribute to the masses. Porn for a cause, what could be better. They have chosen wisely, casting a pretty, busty brunette from their ranks to star in the flick. The same guy who banged Cassandra just a few minutes ago is already back in the saddle, filling this new girl with hard meat. No frills here, just good hard sex and for tit lovers, a fantastic set of natural danglers. Her porks her pussy then rams that tight ass, but our little movie star isn’t happy until she’s gotten a taste of his cock cream.

The guys have to get in and save their women before they are turned into sex slaves for the rich and powerful. When the resistance tries to send two of their best men in to do the job, our guys sneak a ride in the back of their truck. Now the two teams are split up and we follow the freedom fighters first. They go into a strip club and find Dru dancing with Caroline on stage. I guess they have really good fake credentials because they are allowed into a back room to play with the cute blondes. While David and Christian seek a way into the complex, Dru has her mouth full of cock. It would be hard to choose between these two women. I suppose Caroline has a slightly better ass, but Dru sucks cock with such total abandon that it is impossible not to like her. (Hell, it’s impossible not to want to throw her down, fuck her raw then take her home.) Very nicely shot side by side sex as the quartet pairs up to engage in more oral, vaginal and anal sex than you can shake your dick. Caroline takes a very nice DP, but the girls each receive a load of cum on their face. Very hot cum swapping kiss at the end here. These two would make great sex slaves.

In the confusion of a police raid, the guys manage to get the women out, but David and Christian are captured. One might think that being taken to the evil leader would be a bad thing, but check out the figure behind the black hood. It’s Nikki Andersson. Fuck, torture me Nikki. Once they figure out that it’s a woman, the guys decide that all she needs is a good fuck to change her mind. It certainly never hurts to fuck this physically perfect creature. From the start, they have her bend over the desk, one cock in her gorgeous face and another already up her ass. Thought things move a tad too quickly, you can’t help but lose a load or two watching darling Nikky take on two cocks in a DP. Better still, she sits in her chair, a cock in each hand, moving her mouth back and forth, coaxing loads of cum from their sacks. Much of the cum misses her face, but enough streaks Nikky’s mug to make this a ball draining sight.

What I like about the plot here is not so much that there is one, but that the sex goes along with the story. Anyone can write a movie and throw sex scenes in here and there to fill the screen time. What works here are the way the scenes add to the flow of the movie. Dru and Caroline are great leads for a movie like this, adding their sexual talents to three scenes. Even better is the way Nikky Andersson finishes the movie with her perfection. Cassandra carries the weight through the middle of the movie and she is another one to watch. As usual, the picture quality on this Private DVD is second to none and the women blow the doors of most every American release. Well shot sex in interesting settings to go along with a light, coherent story make this a lot of fun to watch and even more fun to stroke to.

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