Dr. Fellatio 20



120 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Zakk Wylde
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials,
STARS: Mariah, Charlene Aspen, Lee, Anastasia Blue, Jade Marcala, Kaylan, Brooke Hunter, Charlie, Inari Vachs, Sabrina Johnson, Julianna Sterling, Bridgette Kerkove, Dayton Rains, April.
As many of you have probably already discovered, the Dr. Fellatio series from Elegant Angel is one of the best oral sex lines in all of video/DVD. I was about to tell you all about the way things are shot and how many different directors have taken their turn at the help, but then I noticed something. As the cast list rolls by, I see a name I like, then another, then a couple of super great cock suckers, then another hottie. You get the idea. This volume of Dr. F is so totally packed with great looking women, great performers and personal favorites, that I am just going to blow off the rest of the open and start checking out this collection of cock gobblers.
First up is Mariah, who has a lollipop in her mouth and utters this simple line of dialog. “Do you wanna watch me suck dick?” I had to fight back the urge to be a total smart ass and say “No, I picked up a blowjob DVD to hear your ideas on lasting peace in Ireland.” That initial thought aside, I realized, that yeah, I want to see her sucking dick. In fact, that’s something I think about a hundred times a day. “I’d like to see her sucking dick and her and her.” I wonder if that’s a bad thing? OK, before I get too deep in thought, let’s get back to pretty Ms. Mariah who is doing a good job of pumping her mouth up and down on about half the shaft in her face. The inches she can’t swallow get a lot of attention from her tongue and little Mariah doesn’t leave his balls out of the mix. Very nicely shot blowjob made much better by the fact that this girl has a very cute face. After the facial, she keeps right on sucking and the camera stays on the action as she gives another great line. “Who’s next?”
Charlene Aspen also has a lollipop, but she’s busy rubbing it on the head of Lexington Steele’s big cock. It takes a lot to work that thing over, but Charlene opens wide and puts all of her effort into sucking that rod. She uses a lot of hand and mouth rhythm and seems to genuinely love sucking dick more than just abut anyone else in the business right now. This may seem like a strange to time put this in, but the lighting in this scene is perfect. Nothing fancy, just enough light to keep everything crisp and clear. A small thing perhaps, but something that helps a great deal. While working his cock, Charlene works in some nasty dialog and plenty of lusty moans. With two hands on his rod, she tries to force it down her throat. Lex rewards her with a spray of semen all over her face. Again, the camera keeps rolling as she works the last drops out of his cock and plays with his cum.
Charlie smiles into the camera and goes right after the dick in front of her. Her body is looking a little less in shape these days, but we don’t see much below the neck in this scene. She gives great eye contact to both the camera and the guy on the other end of this wet blowjob. Other than too much blue eye shadow, her face looks fucking awesome as she sucks his big cock. Taking her pop like a champ, she tells us that she wants us to all blow our loads on the TV screen. Hon, your face would be better, cleaning that shit off glass is a bitch.
Sabrina Johnson is such a great foul talker that it’s hard to decide what’s hotter, her mouth full of cock or her mouth spouting hot dialog. Check out those painted lips as they work up and down on that shaft. This is another outdoor scene with great lighting, allowing us to see all the action perfectly. It looks like Sabrina can’t really take it deep, so she makes it up for it by sucking hard and using her tongue to trace long lines up his shaft. Near the end she starts talking to the camera which brings the heat of this scene right through the roof. Sabrina takes the load right on her tongue, letting it drip down her chin, then scoops it up and gulps it all down.
Jade Marcala is a sexy little Asia babe who is up for anything. A mere blowjob is a walk in the park for this tiny treat. She takes Mark Anthony’s cock into her mouth. Check out the size of the head on that thing. Her mouth is full with just the tip, but she stares into the camera, inviting us to watch her. Very good hand motion at work as Jade does her best to make most of it disappear. Jade’s eyes even tear up as she goes way down on that dark shaft. Mark has just a drop or two of jizz, but he leaves it on her lips.
Kaylan teams with Brooke Hunter, Julianna Sterling (Great job here), Lee with Anastasia Blue (Stop the drool little one), Bridgette Kerkove (Looking like Houston’s granddaughter), Dayton Rains, Inari Vachs (Looking really good) and April lend their mouths to this mix. I have seen a lot of blowjob movies in the past few years and very few measure up to this one. What makes this so special? Well, there really aren’t any bad scenes in the mix. I don’t care much for Bridgette Kerkove, but when you put Mariah, Sabrina, Jade, Charlene, Charlie, Anastasia, Inari and Julianna in the same movie, it’s hard to go wrong. Another thing that really stands out is the lighting. Inside and out, the action is perfectly lit. For DVD, the picture is quite sharp and there are no SETs (Stupid Editing Tricks) to get in the way of the hot oral action. Very well shot blowjobs, hot cocksucking chicks and a host of sticky facials. The Dr. is in and more importantly, he’s way the fuck on!


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