Panochitas 5



140 Mins.

THEMES: Latin Women
2000 (12/99)
STARS: Genesis, Damaris, Tamara, Yurida, Xtasis, Maria, Vince Vouyer, Lexington Steele.
When Mike John and the Diabolic video team takes a trip down to South America, they are looking to bring us genuine Latin women. Not just US porn chicks who happen to have some south of the border blood running through their veins, but actual babes from small towns we have probably never heard of. That means that nearly every girl in this series is not only a first timer, but a one timer. Some of the girls are a bit shy, but that?s the trade off you get in something like this. Since the women are genuine newbies, they don?t always give a typical ?porn? scene. So, if you like new girls or Latin women, especially seeing them take big black and white cocks, come on along, we?re in for something different.
Xtasis is a young thing with a big tattoo on her belly. So much for the un-porn like appearance of the girls. At least she has her natural, small titties. She starts out with Vince in her mouth, but then turns around and faces Lex with a look of total shock on her face. With just the slightest pause, she shoves him into her mouth and starts forcing it down her throat. Lex seems impressed by her enthusiasm and he should be. This girl is very thin with no breasts, but very prominent nipples. Vince bends her over for some standing doggy. Check out the way Xtasis first grinds her hips, then slams her butt back against his cock. This little thing knows how to work her body and is quite a sight to see. When the guys switch places, she starts out slow, but grinds just as hard on him as she did on Vince. Somehow Lex manages to get most of it up in there. The guys have really found an amazing little slamhound in tiny Xtasis. Any woman who can move her hips like that, is a sexual treasure. I love how she squat fucks Lex, showing that she wants it as deep as he can give it. After a super high energy fuck, she holds her face still for Lex?s big load then cleans up a little to take Vince?s wad on her tongue. Lex likes the idea of filling her mouth so he gives her a second load to chew on. This is one of the hottest fucks in the short history of this series.
Yurinda has long curly hair that is probably helped along by a wing. Her face is interesting and cuter than the picture on the front of the box. When she takes a dick out of her mouth and smiles, her face lights up. Since she doesn?t speak English, dicks are not out of her mouth very often. Again it?s Lex and Vince who team up to give this tiny titted girl the meat. After a short blowjob, she leans back to take Lex. He goes very slowly, sticking just the tip into her tender twat. It?s obvious someone has had a talk with Lex about not just ramming that thing into women who aren?t ready to take it. She flinches a few times as he tries to work it too deep, but for the most part she just sits back and sucks Vince. This girl is certainly cute, but she is the kind who make Xtasis an even more amazing find. Vince is able to suck her quite a bit harder. This is a much lower energy scene, with another cute girl.
Damaris is also quite a sweet looking young thing, with short black hair a nice little bod and just enough shy sexiness to make Lex want her all the more. She slowly pulls his shorts down to reveal his already hard cock. Since there is no way she is going to get all of that thing in her mouth, Damaris nibbles her way up the side and licks the underside. When she takes it in both hands, the head still pops out for her to suck on. This pretty girl gives a pretty damn good blowjob before being split open by the long shaft. The look of discomfort on her face is pretty un-erotic, but again Lex is patient. As popular as Lex is, maybe some of these first time tiny girls would give better scenes with smaller guys? (I know, total blasphemy.) At least he is patient enough with her to let her ride his cock. Damaris eventually lowers her pussy down on his cock until his balls are pressed against her tight slit. Once she gets going, this chick really does take it well, even opening wide for a shot of ball batter. Don?t you just love the way she beckons him in with her tongue? Yeah, she tries to turn away, but Lex has been taking his vitamins and really paints this young girl?s pretty face.
Lex?s cock looks as big as the next girl?s calf. Genesis is another good looking young thing with long dark hair and a prominent nose. She also has a big tattoo on her back. I don?t remember there being so many tats on the chicks in Panochitas before. With no hesitation, she holds Lex?s cock to her lips and starts sucking it, falling into a rhythm of hand and lip action and never varying from the pattern. Without much excitement, she spreads her legs and takes him deep. If you?re into watching girls who look way too small take a cock this big, then enjoy this because Genesis never flinches as he pumps all the way home. She even manages to let the legs fly a bit when she?s riding his dick. Her lack of excitement makes the scene a step down for me, but this girl is another pretty find who looks great grinding on his dick. (What a fucking ass this little chick has.) Even in a scene that doesn?t measure up to the rest, there is plenty of strokeable footage from this little slut. Even though she holds her mouth open, I think Genesis would rather take the cum anywhere but on her pretty face. To make sure we get our fill of this little cutie, director Mike John steps in to give her a POV scene. Great oral footage at the start and then again at the finish as she takes a shot directly into her mouth.
Tamara is another chick with short, dark hair and big brown eyes. She looks right into the camera as she slowly makes Vince?s shaft disappear in her mouth. Tamara can?t seem to quite get over the size Lex has. Her smile and giggle is hilarious, but this little cock hole isn?t about to miss the chance at two big American dicks. Moving her head back and forth between the two throbbing shafts, Tamara shows a lot of skills. She?s also got a tight little pookie, surrounded by a small, thick bush of dark hair. When she gets on top of Lex, Tamara is able to slide almost all the way down on that big black pole. Great shots come later as Vince pumps her from behind I really like this girl?s bikini tan lines on her nice set of boobs. Both guys unload on her smiling face.
The cumshot recap which usually comes at the end of the movie show up a bit early in this one. I guess Mike just really wanted to save Maria to the very end. Maria is an eighteen year old girl with a large mouth a sexy smile and tits to fucking die for. (Real of course.) As she works on Vince?s cock you can see why this one was saved until the end. She has really nice skin and very pretty eyes. Maria has a great gleam in her eyes as she works his shaft, but we want to see the boobies. Vince must like this one, because he actually licks her pussy for about a half second before sticking his cock into her hot little slit. Are those just about the most inviting breasts on the planet or what? The sex is moderately slow at first, with Vince working at her pace. Though she doesn?t set the world on fire, Maria works into the action, giving us plenty of eye candy as well as a better than average fuck. Great POV shot of her as she rides Vince, shoving those big tits into the camera. More shots for the tit lovers as she keeps riding, leaning back and letting us all see hooter Heaven. Doggy looks good, but seems to give this tight little sweetie a bit of trouble. Vince holds out as long as he can before shooting a load of cum to the back of her throat. Sadly a great scene is hampered by her gagging so hard on his load that she nearly pukes. Still, Maria is an incredible find, perhaps the best looking Panociahta yet.
This movie is exactly what you would expect from Panochitas. Lots of young Latin women fucking and sucking on camera. The action is nicely shot, with lots of outdoor footage to show off the naturally sexy bodies of these South of the border hotties. I can?t say enough about Maria. I just hope that Mike John brought her back with him for more fun on video. Xtasis is one of the best fucks John has ever found down there. Her hip action alone makes this movie worth watching. The others are all good looking and for the most part do a fine job sexually. I still say it wouldn?t hurt to use smaller guys on chicks who can’t take the size of Lex, but that?s a minor criticism for a movie that is really, really good.

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