World Sex Tour 2


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140 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Christopher Alexander
THEMES: Euro-Sluts, Anal Sex, Big Tits 2000 (7/95)
STARS: Eva, Angelique, Gaya, Raphaella, Coralie, Suzy Cat, Mark Davis, Sean Michaels.
As the World Sex Tour series marches on, we get a couple of familiar faces mixed in with a whole bunch of brand new ones. Like Volume One, this movie was also shot in France and also stars the over sized cocks of Mark Davis and Sean Michaels. For those of you who missed the first World Sex Tour DVD, please stop right now, go get it and come back when you?ve watched the whole thing. (Please wash your hands first though.) Suzy Cat has returned for her second WST in a row and we get to see super cute Coralie do her best to fuck off the train. (She did a three way on a Metro car in the first movie.) Also on display in this movie is the incredible rack of Angelique. I?ll be mentioning it many times later, I?m sure. For those of you who are getting your first taste of Anabolic with this DVD, let me clue you in on a few things. The sex is very well shot, often outdoors, totally hard core with great looking women taking it in the and wearing cum on their pretty faces. So, grab a handful of tissue and enjoy this latest Anabolic spooge fest.
Though the movie is shot in France, the first girl is a Swedish cutie named Eva. She says she?s twenty five years old, but this second timer looks totally fresh as the Sean and Mark surround her, stroking her firm flesh. Once they slip that dress down around her waist they have her bend over to take Mark in her mouth while Sean does some below the belt inspecting of this fine specimen. Finding everything in order, Sean rolls Eva onto her back and drops his dick into her mouth. That leaves Mark between her legs to fuck that gorgeous shaved slit. This leggy girl can take a pounding and seems very eager to try Sean?s big cock in doggy. Her pretty little head bobs on Mark?s cock in perfect rhythm with Sean?s banging of her beaver. I love the eye contact and the sexy little tongue teasing she does in between shallow, but passionate mouth strokes. There is a lot of heat coming from this cute babe, especially when Sean gets on top and starts slamming into her. She even manages to get a bit of anal action into the mix. It?s slow going with that big cock, but she gives us some great anal before going back to vag. In the end, both guys unload their sacks onto her pretty face. I don?t know about you, but I want to check out some Swedish smut to catch more of this babe.
Brazilian Angelique and her monster rack take center stage next. These aren?t natural by any means, but any guys out there who love the big tits, this girl is a dream come true. She and Mark take turns sucking on her nipples before he finally gives up and gives her something long and hard to suck on. Her mouth is rather large and that makes it easy for Angelique to slide Mark?s cock in and such hard on his rising rod. She sucks him slowly for a while until Mark is ready to mount that monster rack and fuck those huge tits. Moving down between her legs, he starts fucking her pussy, making those fun bags flop about on her chest. (You could really hurt someone with those puppies.) Tit lovers are probably going to go nuts for the doggy since her tits sway invitingly with every stroke. Personally, I prefer the reverse cowgirl because Angelique really does a nice set of long legs and a great look on her face. Standing doggy gives the boob guys even more to enjoy before she turns her face upward to catch his load. Mark fires a good wad right on Angelique?s full lips and chin.
Coralie was so hot in the last movie that they brought her back for a second go round. Last time, Mark and Sean fucked her on the Metro and things were a little rushed so I expect them to take their time with this hot little Parisian. They relive a little of the fun they had on the train, but the real fun begins when Sean gets between those sweet thighs and Coralie?s pretty face gets stuffed with cock. This fresh faced brunette does a nice job of tonguing his balls before taking his shaft into her mouth. Since his cock is nice and wet, Mark gets to be the first one in that perfect little pussy. That leaves Sean?s big cock to stretch her soft lips. As much fun as it was to watch this pretty girl get boned on a moving train, the action is even better here, since we get to take in her body from all angles. Sean taking her from behind is some of the action because she?s standing, with one leg up on the couch and Mark in her mouth. What a head to toe example of just how perfect the feminine form can be. With a pussy this tiny and tight, you might expect her to be a gentle fuck. Thankfully, she is just the opposite. Both guy slam her pussy hard, pushing her legs back as far as they will go and Coralie just begs for more as she works to keep the other cock hard in her mouth. Of course, the real test is how she handles anal and DP. Since neither is a problem for this pint sized prick pleaser. Great looking DP here with Coralie taking both cocks like a super star. After fucking her raw, both guys shoot all over that super pretty face at the same time. Coralie is hot looking a hot fuck and someone not to be missed.
Raphaella and Mylene join Mark and an Italian stud for some four way action. Raphaella is OK looking, but Mylene is one of those girls who might be fun at two AM in a dark bar. (Assuming she?s on her knees in front of a barstool.) I know it?s just because Anabolic spoils us with the super hot women, but these are the two least attractive women in this movie by a long shot. On the other hand, both of these women are quite eager to open up for some hard cock meat. Raphaella on her knees gives us some pretty nice eye candy, but once the fucking starts, there just isn?t enough energy to really get things off the ground. There is a very nasty cum swapping kiss at the end, which does raise the nasty score of this scene. In any other movie, this wouldn?t stand out as much as it does in the middle of the great action here.
Suzy Cat is another girl who is back from the first WST movie. I guess Sean just wanted to fuck this pretty brunette one more time. Sean takes his time, showing Suzy off for us as he undresses her. She?s got great tits and a bald pussy that looks about as sweet as can be. Suzy also knows how to look up into the camera as she takes cock into her mouth. That?s always a huge plus, especially with a girl this pretty. Sean turns her to face the camera and lets the Hungarian hottie bounce up and down in his lap. Suzy is hot to fuck and Sean pushes her to her side so he can pump in and out of that little pookie. Those of you who really love interracial will get a charge out of the contrast of Sean?s black cock and Suzy?s smooth, white pussy. From doggy, Sean presses the head of his cock against her tight asshole, letting it slip past her sphincter. Once they get going, Suzy takes him deep, rubbing her clit as he slams her ass. Sean is running a little light on load here, dropping more cum in his own fist than on her gorgeous face. This is still a fantastic scene and Suzy is a wonderful looking woman who should not be missed.
The box says that they saved the best for last. While I would certainly argue that Italian cock sucker Gaya is not the best looking babe in this movie, no one can argue that this first time fucker is quite skilled with a dick in her mouth. She?s got a really, really nice ass that I think we will see fucked in a few minutes but for now, it?s her mouth that gets all the attention. In a standing doggy, the guys fill her at both ends and Gaya seems genuinely thrilled to have two big cocks working her. Unlike a lot of women in porn, this girl is really putting effort into her oral as well, trying very hard to please in every way. Great deep throat action in this scene as well when Sean is banging away from behind and Gaya is doing her best to totally swallow Mark?s sword. They actually manage to get both dicks in her pussy at once, keeping all you DPP fans happy. For a chick who is new to the whole porn scene, Gaya certainly turns in a very energetic on screen fuck. All this earns her a double dose of dick droppings. With cum literally dripping from her chin, Gaya has more than earned her stripes in her first scene.
Like WST 1, the action is extremely well shot in this movie. The cast is spectacular and from a DVD stand point, the picture and sound are top notch. We also get a cum shot recap as a bonus chapter (Standard for Anabolic/Diabolic release) that allows the real ?coaters to enjoy the spooge filler-free as it were. Coralie is probably the best reason to watch this movie. Her soft features and killer sexuality are awesome. Eva and Suzy are two more real stunners. Angelique is a tit lovers dream and the swapped cum shot for Raphaella and Mylene is about as nasty as it gets. Add in video virgin Gaya and her on screen DPP and you have something good in every scene. You already know my favorites, so feel free to use the chapter search and watch Coralie, Eva and Suzy over and over again.

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