World Sex Tour 1


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140 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Christopher Alexander
THEMES: Public Sex, Big Dicks, Euro-Babes 2000 (5/95)
STARS: Penelope, Anita Blond, Suzy Cat, Stephanie, Jacquiline Wild, Erica Bella, Sean Michaels, Mark Davis.
Why do I love Anabolic? Shit, there are way too many reasons to list, but I?ll tell you one thing I love about their first batch of DVDS. They are taking some of their classic lines like Gang Bang Girl and this one and starting from the beginning. It allows those of us who have enjoyed the lines for a long time to start back at the beginning. Those of you who are new to this particular line will want to start marking each title down as they come out on DVD. Personally, I am very glad to go back and watch this movie. As soon as saw this movie on video, I knew that I had to buy each and ever volume as it came out. (Is that an enthusiastic enough intro?)
This first volume was shot in France, though the focal point of the movie is not the location, but the hot Euro sluts who are here to fuck and suck for our viewing pleasure. Mark Davis introduces us to eighteen year old Penelope, struggling through an interview with the bubbly brunette. She has a prominent nose, a wonderful smile and legs to die for. When Mark helps her strip off her clothes, we see that Penelope has a world class set of real breasts. Mark runs his hands all over her lovely body, but really wants to feel those lips on his cock. Her eyes light up as she gets a good look at that fat cock. Penelope sucks his dick for a while before leaning back to grant him access to her pretty pookie. She looks great on her hands and knees as Mark fucks her from behind. Mark lets the sexy girl get up in his lap and really ride his cock. I may not like the French, but I think that if enough chicks like Penelope fucked me, I might just change my mind. He finally picks her up and holds her in his arms for a stunning standing fuck. This is a great position for women with such outstanding legs. He takes it easy when penetrating her petite asshole, working his meat in slowly, making sure she can take it. Once she gets used to that cock in her ass, Penelope is able to take every inch Mark has to give her. After fucking her from behind for a while, Mark pulls out and hoses down her asshole with a load of sticky cum.
Suzy Kat is another brunette with a very different look. She is beautiful in a much different way, less cute I suppose and more model pretty than the first girl. The twenty year old Hungarian wants to give two men a try. Mark enlists the help of his friend Sean Michaels to make that happen for the sexy girl. Each guy takes a boob and gets things started by sucking those perfect fun bags. Not wanting Suzy to get bored, the guys each pick and end and start working on it. Nice shots of her standing on one leg, taking Mark from behind while sucking Sean. Suzy is a sexual gymnast and one hot looking fuck as well. Very nice shots of the doggy as well, highlighting her great body and pretty face. (I love the way she stretches her mouth to take in these big cocks.) With her ass high in the air, Sean moves in from behind and starts fucking her tight pussy while Suzy licks Mark?s cock. Nice double facial that leaves her face sticky and let?s Suzy licks and play with the cum for a while before saying good bye.
Anita Blond is another Hungarian who is hot for cock. Sean Michaels gets to party with this pretty blonde babe. The interview process is a little slow with Anita struggling to answer Sean?s questions. She seems to do better when he stops talking and starts licking her inviting folds. Anita enjoys the feeling of a tongue on her pussy, but is more than happy to spread her thighs for his long cock. Sean takes things easy at first, slowly giving her a few inches of meat until he?s sure she is ready for the whole thing. When it won?t all fit, Anita tries to put it all in her mouth. Sean is too big for her here as well, but that doesn?t stop the young blonde from trying hard to make it all vanish. Her thick lips are perfect for oral sex. Once she has sucked him for a while, Anita takes all the cock Sean has in a quick, three position fuck. Anita looks best riding his cock, shoving her ass out towards the camera. She quickly dismounts and works his load out on to her face.
Coralie is a young French girl with a taste for dangerous sex. Sean and Mark join the Anabolic crew for a ride on the Metro. You have to know that this is not going to be a typical train ride. When they are alone in the car, the guys start feeding Coralie enough dick to chock an average slut. Thankfully, she is an exceptional slut who can take quite a bit of meat in her pretty mouth. There must be some good look outs on this train, because she shows no signs of fear as she starts riding Sean?s cock. Her shaved pussy is really pretty and gets nice and wet as she sucks on Davis. They have to stop at one point, but quickly fall back into rhythm when the coast is clear. Sean fucks her from behind until he drops a load on her shaved lips. Davis leaves his load on her other lips, giving Coralie a nice wad on her pretty face. Great post shot licking in spite the dangerous location. Very nicely done scene, a classic for this line.
I just reviewed Jacquiline Wild in another DVD and it?s a pleasure to get to see her again so soon. Mark Davis gets to share a sunny afternoon with this beautiful blonde. I think he is more interested in the treasure between her thighs than the weather. He spends a long time down there licking at her sweet pussy, even being held down there at one point as he drives Jacqueline closer to the brink. His oral efforts are well rewarded as pretty Jacqueline puts her mouth to good use. She starts with his balls, sucking them deep into her mouth and lovingly holding them between her full lips. Using the same technique, she works her way up his shaft and delivers a fantastic blowjob. Not wanting to waste the chance to fuck this super hottie, Mark holds his load long enough to fuck her. We get a great low angle shot of her ass as Mark starts rubbing her slit from behind, getting it ready for some deep penetration. Her pussy looks even better stuffed with cock as she fills her from every angle. Taking things one step farther, stuffing her little butthole with meat. Mark drops the hammer on her anus hard, but she loves every inch. Opening her pretty mouth, Jacqueline takes a big load of jizz on her smiling face. Lots of post pop cum licking as she grins into the camera and waves good bye. This chick lights things up big time.
Erica Bella and Stephanie Sartor team up for the final fuck of this flick. It?s a good thing that Stephanie is pretty and somewhat cock hungry, because she is paired with one of the greatest Euro sluts to ever make the trip to the US to dominate American smut flicks. Erica is such a fantastic blend of pretty face, incredible rack and pedal to the metal sexual energy that she makes every scene an event. Mark and Sean take their time unwrapping their prizes. Both women look great as they are stripped down to their lingerie. The women lie side by side, spreading their long legs and letting the Anabolic studs lick their hot honey muffins. Stephanie really sucks hard on Mark?s cock, trying to take it all, but her eager oral is second best to Erica?s mouth motion on Sean?s growing rod. I wish this scene had been a one on one because as hot as Stephanie is, Erica deserves all the attention. Erica has some one of the most perfect chests I have ever seen and we get a good look at it is she lies on her back for Sean to drive deep. At times, Davis seems ready to give up on Stephanie and help Sean DP the brunette porn queen. They do end up switching partners, and Erica is just as wild for the thick white meat as she was the long black shaft. It?s actually Stephanie who gets two dicks here, taking Sean and Mark in her tight little holes until Sean pulls out and glazes her fine ass. Erica licks cum from her friend?s crack and licking her way down to Davis as he keeps fucking Steph. After a quick standing doggy for Erica, Davis cums in her pussy and we watch as Ms. Bella squats over her friend and feeds her his load second hand.
Many years after I first saw this movie on video, I have to say I?m still impressed. Yes, there are a lot more European chicks in porn now so it?s not quite as rare to see chicks like Erica and Jacquiline get fucked. Still, a cast this good and action this well shot is still what makes porn fun to watch. I can?t find one woman in this movie who isn?t totally sexy and worth a stroke or five. Penelope is sexy in a cute, odd way. Anita Blond and Suzy Cat are classic Euro babes who know their way around a hard cock. Erica Bella is simply too good for words. Still, the Coralie three way on the Metro is my favorite scene. It?s still one of the best of this series.

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