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128 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jane Waters
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Anal Sex, Porn Making.
2000 (10/98)
STARS: Jasmin St Claire, Tiffany Mynx, Lizzy Bordon, Nina Whett, Ton Byron, Van Damage, Earl Slate, Luciano, TJ Heart, Raquel Devine, Jessica Jewel, Elle DeVyne, Erica Lockett, Porsha, Summer, Eden, and many others.
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Girls of Extreme
Photo Gallery
Day at Extreme
Bonus Scene
This is a really nicely put together bonus collection. There are some trailers for other Extreme titles. (They actually look like trailers, not just thrown together pieces of video fluff.) The Girls of Extreme feature is nicely done. It highlights the Extreme Girls, Ashlyn Gere, Jasmin St. Claire, Kristi Myst, Jessica Darlin and Lizzy Borden. There is a short text bio and a well done music video piece on each girl. The photo gallery is full of very high quality shots from this movie, edited together into a nice slide show. It�s the final two extras that really make this package stand out. The Day at Extreme is a little documentary shot by Rob Black. He takes us around the offices. This is a perfect use of the DVD format and an interesting extra. Finally, we get a full scene as an bonus. Sabrina Johnson talking dirty and fucking Tom Byron is great on its own. As a bonus, it�s fucking fantastic. Great bonus package for this first run of Extreme DVDs.
Extreme Associates has finally made the leap to DVD. After talking about it for over a year, the first two titles are available now. Of course, they started off showcasing both Tom Byron and Rob Black�s work. I�ve already reviewed Tommy�s first Extreme DVD, so now it�s Rob�s turn. Though Black didn�t direct this movie, his stamp on it is quite clear. Anyone who has read my reviews for long enough knows that Rob is hardly my favorite smut maker. We are not often on the same page when it comes to what is hot stroke material. (Of course you can make the argument that Rob doesn�t really want to make simple stroke fodder.) However, this movie is a comical look at the making of a porn star, with Jane Waters at the helm, giving it a much different point of view. When it was shot back in 98, I was fortunate to be on the set for a day. Those of you who are used to the standard DVD porn feature might want to check your seat belt. This is hardly your average feature and is bound to confuse and confound many of you. (When it doesn�t have you jerking off that is.)
The movie opens as a film crew makes their way up a hillside. We�re about to watch as Lizzy Borden and Tom Byron do some hot, outdoor fucking. The scene is hampered a bit by all the flies buzzing around, however, how they are dealt with gives us the first laughs of the pictures. (Tiffany Mynx blowing cigarette smoke near the action to keep the flies off is pretty fucking funny.) We get some hard core action, but mostly this is shot from a distance, like a documentary. It�s actually interesting for those of you who wondered what a scene looks like when it�s being filmed. You see what you usually miss in the final product. Lizzy still has her factory original tits and they really are an impressive set. There is a nice facial here, shot with two cameras and cut together so it looks like Tommy is cumming for about a minute. Lizzy licks it all up and plays with the jizz for a long time. I think this scene is more interesting than sexy, but it�s worth a look.
Lizzy�s rise to porn stardom is sort of the focal point of the first half of the movie. She has conversations with Black and Van Damage, and attracts the attention of Luciano. They are supposed to have a blowjob scene and he just can�t wait. Rob finally comes in to shoot the oral scene and even gives Lizzy a few pointers for giving great on screen head. I think she�s already mastered the eye contact bit and slaps her face with his cock, which I fucking love. I don�t know about all of you, but I really miss Lizzy as a performer, because she just always knew what to do with a hard dick. This is a nice blowjob scene, with some more behind the scenes footage as cutaways. Fantastic eye contact as Luciano drops a good load all over her face.
The whole Extreme crew hits World Modeling for a casting call. As they look over the fresh meat, Luciano gets to visit AIM for his HIV test. Black is trying to cast for a reverse gang bang scene and the negotiations are interesting to watch. All of the needles freak Luci out a bit, but it�s all worth it when he gets to fuck the gang of girls that Rob has recruited. Porsha starts him off by deep throating his cock with no effort at all. Damn, that�s a girl who can come hang out with me any fucking time. Jessica Jewel is part of this line up and she is always up for some slutty fun. This line up is like a who�s who of do anything anal girls with Erica Locket, Racquel Devine and Elle DeVyne joining the fun. After they all suck his cock, a few of the girls take turns riding his cock. A few special babes take it in the ass, but they call come back for a seven face, cum target. It would take Peter North on his best day to frost this many faces, but Luciano gives them enough nad nugget to make it worth their while.
This seems to have become Luciano�s movie. He is on a table with a harsh looking mistress who has his cock all tied up as she sucks it. This woman has pretty bad skin and a really bad wig on. I guess if guys are into being tied up, her oral attentions would make it a more enjoyable time. To be honest, I don�t find that much about this woman appealing, so the scene is kind of lost for me. Another women comes in and really starts slapping the shit out of her. Two unappealing chicks in one scene? As they say, two wrongs don�t make a right. Watch this if you like the bondage and domination aspects. The second woman orders him to fuck her in the ass. Not my speed at all, but some people are going to dig it.
More my speed is horny office girl Tiffany Mynx teasing camera guy Van Damage. Tiff is a perfect tease, talking to the camera and making it really hard to work with this laptop if you know what I mean. She crawls to the back office begging (Yes begging) to suck his cock. Once she corners him, Van has no choice but to her have her way with his cock. He does a great job holding the camera still while one of the greatest cock suckers in porn history works her oral magic. Rob comes in and is pissed, but he doesn�t stop them. When Van promises to talk Rob into hiring her for porn, the �office girl� (Nice to see her stay in character even while bobbing knob) gives him even more attention. He switches places with her, spreads those thighs and starts fucking Tiffany�s hot pussy. I know foot lovers go crazy for Ms. Mynx�s feet, but what about her legs? Those are to of the very best I have ever seen. (Combined with the feet, the great ass, the totally hot blowjobs, it�s no wonder Tiff is a sure fire Rog Reviews Hall of Famer.) There is a second camera on hand to capture the fucking perfectly. The first time I watched this scene, I felt it should have been considered for best sex scene and I would still say that it ranks right up there as one of the best of Tiffany�s fantastic career. Van just fucks the shit out of her ass on the floor before letting Tiffany get on top for perfectly captured RCA. Not only is the best scene of the movie so far, it�s one of my favorites in a long time. Great facial as Tiffany jerks his load off onto her mouth and enjoys the taste of his load.
At last we get to Jasmin St. Claire. This was the scene that I saw, so it�s always fun for me to watch. She is having a meeting with Earl Slate about a sex doll. Jasmin doesn�t want a cheap version for her fans to fuck. Earl shows her some of his handiwork, but it�s clear he�s looking to get into her pants. He calls Rob Black and lets him know that Jasmin is now a free agent. Jasmin and Rob have a pretty funny phone conversation, but it�s nothing compared to what comes next. Tom Byron is supposed to show up to fuck Jasmin, but there were some real world hang ups. Director Jane Waters is pissed about Tom being late so they work that into the movie. It�s a great way to turn a tense situation into a pretty funny bit. Jasmin is in full bitch mode from the second Tom hits the room. She puts him face down and starts finger fucking his ass. When I watched this scene, all I could think was that she was probably going to pay for this over the top bitchy attitude. All that anal probing has Tommy at full mast and ready to fill Jasmin�s mouth with hard cock. Say what you want about Jasmin, but when she�s sucking cock, there are few women who look this good and are so totally without limits. Tom goes right for her ass, paying Jasmin back a bit for her finger fucking. His cock is a lot bigger than a finger, but that doesn�t stop him from slam fucking that hot butt. Great reverse cowgirl here as Jasmin bounces up and down on his cock, proving that she is a porn superstar who knows how to fuck. After plowing her as ass for a long time, Tom finally spins her around and blasts a huge load all over her face. There is something wonderfully perverse about seeing this girl coated in cum. Dirty, hard and fucking off the chart hot.
Moving back to the porn process, we visit Regan Senter�s talent agency. Under the guise of education, he fucks all of his girls on film. No matter how many times I hear him explain his methods, I can�t help but think that this is a way for this guy to get laid, nothing more. He makes Nina watch one and she seems about as disgusted as I am. Dude, if you want to fuck the girls, do it like the rest of us, either pay them, have something they need or actually have the charm to get them on your own. Eventually, she has to fuck him. I know, she�s in porn and she is going to have to fuck all kinds of guys she probably doesn�t dig, but this just seems way too cruel. On the other hand, maybe I should lay off Regan. After all, how many guys with a dick the size of my big toe would show it off on film. Nina actually can�t help but laugh as she fondles him, trying to get him hard. I don�t know how much of this scene is acted, but it�s about as sexually hot as watching paint dry. Nina isn�t all that great looking, but she gets big points for managing to get through this scene. As she talks dirty to him, his cock rises, nearly fitting into the condom. All of sudden, he has to fuck her. He�s quick on the draw, shooting onto her back. I sure hope Regan got Nina a lot of work because she really, really earned it.
We go back to Earl�s studio where he is busy working on the mold of Jasmin�s pussy. All that anal didn�t fuck the bitch out of her though as she snips at Earl. He probes her with his fingers until she�s in a position for him to take full advantage. Earl shoves his fat cock right up her tight ass, working Jasmin like a blowup doll. We get some more hard anal, with Jasmin�s ass getting boned raw until Earl is ready to pull out and blast her face. He gets a little carried away and chokes her to death with his cock. (OK, all of you with little smiles, keep them to yourselves.)
Since Earl killed the star of the final scene, he shows up on the boat with a blow up doll. Rob and Luciano laugh at him as he suggests that a scene with the blowup doll will be as good as one with Jasmin. The guys start fucking the doll, which is weird enough, but then it turns into Jasmin. Luciano and Earl just keeps fucking Jasmin like she was a doll, pumping cock into her mouth until she�s more than full. If you like watching Jasmin get the shit fucked out of her, then you have found your perfect scene. Both guys drill her mercilessly, filling her pussy and moving on her ass. Even though she has been taking it in the butt from day one, there is something about Jasmin getting basted in the butt that makes each scene fun to watch. Great double facial popshot gives Jasmin exactly what she needs and what we need to finish this movie.
In addition to the hot sex scenes scattered throughout, this movie. It�s not a real documentary, but there is a lot of realism in between the story. On a purely sexual basis, the Mynx/Damage scene is simply brilliant. Jasmin provides the other sexual highlights. Her scene with Byron is on of the best anal scenes of her career. (That�s saying something.) If you just count the Jasmin, Mynx and Borden scenes, this is a hot movie from start to finish. The other scenes range from interesting to rather disgusting. (If I never see Regan Senter naked again, it will be too soon.) The Pornographer is an interesting, sexy, revealing and enjoyable movie that looks even better on DVD than it did on video.

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