Up Your Ass 1




140 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Sean Michaels
THEMES: Anal Sex, Interracial Sex.
2000 (5/96)
STARS: Missy, Tracy Love, Shonna Lynn, Marki, Charly Spark, Jacqueline Wild, Midori, Santino Lee, Mr. Marcus, Julian St Jox, Sean Michaels.
As we take a trip in the way back machine to the very first volume of Anabolic�s Up Your Ass series, we a look at Sean Michaels’ take on anal sex. With so many interracial lines on the shelves these days, we shouldn�t forget that Sean�s UYA work was one of the first big name lines to bring us little white asses getting filled with big black dick. Not all of the girls in this movie are white, in fact one of the best looking black women in porn history, Midori, makes an appearance. Shonna Lynn is also on hand and I don�t think anyone has actually figured out just what sort of genetic stew is cooking in her veins. Add beautiful Missy and over the top cock slut Tracy Love to the mix and we have what is sure to be a great anal themed, interracial DVD.
Tracy and Shonna lie side by side on a hotel bed, masturbating furiously. Apparently they are big fans and from the sounds of their hot talk, they don�t like him for his directing skills. Tracy is particularly hot, fucking her ass with a big black dildo and letting a stream of sexy dialog fill the air. When Sean comes into his room with Mr. Marcus, they are surprised to see the two women, but aren�t about to make them leave. Tracy keeps fucking herself with her toy to show Sean where she wants his cock. Shonna puts her mouth to work on Marcus. As Tracy starts trying to ram Sean�s prick down her throat, we get some real contrast. Pale with super bright lipstick, Tracy is a perfect trailer park slut. Shonna may very well be black, but has a similar, slutty look about her. Both of them are just crazy for big cocks and orally worship their men until there is enough hard cock in the room to choke a whole trailer park full of cock sockets. Directing the action, Sean puts Tracy on her hands and knees to fuck Marcus while he fucks her. This leaves Shonna to finger her inviting pussy. The action cuts quite a bit, but there is plenty of eye candy. Tracy taking it in the ass doggy style is always nice and little Shonna loves to rub her clit while having her puffy pussy poked. Right in the middle of all this action, Santino Lee shows up. Sean takes Tracy over to the corner of the room so she can suck his prick some more. (Rubbing her pussy like a good slut.) Shonna now has Marcus in her mouth and Santino licking her freshly fucked cock. In a matter of moments, she is taking both cocks into her holes. Couple that with Tracy squat fucking Sean with her ass, and you have a lot of anal footage to love. Tracy can�t even take his whole cock in her ass, but it�s not because she isn�t trying. Her body weight pushes down, but that thing just can�t go all the way in. Marcus and Santino drop loads on Shonna�s amazing rack, but Tracy nearly begs Sean to fill her mouth with his cum. She jerks him off hard into her mouth and doesn�t stop until she�s sucked out ever last drop. This is a wonderfully filthy opening scene from two wonderfully filthy cock sluts.
Sean needs a bit of time to recover, so he turns Midori over to Julian St Jox. (ahh to have friends like Sean.) This beautiful women looks great at the end of a cock and knows how to sue her mouth to get things started. After letting her suck him for a bit, Julian follows Midori into the house where he crawls up between her thighs and starts licking her sweet chocolate love slit. Still natural here, Midori has a smoking body with an especially enticing ass. Julian rolls her over to fuck the fine bootied babe doggy from the start. Though she is much more low key than the first two girls, Midori is so much prettier, she brings her own heat to the table. Once she is free to ride him, we see that Midori really knows how to work her hips. It�s back to doggy for the anal that seems to test her limits a bit. Midori eventually gets used to that dick in her ass and starts fucking back against Julian as he drives his rod home. Any time we get to see a face this pretty on the business end of a spurting cock, you know it�s a good thing. Midori takes his load on her mouth and holds her tongue out to clean it off. What a totally hot babe.
Charly is a short blonde with smallish tits. This Euro babe starts out posing for some still shots, but ends up on her knees sucking Sean�s cock and telling us all (In broken English) how she wants him up her ass. Not as pretty as Midori, or even Tracy, this girl has a long way to go to steal any attention from the first three chicks. She can�t take all of his cock in her pussy or ass, but sure as hell tries. I give her a lot of credit for some enthusiastic mish anal, but this woman just doesn�t have the heat of the rest of the cast. I suppose of you like a lot of anal, this scene will work for you as Charly moves from position to position to get more of his cock into her ass. In the end, he fires a load on that puckered pooper.
Marki is a big assed white chick who already has Sean fucking her from behind when we join the scene. He strokes deep and plays with her asshole with his finger, warming her up for the nasty action to come. Sean gets serious with this girl, pulling her hair a bit and stroking deep into her pussy while she rubs her clit. They exchange some hot dialog, playing with each other as the heat rises. Sean stands up, disrobes and hooks one of Marki�s legs over his shoulder to drive deeper into her waiting pussy. Marki is sort of a poor man�s Johnni Black, without some of the good looks, but with nearly all the cock hungry heat. She sucks his dick for a very short time before opening up her ass for some deep penetration. Sean busts her tight hole for a few minutes, then leaves his load on her face. Not a gorgeous girl, but one who knows what to do with a big cock.
Jacqueline Wild is a really cute twenty three year old Euro-blonde who lights up the screen when she smiles into the camera. Sean seems a little excited to be hooking up with this wonderfully smooth young thing. They are outside next to a pool, enjoying the sun and each other. Sean parts those long legs and licks the inside of her thighs down to her feet. He rises to allow Jacqueline to kneel and suck his cock. She starts on his balls, sucking them while stroking his cock. The camera angle is a little fucked up here, taking away from an otherwise nice looking blowjob. Staying on her knees, Jacqueline takes Sean�s cock all the way into her Euro-tunnel. Her small tits are capped with very tasty looking nipples that round out a very complete package. You can usually tell when Sean is fucking a woman he really enjoys and that certainly seems to be the case here. Taking his time, he pumps her slowly from behind, above and eventually below in some very nice reverse cowgirl. (I just love being able to see a woman�s whole body, particularly when the bod is this fine.) Sean leaves a load on her face and the camera lingers wonderfully as she licks it up and plays with his shrinking cock.
Missy may have the last scene in the movie, but she is clearly the best looking babe in the movie and eventually became the biggest star. Julian comes back to help Sean DP the pretty young blonde. Missy looks great as she lays back in her bikini, getting set to take both cocks into her tight holes. Missy takes Sean in her hand, guiding the head of his cock into her mouth. She has to move back and forth between their dicks to keep them happy. Julian eventually moves down to lick her pussy and I love the way she grinds her hips, shoving her slit into his face for some oral pleasure. It looks like Missy is getting ready to give these guys the ride of their lives. Her head is working double time on Sean, getting him wet and ready for those snug orifices below her waist. The anal comes pretty quickly, but it takes a while for her butthole to open up a bit. Not one to force the issue, Sean works slowly to get his meat up her back road. Eventually, she takes it all and turns her attentions back to a vocal fuck and suck session. I don�t think I�ve seen Missy any more hot and active than in this scene and any fan of this sexy blonde should make sure this scene makes it into their personal collection. The heat actually rises a few degrees with both guys start fucking her in a super smoking DP. Missy�s holes are so fucking tight, but she takes a banging and just loves it. (Sean, you know, I could have come over to keep her mouth full if you wanted.) To finish things out, Missy takes one load on her buns and holds her tongue out to take a good spurt from Sean. She immediately takes him into her mouth and drains that huge dick. No doubt about it, the best scene was saved for last.
After such a dick draining finale, it�s hard to even remember some of the other scenes. Viewing this DVD a few years after I saw it on video, I am still quite impressed by the work. Sean has put together a nice collection of women, some great looking, some total cock hounds and some who are both. As usual, the sex is generally well shot, with a lot of anal and some good facials. Tracy Love starts things off with a great scene, joined by Shonna Lynn. Missy ends things with the very best of the DVD. In between, we get some great anal sex. Fans of interracial anal still can�t go wrong with the DVD version of Up Your Ass #1.


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