Penetration 1



150 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Christoph Clark
THEMES: Anal Sex
2000 (10/95)
STARS: Lili, Cecile, Lora, Vanda, Veronique, Katrin, Barbara, Melanie, Viola, Geraldina, Claudia.
As we move our way through the initial Anabolic DVD release batch, we come to my least favorite non lesbian line that the company puts out. Not that there is anything wrong with the Penetration series. In fact, it was one of the first to really bring us Euro-babes. What I didn�t like about this series when it first came out is the style of director Christoph Clark. He just doesn�t have the ability of Chris Alexander, Vince Vouyer, Mike John and the other Anabolic directors. (He also doesn�t have the skills of other Euro-directors like Pierre Woodman.) On the other hand, two hour of butt fucked Euro-sluts can�t be too bad, no matter who is directing.
First we get Lili and Cecile, a blonde and brunette tandom who are ready to fuck. I don�t know who is who, but the brunette has a cool short haircut while the blonde is not even average looking. They are paried with a couple of Euro guys who push them quickly to their knees for some blowjob footage. The prettier girl is worth watching, but unless you really dig gaping anal shots, there isn�t much here that is anything better than average. Clark does a lot of shooting around a banister which gives some shots a well planned look, but causes other to be obscured by shadows. The blonde does get DP�d, then her friend gets the same treatment. Yes, they both take facials, but the women and the footage here is way below Anabolic standards.
Lora and Vanda also join three guys in a bed. Like before, these girls are average at best. One is a little redhead who looks kind of hard. The brunette is downright unappealing with nasty looking braids and a scary hooker make up look to her face. There are three cocks for them to suck, so the girls have to get busy quickly. Clark seems to have something against letting us watch women suck dick and moves too quickly to the fucking. The way he moves around the bed to cover the action gives us multiple angles, but it also makes this look like an unplanned gonzo scene without the charm. It�s rare in an Anabolic movie for me to be totally disinterested in anyone this late in the movie, but I can�t say that either of these ladies do anything for me. The redhead is the cuter of the two but that�s a default because the brunette is pretty damn ugly. Eventually, the guys double vag the redhead while her brunette pal gets fucked. There is no rhythm to this scene, but that�s OK because I really don�t want to watch these chicks ball anyway. Facials at the end are only good because they signal that it�s time for the next scene.
Veronique becomes the first woman in this movie to get her own scene and guess what? She�s not much to look at either. I like the punky haircut, but that nose is just distracting. She�s not a bad cocksucker, but by now, I�m sick of watching not so pretty Euro-chicks. (Does Clark still get such lame babes? I gave up on his shit a long time ago.) Guys who like women to fuck in stockings will have something to enjoy since she stays in hers as this guy drills away on her hairy pussy. He eventually works his worm into her ass. Adding to the problems of this scene are her total lack of interest and his inability to get a decent hard on. Another guy comes in near the end, to DP, but really, who cares? Facial shots and it�s all over.
Clark gets to fuck the next two chicks himself. I guess that�s why Katrin and Barbara these women are�. Hey wait, they are no better looking than the other chicks in this movie. What did Clark do, go to the bargain basement for these Euro-chicks. Rather than bag on the chicks some more, I will question why he would be fucking these chicks on a water bed without a sheet. Actually, Mrs. Rog has chimed in with an insight that applies to this scene. �You don�t have to look at their faces if you fuck them doggy style.� Very true Mrs. R, but the damn camera keeps picking up their mugs. Chris, come on, you�re the director, at least splurge on the chicks when it�s your turn to fuck them.
With the track record so far, I don�t expect things to get much better, but the next girl is actually passable. She�s a tall redhead with decent breasts and a face that doesn�t make me want to hit the fast forward button. Still, when average is the best you can do, the sex had better be hot. Average at best, this girl is not enough to pull this movie out of the total funk that it�s in. Clark comes in about half way through to help fuck the chick. Then another girl joins them. She�s a tad bottom heavy, but also has a passable face. In any other Anabolic movie, this pair would be the weak link, but in this one, they are easily the highlights. They both take low energy anal, but at least the second girl does a nice job of sucking cum out of the spurting dick in her face.
Finally, Geraldina and Claudia finish things up. These girls are kind of cute making me question why Clark would hide the best looking babes at the end of his movie. If I had rented this flick, I never would have made it this far since the first four scenes were all littered with unappealing broads. The blonde is cute, but I have a bit of a crush on the chestnut haired cutie. Neither of them are going to light things up with their sexual enthusiasm, but both faces look great stuffed with dick. Clark finally lets the girls suck cock for a while as well. He rushes a bit through the fucking, with some nice side by side crotch riding by both women. By the time the blonde gets a dick in her ass, the scene is about ready to end. She manages a quick DP, but he makes sure to go for the gape shot. (Short change us on blowjobs, but linger on a lube dripping colon?)
Watching not so pretty Euro chicks go through the motion in totally uninspired sex scenes just isn�t my idea of good porn, especially when I am used to so much better from Anabolic.

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