Nice Rack 1


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140 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer
THEMES: Natural Tits, Big Tits, Euro Babes,
2000 (12/98)
STARS: Claudia, Karli, Julia, Rumica, Vanda, Cintia, Dora, Tai, Csoky, Leslie, Lexington Steele, Vince Vouyer.
There are people who mind fake tits and those who don�t. Some guys who love big tits, real or not. There may even be some guys who prefer the rake ones to the real thing. However, most people I know will take big and real over any other combination. So, Vince Vouyer should be praised for a series that focuses on big, real boobs. This is a series that some people said couldn�t be made, but somehow Vince has been able to pack his line with silicone and saline free babes. Of course, for the first one, he had to go overseas to find enough natural racks to make a whole movie. What makes this movie more than just a big tit fest is the fact that the Euro-babes are all total hotties.
Karli has really choppy bangs, but a pretty face and glasses. Her friend Claudia has short hair and slightly bigger tits. Both of them have good sized racks and leggy, smooth bodies. Vince has them side by side on the bed, on their hands and knees so he can probe their asses with his finger. No foreplay needed at this point so he just steps right up behind one of them and starts plowing away. Karli has a really nice ass and great thighs, but Vince wants to make sure that Claudia doesn�t feel left out. The girls turn around to share his cock. Very nice double blowjob, with Karli getting the nod as the better knob polisher. Both women have curvy bodies with a little more around the middle than your average anorexic US stripper chick, but that�s the trade off you make for first class knockers like these. Gape fans get ready, Karli�s ass is open for business and stays that way as he pulls in and out of her back door. After fucking her ass raw, Vince pulls out and gives both women a cum bath.
Tai is a pretty black girl with fucking HUGE tits. She�s got a pretty enough face and a good body as well. Her interview lasts about thirty seconds before Vince puts his dick in between her soft lips. With long slow strokes, she takes nearly the whole shaft into her mouth and gives great eye contact while working him over with her mouth. The way they keep her skirt around her waist makes me wonder what�s going on there. None of that really matters when Vince mounts her chest and starts fucking those heavy hooters. He moves down between her legs and starts fucking her pussy. Very nice interracial action here as Vince drops the hammer on this BBBB (Big boobed black babe.) When she�s riding his lap, we can see that there is some extra weight around her middle, but check out the way her tits bounce up and down with each stroke. For tit lovers, the footage in this scene has to be as close to perfect as you can get without crossing over into the fetish category. He pulls out and gives her a shot on the chin.
Rumica is a pretty brunette who hooks up with Vince and Lexington Steele for some three way fun. Check out those hard nipples and the beauty of the all natural tits. Rumica drops to the floor, slowly sucking Vince�s shaft while Lex waits patiently. Her fingers barely make it around his shaft, but that doesn�t stop her from working it in and out of her mouth. Rumica likes his cock so much, she keeps right on sucking it as Vince takes his shot at her young slit. This young Hungarian is really attractive and has a great time bathing Lex with her tongue. The guys switch places, letting Rumica taste her own pussy on Vince�s rod while Lex goes drilling deep for Hungarian hoochie. Eventually, Vince gets around to plugging her in the ass, giving us some great shots of her pussy while her back door gets slammed. That butthole looks mighty tight, but it doesn�t stop her from taking Vince there even when she�s riding on Lex. A big titted, DP�d Euro babe is a lovely sight and the fact that she loves every inch is even more fun. Not one to back away at the end, Rumica smiles, licks her lips and takes both loads of cum in and around her open mouth. This glazed face is a little slice of porn perfection to be savored.
Another pair of boob babes makes their way into the action. Cintia is a twenty year old cutie with really pretty tits. Vanda is nineteen with darker hair and equally stunning knockers. Not only are these tits big and real, but they are truly stunning. These two babes hook up with a couple Euro-guys for a four way fuck. Vanda has a little mouth that stretches tightly around the fat cock she has in her hands. Cintia is a fresh faced cocksucker with gorgeous hair who lovingly works her mouth over the small, hooked dick she has been given. As great as these women look, they are a little less enthusiastic than the other girls in this movie. They do take it in the ass and share a cum facial. I would love to see these chicks in other movies to see if we can turn the heat up a little bit.
Dora is a nice looking young thing who gets even better looking on the business end of Lex�s hard cock. It�s mostly a mouth on the head, heavy hand action blowjob, but it seems to do the trick. It looks for a second like he�s going to tit fuck this young cutie, but instead, Lex slides down to fuck her pussy. Nothing wrong with that, but I kind of wanted to see those boobs wrapped around his shaft. Instead we get her legs draped around his body as he drives deep. (I wonder what the story is behind that serious scar on her thigh.) Her long legs look fantastic during the standing doggy and I love the shots of her on her tote to stay high enough to take him. A nice facial and we�re done with another wonderfully equipped Euro babe.
Julia is a twenty year old red head with, you guessed it, great tits. She�s also quite pretty and ready to take on the two Euro-guys. They each take and end, one feeding her cock the other poking his fingers around her pretty little pussy. Julia uses her mouth and hand equally as she works her way down his shaft. It�s not long before the guy down below starts shoving his dick into that lovely young slit. This chick looks like a finishing school girl who has just finished her studies and wants nothing more than to bust out and get all hot and nasty for a while. Great close up shots of her pussy as she�s bent over. We even get a couple of insertion shots. Back at her other end, Julia is staring into the camera and taking cock deep into her young mouth. You know she�s not getting out there with her ass untouched, but she also takes a stunning DP. I would say that Julia has played with plenty of boys in her young life and is a skilled sexual artist dedicated to giving pleasure to many a hard cock. When the guys pull out of her, they shoot their loads into a small glass, then watch as pretty Julia downs the mixture, even spooning out the final few drops.
As you would expect, it�s tit lovers who are going to be first in line to grab this DVD. Every rack in this movie is big, natural and beautiful. All the girls are gorgeous as well, but none of them shy away from sex. Though boob lovers are going to love this one, there is plenty of anal sex and facial action to keep the rest of us happy as well. What stands out most is that the women are all so pretty, so busty and for the most part, energetically up for everything. Though later volumes in this series are more heavily hooter oriented, this one has enough boob action mixed with the hot sex to make this a nearly perfect movie for everyone.

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