Initiations 1


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140 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer


THEMES: Deep Throat, Anal Sex, Interracial Sex, Swallowing

2000 (7/99)

STARS: Jeanie Rivers, Anastasia Blue. Dayton Rains, Monique, Precious Jewel, Bunny Luv, Naughtia Childs, Leanni Lei, Erik Everhard, Hercules, Billy Glide, Mickey G., Lexington Steele, Mark Davis, Vince Vouyer


Many DVD fans have already become acquainted with the work Vince Vouyer does for Diabolic video. This new line of movies for Anabolic has a lot of the same elements, with a new twist. When a new chick comes into the offices at Anabolic, they don’t give her an audition. Instead, they have to go through Initiations. If you’ve seen enough Anabolic or Diabolic movies, you know that prissy Vivid Girl types have no shot in hell at passing the initiations. Those who pass can work for Anabolic again. Those who don’t are tossed out in the street and given Andrew Blake’s phone number. Veteran hotties like Monique and Leanni Lei are joined by some new faces (At least when this movie was made) like Jeannie Rivers, Dayton Raines and Anastasia Blue. Who will pass and who will fail? I guess we’ll have to watch and see.

First up is Anastasia Blue and I don’t think there is anything that this girl can’t or won’t do on camera. About the only thing I don’t like about this cute nineteen year old is the way she slobbers all over everything and chokes herself. Vince interviews her for a few minutes, puts a blindfold on her, then has Lexington Steele present his cock for her eager mouth. She immediately drools all over is and starts shoving it all the way to the back of her throat. Obviously not knowing when to stop, she actually makes herself vomit. That’s just not something I want to see in my porn. Once that is over, they take off the blindfold and she concentrates all of her efforts into working his big prick into a frenzy. While Lex strokes his cock, Anastasia pleads for his prick pudding, finally getting a big load right in her mouth. She happily swallows it and cleans his cock. I could have done without the puking during the scene, and I hope Anastasia will get over her need for excess drool. (Inari finally figured that out.)

In between scenes, we get to see some initial interviews with the girls who want to be given a shot. Dayton Rains does some interesting little tricks with her pussy and says she can deep throat. Leanni Lei also comes by and tells Vince that she’s ready to do anal. This tiny creature is so fucking awesome, it’s always fun to watch her get fucked.

Bunny Luv slips a little Anabolic tank over her hot rack then lets Vince blindfold her. Vince keeps this one for himself, bending Bunny over, licking her ass and fingering her tight little pussy. All this gets Bunny ready to go. She grabs Vince’s cock, shoves it in her mouth and starts power stroking that thing between her lips. This girl is serious about her blowjobs. He takes off her blindfold and lets her be on top for a while. They share a hard, fast fuck before Vince blows a load right onto her face. He’s not finished and gives her another hard fuck with a second pop. Bunny has that barely legal, bitchy slut thing going for her that really works.

It’s finally time for Leanni to take center stage. She warms herself up with a vibrator up her tight little ass. With her Anabolic tank and short skirt on, Leanni looks like such the hot little fuck toy. Mark Anthony comes in and gives her a big black cock to suck on. Vince steps in as well, letting her suck and jerk at the same time. The only thing missing here is the great eye contact that Leanni is known for. She gives a great double blowjob, getting the guys ready to fuck her snug little slit. Vince gets first crack, standing her up. Bent over like that, she is the perfect height to suck Mark while Vince slam fucks her hot hole. The blindfold comes off and Mark takes his turn between her hot little legs. Leanni looks great on her back stroking Vince into her mouth and getting pounded right through the floor. Where exactly does all that cock go? Getting super enthusiastic, she bounces up and down on Mark while trying to fuck Vince’s balls right out through the tip of his cock. All of this is just a warm up for the long awaited anal. Vince gets that honor as well, bending her over and parting those tiny buns. Neither of these guys has a small cock, but petite little Leanni takes them both with great vocal joy. It was a long wait for those of us who wanted to see this perfect little slutlet take it in the ass, but the results are fantastic. Mark drops a load on her face while Vince finishes off her ass. Another big load on her face and this fantastic scene comes to a close.

Precious is back for her scene. Compared to the other girls in this movie, Precious is a big step down. Mark Davis comes in to feed her some cock and even her blowjob is a bit lacking. (You know, this just shows how spoiled this movie has made me. Precious is decent looking with a nice body, but the rest of the cast is so fucking hot, she just can’t compete. ) After she buries her face in his ass for a while, the blindfold comes off and Mark screws her from behind. Precious has a nice round ass that looks great in doggy. Any time we see the front of her body, there is a big ugly tat over her tit that gets in the way. Still, she takes all of Mark’s big cock in her butt so that adds something to the scene. She takes the load in her mouth, ending the one scene in this movie that isn’t anything special.

Jeannie and Dayton both do their initiation at the same time, teaming with Vince and Erik Everhard for a four way fuck. It’s hard to tell the difference between these two with the blindfolds on. They are bent over a stack of boxes in the warehouse and fucked raw. When the blindfolds come off, you can see that the more enthusiastic of the two is Jeannie. Dayton doesn’t seem all that happy about being slammed and has a rather serious breakout on her butt. Jeannie has great legs that are on display as she grinds in reverse cowgirl. Yeah, Dayton is cute and not a bad fuck, but she can’t keep up with Jeannie in this scene. While Jeannie happily takes her facial, Dayton runs away, leaving Vince to drop a second load in Jeannie’s mouth. (Real or a set up?) No doubt, Ms. Rivers is on her way to super slutdom.

Naughtia Childs gives a great interview. “Give me a cock, I’ll do something with it.” She says. Lexington Steele They give her a huge cock to play with and the blindfolded brunette does some great things with her mouth. She teases the head, sucks the shaft and works her hands all over his unit. When the blindfold comes off, we get some great eye contact. Naughtia is cute with a ton of personality adding to her great blowjob. Then again, any chick who will take it in the mouth and swallow is always worth a look.

Finally we get to Monique. This woman is one of the hottest, nastiest babes in all of porn, so you know she is going to work out just fine for the Anabolic boys. Mickey G, Billy Glide and Erik provide the dark skinned diva a trio of HMAs (Hairy Man Asses) to lick. This is nice and nasty, but I really don’t need to be staring into Mickey’s asshole like that. More my speed is the three dick blowjob line Monique works her way down. She provides all of the cock starved nastiness that Anastasia has, without the excess drool. She loves sucking so much that even when she’s riding one cock, two more are getting the special oral treatment. Check out the noises she makes while being fucked hard from behind. It sounds like someone is torturing a tiger in there. Why is that so fucking sexy? Some women in porn just go through the motions, but Monique fucks like she wants nothing more than a few big dicks shoved into her holes. Anal comes easily for Monique as well, giving us some great shots of her sphincter stretched and setting up a hot DP. Check out the shots of her taking DP with a fat dick in her mouth. Those full, cocksucking lips get stretched, but still she wants more. All that’s left is for this incredible woman to take some A2M facials. She does so with no problem, sucking every cock in the room dry and loving every drop. (You know, I was supposed to interview Monique when she was with Extreme, so if anyone can get in touch with her, I think it’s time to do one.)

This is another great movie from Vince Vouyer, with all the hard, hot sex that we expect plus some interesting little twists. The idea of an initiation and the blindfolded action is fun to watch. The girls are mostly smoking hot, especially Jeannie, Monique and Leanni. As always, the sex is top notch, with anal and facials galore. Before I keep get started on all the great things, I’ll tell you the one flaw I found in this movie. The blindfold prevents us from getting the great eye contact I love so much. Beyond that, it’s all wonderful. OK, not ALL. The Anastasia Blue puking thing could have been left until the scene ended. She is such a crazy little cocksucker, it’s always fun to watch her work. Bunny Luv is a perfect little pouty slut who takes cock like a little slamhound. Leanni Lei’s anal venture is worth the wait and her scene makes this movie an instant classic. Jeannie Rivers wins her on one on scene with Dayton Rains. Naughtia Childs is a nasty girl who looks fresh off a college campus. Finally, Monique blows the doors off nearly everyone with her totally off the wall three on one scene. I only have two suggestions. First, to all of you. Pick this movie up, you’ll love it. The second is to director Vince Vouyer. Make sure every girl in this movie contacts me for interviews. (And blowjobs wouldn’t hurt either.)

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