Cheek To Cheek



93 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Tiffany Mynx & Patrick Collins
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Anal Sex, Outdoor Sex.
2000 (6/97)
STARS: Tiffany Mynx, Nico Treasures, Nicole London, Dallas, Jenna, Cierra Brooks, Suzi Suzuki, Tom Byron, Cody Adams, Steve Hatcher, Mr. Marcus, Marc Wallice.
The team that brought us Buttwoman 97 is back to bring us some more butt banging fun. Tiffany Mynx and Patrick Collins have teamed up a number of times and the results have always been stunning. Somehow when this movie came out in 97, I missed it, so the DVD release gives me a chance to check it out for the very first time. Quite frankly, any time I get to watch Tiff do her stuff, I�m going to be anxious, but for some reason, working with Collins just seems to bring out the best in her. Some of the side girls in this movie leave me a little lukewarm, but Nico Treasures is always fun to watch get butt banged and as long as Tiff carries the load, I�m sure things will be just fine.
Nico and Dallas get all dolled up to go visit some guy. Judging by their tiny little skirts and stockings, I would say they fully expect to fuck this lucky dude. On the way, their car breaks down. Unable to fix it, they would be stuck if not for Tom Byron. He�s no car expect, in fact he�s kind of a computer geek, but he invites them in to use his phone. They make a call, but have some time to kill before anyone can come get them. Playing together, the two blondes get friendly in front of Tom, inviting him to play their slutdeer games. He bends them both over the couch and examines their asses. Nice to see Nico�s butt get slapped pink a little bit and even nicer to see her wiggling it for more. Dallas has a decent ass, but if I were in Tom�s shoes, I would be so all over Nico�s hot little buns. Splitting his attention is easy enough for a pro like Byron. He lets Dallas suck his cock while Nico crawls around licking her friend�s pussy. The sad part is that Nico doesn�t get any dick until the scene is nearly half over. When she finally does, the heat is turned up a notch. There is just something so totally slutty about this chick, it makes every stroke worth savoring. While Tom is pumping her, Dallas puts a finger up his ass. Tom may like this, but he decides that she needs to feel a cock between her cheeks and puts her through some intense anal training. Nico pulls his cock out, sucks it for a while then takes the big load of cum on her face. Hot scene that would have been hotter if Dallas had been taking a powder.
Tiffany makes her first appearance, teasing the camera as she crawls up the stairs. In full super star mode, Tiffany looks right into the camera and delivers some cock stiffening dialog. Tease becomes fetish fodder as Tiffany wraps her soles around the cock of the guy holding the cameraman. If you have ever lamented the lack of first person footjob action in porn, you can put away your crying towels and enjoy the foot queen as she does things with her toes most chicks can�t do with their fingers. Personally, I�m more interested in her ability to give some of the best looking head in all of porn, but we get some of both here. This ends up being a really nice POV blowjob with some intense ball sucking to go along with the foot work. Great facial finish, proving that Tiffany is a master of prick pleasing no matter which body part she�s using.
Tiff and Steve Hatcher hit a hotel room with something to celebrate. What? Who knows but she�s dressed up and holding a bottle of champagne. While he takes a shower, Tiff changes into a stunning little red lingerie set, complete with stockings. There is a knock on the door and Tiffany finds Nicole London on the other side. Nicole is a working girl who happened to come to the wrong room. As soon as Hatcher comes out of the shower, he assumes that this is his special surprise. All Tiffany really wanted was to dress up sexy for her man, but Nicole is insistent. Personally, if I were banging Tiffany on a regular basis, I would politely decline a shot at Nicole just to fuck Ms. Mynx one more time. Tiff watches as the blonde sucks his cock in the tub. Eventually, she moves in and starts showing the professional how it�s done. (Come on, how much money could Tiff making going door to door just selling blowjob lessons?) Eventually, all three of them make it to the bed where Tiffany goes totally nuts on Hatcher�s prick. He may be getting the variety pack, but clearly, he knows that his own woman is his favorite flavor. Tiff looks great here, pulling her thighs back for maximum penetration. The working girl gets a taste as well, but it�s the Mynx ass Hatch really wants to plow. Anyone who thinks that Tiff got ripped off in 97 when she didn�t win Female Performer of the Year may want to add this scene as evidence for their case. He pulls out and drops a load on her pussy and Nicole�s face so that the girls can share a cum kiss.
Mr. Marcus takes his girl on a hike through the woods. She�s not bad looking with a tight pair of Daisy Duke shorts that allow her ass to wiggle pretty nicely as they walk. Spreading out a blanket, the couple takes full advantage of a nice sunny day. She can barely get her lips over the head of his big cock, but that doesn�t stop her from sucking with a lot of energy. Nice shots of her squat fucking his fat dick, using those strong thighs to bounce up and down on that pole. You know that anal is the ultimate goal and this would be a really nice buttfuck were it not for the massive fly problem. There are so many buzzing around her holes, you can actually see the shadow of someone fanning them away. That just doesn�t work for me. Marcus manages to make it through the scene, busting a nut on her big ass.
Tom Byron is back, this time as a doctor. When a patient, Sierra Brooks comes in complaining of tailbone trouble. (He, he, he said tail bone, he he.) Tom cuts off her shorts and decides that she needs to be shaved for further examination. All cleaned up and smooth, she spreads her skinny thighs and seems to be a bit worked up even before he does her pelvic. Apparently a taste test is in order because Tom dives right in and starts licking her smooth labes. The doc is really enjoying his young patient and asks her she ever sucks her boyfriend off? Of course she does, but he isn�t nearly this big. You get the idea. Sierra takes her doc�s rod into her mouth and shows that her real skills lie not on the soccer field but on her knees. (And unlike soccer, she can use her hands for this.) Apparently the medical treatment for a sore tailbone is to have a big cock shoved into your pussy. He ends up cumming all over her feet then watching as she takes it from her toes to her face, rubbing it in.
Tiffany is back, rubbing suntan oil all over her bikini clad body. This quickly become a vigorous self love session that shows off her incredible form from head to toe. Seeing this sight, Suzi Suzuki decides to join in. She uses her long hair to tease Tiff�s pussy, burring it up and down her slit. (Interesting touch here.) Suzi is slow and deliberate in her advances, driving Ms. Mynx crazy and providing us with a slow, gentle seduction. She ends up shoving her hair inside of Tiffany and rubbing her clit to climax. Interesting and original to be sure. Marc Wallice has been watching the whole thing and finally moves in. Both women are now sleeping peacefully in post orgasmic bliss, so Marc just starts molesting their smooth bodies. Once Suzi gets his dick in her mouth, she begins to suck it instinctively even as she sleeps. Eventually Tiffany wakes up and they hook up for a hot three way fuck. With Marc in her mouth and Tiffany working on her slit, Suzi is shaking and quaking like she�s having a seizure. Greedy Tiffany wants that little cock in her pussy (I think Suzi�s hair filled her better.) and that�s exactly what she gets. Marc ends up getting to fuck the Asian babes ass while she has her mouth full of Mynx nipple. The girls share a facial popshot, kissing deeply after he�s unloaded on them.
If you�re looking for Tiffany Mynx doing her best work, you�ve certainly found a DVD to add to your collection. Her first scene is a great first person blowjob with foot action that will make even non foot guys cream in their jeans. Her three way with Hatch is hot as well, especially the anal. In the finale, Tiffany gets some special hair fucking treatment from Suzi before taking on micro-penis Marc. As I thought, many of the side girls aren�t much to crow about. However, Nico does make the first scene worth a look. All this movie really needs is Tiffany, and with three outstanding Mynx scenes, anything else is a bonus.

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