Lesbian Cheerleader Squad 1


115 Mins.
Jim Gunn Productions
THEMES: Cheerleaders, Lesbian Sex, New Girls, Young Girls, Strap Ons.
STARS: Gina Rae, Leah Lauren, Cat, Denee Dreams, Brianna Coates, Ashley Heart, and Kelly Cox.
Those of you who saw Jim Gunn’s Lesbian Teenyboppers will recognize the format and even some of the girls in this movie. Those of you who like your girls young and your sex 100% dick free, will probably want to grab both of them for a young veggie double feature. The added bonus of having the young cuties dressed in cheerleader uniforms should only make things more appealing. Pretty much all of the girls in this movie are newcomers, so you can enjoy seeing some lesbian action without the usual tired standards. (Felecia and that ilk.)
Cat and Denee Dreams are a couple of young newbies. They are the co-captains of the LCS and serve as our narrator for this vid. (Same formula as LTB.) Denee gets the first action, telling us about an experience she had with fellow cheerleader, Ashley. They get their belly buttons pierced and celebrate with some mutual labe lapping. Denee starts thins out, initiating Ashley to the squad by sucking on her pretty little pussy. When Denee gets her coochie eaten, she locks both feet behind her head. Fuck, who cares if it’s lesbian sex, this visual works for me. This is just the kind of action that makes the cheerleader angle so appealing. Bravo to both girls in this scene.
When Cat takes her turn she has a lesbian story about the recruitment of Brianna. Both girls look great in their uniforms and have a great time kissing each other. Brianna is very cute with a great set of tits so she looks wonderful as the other girl warms up her pussy. (Too bad about her big tat.) They break out a really big vibrator and start trying to outdo each other in the toy assisted fucking department. Great shot as Brianna fucks her friend from behind while she has one leg up on a tree. The very well shot sex here is what makes this work for me. That, and a couple of busty blond cheerleaders who look good enough to eat.
Stacey Sweet shares a hammock with Ashley and her big, beautiful tits. I love this babe’s haircut as much as her real rack. Stacey has a pretty face and knows just what to do with her tongue. The shots of Ashley licking clit are hot because of the totally sexy look on her super cute face. She is a little shy and quiet, but seems totally at ease when she’s fingering the tall blonde. These two look like they need a guy to jump in and give them some real dick to play with.
This team really knows how to celebrate after the big homecoming game. Four of them come over for a strap-on sex fest by the pool. Pairing off, each couple seems out to give the other one a great show. We get to watch them all get down and dirty. Added to the usual mix of cheer uniforms, hot young flesh and lesbian lapping is a healthy dose of strap-on sex. Before they whip out the fake cocks though, there are eight titties that get tons of attention. Check out the size of these babies. After some very nice looking strap on sucking, the girls start fucking those big pricks. (See, don’t these chicks look good with dicks in their mouths?) Great strap-on sex here, some of the best of the year.
Cat’s up for a little afternoon delight with another of the hot young things on the team. It’s nice to see that all of these girls love to kiss and the liplock that kicks this scene off is a real sizzler. Cat does a lot of finger fucking and lip licking on the new girl. Again, the big vibrator comes out and it’s time to light each other up. The new girl is so tight and can’t take the whole thing, but Cat sure loves the feel of a big dick (Fake in this case) in her hot young bod. Check out the way she arches her ass to take it hard from behind. Great looking veggie sex, again.
Switching the action back to Denee, we see how Gina made her mark on the SCS. This leggy brunette has a great haircut and an ass you could eat off. Denee must feel the same way I do about her because she just attacks the new girl with her hands and mouth. What a pussy Gina has, you could eat every meal of the day out of that fresh slit. More than just a pretty snatch, Gina thanks Denee for letting her on the team by licking her shaved taco slowly, focusing the tip of her tongue on that growing clit. There are some serious shadows at work here, but that’s what you get with outdoor sex. It’s still worth watching because these two babes are plenty hot.
You know that the only way we can end this movie is a final fuck-a-thon. Gina, Lea, Denee and Cat give us a full cheer routine before pairing off for their real specialty. With all of the cheerleaders celebrating a championship. After nearly two hours of lesbian sex, the scenes are starting to look alike to me, but I’m sure the real connoisseurs among you will find this kind of consistent action perfect. I wonder how these girls decide exactly who fucks who. Do they draw straws? Rock, paper, scissors? Watching all of these girls sucking big fake dicks only makes me hope that the same cast might come back to work their magic on the real things. Great strap-on sex here as you would expect and all the girls look great in the finale.
Obviously, if you’re a fan of young lesbians, cheerleaders and/or fresh new faces, then this movie is going to be on your must see list. On the other hand, if you don’t like veggie action, don’t bother. The girls are all young, fresh and pretty. Perhaps more importantly, they all seem to really enjoy going to town on each other. The cheerleader angle works quite well here and in most of the scenes, the uniforms stay on for all or part of the action. Like Teenyboppers, this movie works on all the levels you would expect thanks to the great looking girls and the well-done sex. The strap-on action is especially well done and totally hot. All girl DVDs go, Lesbian Cheerleader Squad ranks among the best of the year and probably is an all time top five pick. If you don’t happen to like lesbian movies, you still might want to take a look because there is plenty to enjoy.

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