Private Black Label- Indecency



140 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman


THEMES: Euro-Babes.


STARS: Kata Lynn, Andrew Youngman, Gabriella, Philippe Soine, Suzan Nielsen, Bob Terminator, Henrietta, Yanni Nickeur, Nicole, Zenza Raggy, Inese, J.P.X., Yelena Shieffer, Richard Langin, Raquel, James Brossman, Jolt Walton, Jeanette, Mike Foster, Bruno Sx


Since I watched this DVD on my laptop, I got some additional stuff that you may not get with your home player. It’s a preview of some Private web sites and a nice looking little preview at that. There are five spoken languages and four subtitle options, allowing fans the world over to enjoy this movie. In the extras section, you will find the really impressive bonus material. A very nicely done trailer, Private report, cast list, production notes and photo gallery make for one of the very best packages you will ever see. These aren’t just useful, they are also totally sexy pieces of smut.


Some of you DVD porn fans may not be as familiar with Pierre Woodman as your video counterparts. For years Woodman has been directing some of Private’s biggest and best movies. He loves gorgeous locations, beautiful women and that perfect mixture of story and sex that makes him one of the finest adult film makers on the planet. What the DVD fan may already know is that Private’s DVD are simply the best on market. Not only are they packed with some of the best looking women on the market, having incredible, well shot sex, but the DVDs themselves are marvels. Excellent picture and sound are combined with fine bonus packages to make Private the most sure thing on the DVD market. All praise for Woodman and Private aside, this movie contains so many praise-worthy elements that I should just shut up and get to it. Like most of Woodman’s movies, this one takes place in a gorgeous location. He’s assembled a first class cast in Rio for his version of “Indecent Proposal.” (Where a millionaire offered a young couple a million big ones for one night with the young wife.) This one may not offer the deep moral issues that that film raised, but I can promise you it will be a whole lot sexier to watch Private babes get it on from start to finish than it was to watch Demi and Woody fight to save their relationship.

A young couple, Bruno (Andrew Youngman) and Isabelle (Kata Lynn), are newlyweds on their honeymoon in Rio. As they tour the sights, they can hardly keep their hands off one another. Lucky for them, the hotel isn’t far off. Isabelle is naked on the bed faster than you can say “I do.” She young, pretty, shaved and totally natural. He gets down to business right away, pleasing his young wife with an eager tongue. With a pussy this tasty, I’m guessing he will be spending plenty of time doing this. In return, she shows her appreciation by sucking his big cock nearly to the root. After such a fine blowjob, it’s no wonder he’s so eager to fill his new bride with cock from behind. This woman looks excellent from all angles thanks to her pretty face, fantastic legs and lovely breasts. Nice spooning here, especially if you happen to love long legs like I do. Her ass takes center stage as she hops on board for a good hard ride. Kata slides right off and pumps a load right into he mouth. The camera moves in on her cum streaked face for some great post-pop footage.

A couple of high powered men have a meeting while one of their wives plays pool nearby. The conversations bores one of the guys to the point where he starts fantasizing about the hot looking chick who is playing the piano for them. In his fantasy, he strokes his cock while watching her play. Impressed by her prowess on the keyboard, he wants to try a duet with the lovely brunette. She lifts her dress, exposing a pretty pussy then rubbing it invitingly. This woman has that super classy, cover girl beauty that you just don’t see all that often in porn. Of course, when you see it outside of porn, you never get to see the classy broad go down and suck cock. Great eye contact from this beauty as she gently strokes and sucks his prick. Her expensive dress is pulled up so her ass is on display as she starts riding him. Don’t you love the super pretty Private girls who fuck and suck like hard-core porn sluts? (Memo to Vivid Girls everywhere.) Off comes the dress so he can spread her fine thighs very side and really drop the hammer on his fantasy girl. He turns her over to keep pounding away, this time on her fine ass. No doubt about it, Private gives us the best combination of hot women and nasty sex. The camera moves in really close for the RCA as she bops up down for long anal strokes. Back into her mouth he goes for a very nice facial. Check out the smiling mug on this babe.

The couple is out on the town, actually spending some time apart. While Kata hits the shops to do a little shopping, she runs into the horny lawyer. (Philippe Soine) He needs some help picking a dress for his wife and asks Kata to help him. He is absolutely floored when she turns him down. She calls her friend Nicole to tell her all about it. Nicole is totally horny and starts telling Kata about a sexy dream she had. We start out with a brunette spread eagle on the bed as two blondes in white lingerie come in to service her. The blonde with shorter hair is really good looking and both of them are just dying to get a taste of her pussy. Into the mix come two guys to even the odds a bit. Nicole moves to a nearby chair to watch as her two blonde friends go to work on these two lucky studs. The sight of these four horny people fucking like rabbits has her rubbing her clit like mad and who can blame her. Hell, just the short haired chick alone is enough to have me ready to rub all kinds of body parts. She rides RCA beautifully, giving us all a great look at her tits. This just gets her warmed up for the DP to come. Any girl who looks this good and takes two cocks as well as she does is worthy of much, much praise. Nicole is being taken care of by the other girl, but the action on the bed is the real highlight. It’s back to a four way for some anal, a handjob popshot for the long haired and a fantastic facial taken by my girl. What a face, what a body, what a scene.

Recounting her dream has really made Nicole hot and horny. After she hangs up with Kata, Nicole meets her boyfriend as he steps out of the shower. His cock is conveniently at face level for this very pretty brunette. She starts working that dick to fighting level and in no time, is staring at his one eyed wonder. He just bends her over, pushes her lingerie to the side and starts filling her with hard man meat. Very nice close shots of her pussy mixed in with longer shots of her whole frame. He sits down on the edge of the bathtub and turns her lose. For a skinny girl, this babe sure does know how to work it and she just loves every inch of his cock in her pussy and eventually, her ass. After a short anal, she takes him back into her hand, stroking his shaft until he explodes into her mouth.

Our young couple runs into Mr. Millionaire in a bar. After some high testosterone posturing, things calm down a bit and they all have a drink together. He manages to undo any good will by making the million dollar offer. It makes for an interesting offer, but when the groom brings it up later to his bride, he gets the big roll over in bed.

Not letting their refusal slow him down, our rich dude takes a day cruise with a couple of bikini clad hotties. You see, when you’re rich all you have to do is hang out on a yacht all day and join your friends in boffing hot young sluts. The guys get one look at these two babes sunning themselves and the game is on. Both girls look great from head to toe and give head enthusiastically. I think every cruise should come equipped with a blonde and brunette slut to serve ever need as it arises. This is a beautifully shot four way scene with great looking women, a beautiful setting and all the sexual heat you could want. Anal sex, labe lapping, DP, it’s all good for these babes and that makes a great scene even better for the viewers. Moving their faces close together, the girls share both popshots, draining both men dry.

While the young couple is still struggling with the offer, the millionaire is dealing with his own troubles. One of his oil rigs is dealing with a troublesome labor union. To solve the situation, he sends in Corrine, a tall blonde with a body to die for. Beyond he great looks, Corrine is a skilled negotiator. After hearing the workers’ grievances, she tells the three man union negotiating team that the company simply can’t afford to pay them any more money. They might be disappointed were it not for the special bonus she offers them. All three guys are invited to enjoy Corrine’s hungry holes and they don’t have to be asked twice. Her mouth is on fire, moving from cock to cock as the guys pass her around for some hard core fucking. This babe has solid thighs and a round ass that just begs to be busted. I have always said that unions should fuck off, but as we see here, most of them are too limp dicked to do much of anything. After DP’ing the corporate whore until her holes are raw and her pretty face is bathed in ball batter, I don’t think these workers will be causing any more problems.

Things have gone very badly for our young groom in the casino. He has lost all of their money and has to face his wife. Strolling on the beach depressed, he runs into Gabriella, the millionaire’s wife. She takes pity on him and invites him back to her apartment. He tries to be a good husband, but looking at this bikini clad babe, there is just no way he could resist her charms. The rich guy did not marry this woman for her cooking skills, that’s for sure. It’s far more likely that she sucked the common sense right out the end of his cock to earn the big diamond. The neglected wife is anxious to taste a young, hard cock and sends our lucky hero into orbit with a great blowjob. They just pull her bikini bottom to the side as she rides his cock. He pulls them down only when it’s time to shove it in from behind. Don’t you love it when beautiful, rich women who love to take it up the ass? What about spoiled rich bitches who pull cocks from their asses to take big loads on their pretty faces? That’s exactly what we get from this totally hot brunette. She is on fire in the final, fantastic fuck of the movie.

Our hero is getting in deeper by the moment. His wife saw him with the rich chick and has decided to take the rich guy up on his offer. To make matters worse, she plans to divorce him and keep all the money for herself. That is where we leave the story. To get he rest, we’ll have to wait for part two. The women in this movie are amazing, totally great looking and so in love with cock they are only happy when being stuffed. A lot of credit has to go to director Pierre Woodman, who just knows how to make porn movies. He shoots incredible sex scenes, in beautiful locations and puts together stories that make sense. What more could anyone ask for?

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