Private Black Label- Indecency 2



120 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman


THEMES: Euro-Babes.

2000 (7/98)

STARS: Kata Lynn, Andrew Youngman, Gabriella, Philippe Soine, Suzan Nielsen, David Perry, Natacha, Laslo Gipsy, Michelle St Clari, Alain Deloin, Gyonguy, JPX, Bagheera, Richard Langin, Eva Robers, Lydia, Inga.


It always helps to watch the first part of a Pierre Woodman movie before watching part two. However, if you happened to miss part one of this movie, you get a quick recap as the credit roll. Basically, if you’ve seen the mainstream movie “Indecent Proposal” then you know what’s in store here. A young married couple are on their honeymoon when they run into a wealthy man. The guy offers a cool mill to spend the night with the hot young wife. They turn him down, but when she catches hubby fucking around, she runs off to take him up on his offer. There you go, all caught up. Of course, if you did miss part one, you missed some amazing women, great sex and beautiful locations. I would strongly suggest that you go ahead and pick up part one at some point, but for now, we have a movie to watch.

The bride, Isabelle (Kata Lynn) tracks down the millionaire to take him up on his offer. Not about to get fucked over, she insists on having it drawn up by her own lawyer. That gives us a little more time to enjoy the side stories. The groom, (Andrew Youngman) is moping after the loss of his wife, but this guy just keeps getting lucky. He gets hit on by a pair of hot to trot babes who want his big cock in them. It takes them a few minutes to convince him to come to their rooms, but there is no way he is going to say no. Before we see what happens to him, Isabelle makes a call to her lawyer. Though the lawyer isn’t in her office, she has two very hot assistants. Why are they important? Because a guy comes strolling into office. Though he can’t get in to see the lawyer, the gets something better when the assistants make a strong move on this lucky guy. He’s not about to complain about the wait when he sinks his cock into one brunette while watching her friend grind down on her face. It looks like neither of these women were hired for their filing skills. In fact, where can I get an application to work in this place? If all the women look like this and come to work with sexy lingerie under the power suits, I know that’s the place for me. The girl with the shorter hair was the first to go after that dick and she is the more enthusiastic fuck as well. I have to wonder if any work gets done in this office. How can either of these women keep their hands off of each other. They certainly can’t keep their hands and mouths off of his cock. He bends short hair over the table and starts fucking her ass. Wonderfully shot anal with great looking babes makes this opening fuck a winner. They fight each other for his cock near the end, each trying to be the one to bring him off of with great mouth and hand action. In the end they share the load in a cum guzzling, swapping kiss.

Back at the hotel, our hero is having a really good night. He’s got a beautiful white girl and a gorgeous black one (Bagheera) taking turns sucking his cock. I know this guy just lost his wife, but I would say sucking on her shaved chocolate slit while her friend grinds her hips on his rod is a good way to help dull the pain. It’s hard to imagine that the white girl would be the less attractive in the scene, but Bagheera is just head to toe perfection. After licking her pussy, our lucky dude slides his cock right up Bagheera’s hot ass. The first scene was great, but this one actually outdoes it by a bit. Great hand induced facial to close things out.

The lawyer arrives to help Kata get her paperwork in order and guess what, she’s a hottie as well. That helps make the signing of the contract a very entertaining event. With a few strokes of the pen, the lovely bride belongs to the millionaire for the weekend. As soon as the new couple takes off, the rest of the legal team starts getting it on. Kata’s pretty lawyer is joined by three of Mr. Nelson’s top aides, a couple of guys and one very hot blonde babe. The lawyer is amazing, she does contract work, looks like a model and sucks cock like a whore. (And who says porn doesn’t portray women in a positive light?) The blonde chick is nothing to sneeze at either, especially when they go side by side for some doggy anal. I wonder how many guys out there have ever wanted to see their wives divorce lawyers in this position for a good ass reaming? Both guys jump on her tight body to DP the pretty brunette. After giving the blonde the same treatment, the guys drop loads on these gorgeous mugs. Another great scene with two more totally hot, butt fucked beauties.

Kata is whisked way in a helicopter to begin her forty eight hours as an expensive trophy. For some reason, her husband shows up at the room and is surprised that she has gone. He storms into the millionaire’s place, intent on getting his wife back. At that very moment, his wife is enjoying a bath with the help of an attentive young maid, Mercedes. As pretty as Kata is, the maid is a fresh faced treat who certainly captures my attention. The blonde invites her new friend to join her and quickly gets her tongue in between those lovely thighs. Their slow, lesbian love attracts the attention of the horny pool boy. He bursts in, sending Kata away to get ready for the boss. Poor Mercedes is in for some punishment as well. Now we get to see this gorgeous young thing with her mouth filled with his big cock. He’s got his finger working on her pussy and tight little asshole. I know I keep saying this, but she may be even better than all the other women to this point. I love her long, tan legs and big, hungry eyes. Her tits are smallish, but perfect and that ass is just begging to be boned. Before the buns can be busted, he pounds her pretty pussy until she can hardly take it any more. He puts her up on her hands and knees and finally fills that perfect ass. I really think if I worked in this house, I would make sure that Mercedes got in trouble more often. Out of her ass and into her mouth goes his cock as it shoots a nice wad all over her beautiful face.

Kata enters the room, presenting herself to Mr. Nelson. What a pretty picture she makes in her lovely lingerie. He sends her up to his bedroom, where she much first serve the lovely brunette waiting for her there. It doesn’t look like this is exactly what she had in mind, but hey for a million bucks you stick your tongue anywhere you’re told. Again, the lesbian action is just a warm up because Nelson strips off his clothes and starts getting his money’s worth from the pretty blonde. After making her suck his cock for a bit, he lies back while she bounces up and down on his rod. These women are great looking, but with the parade of absolute first rounders, they seem like a small step down. For a cool mil, you would expect him to get some booty, but Kata does more than just take it in the ass, she turns in a stunning anal performance, taking every inch and driving her butt into his pelvis for more. She also takes a load on her face, sharing it with the other woman. Two days of this kind of action just might be wroth the cash he laid out.

The groom is making his way to the mansion, trying to track down his wife. He hitches a ride with a young couple and somehow gets sidetracked when she needs two dicks in her at once. This scene would be great no matter what, however it’s even better because it’s shot on the rocks near the ocean. Great looking dropback for this balls to the wall three way. With the wind whipping through her blonde hair, this babe takes cock in her mouth and her pussy like she was born to do it. Those rocks can’t be that comfortable, but this horny babe just wants to be filled and sprayed with hot cum. Before they grant her their gonad goo, they have to DP her hot young body until all she can do is kneel and take a pair of loads on her pretty face.

The horny threesome arrive at the mansion for the final confrontation. He pours his heart out to his wife, begging her to forgive him and come back to him. When the doesn’t convince her, he grabs her and kisses her passionately. That must do it, because everyone shares a final happy meal. I won’t give away the end of the story, but everyone ends up having a giant orgy at the mansion. Kata, the rich wife, the sexy maid and the new chick are all great looking and the guys lay some serious wood to these finely built women. This is a fitting finish to an incredible fuck flick. Anal, DP and more facials give us one last look at this great looking cast.

The plot in this second part of the movie is pretty thin, but there is enough in the two discs to make it worth noting. As in part one, the best reason to love this movie is the great sex. The cast is tremendous, packed with incredibly good looking women who all love cock. The female lead, Kata is great looking, but she is upstaged slightly by some of the side babes. Best among them are Bagheera and the totally hot main. You want a bottom line? Beautiful locations, gorgeous girls, well shot sex, anal, facials and just enough plot to keep it interesting. It’s a perfect mix and an incredible movie.

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