Brat On The Run




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75 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas
THEMES: Comedy, Cheating.
STARS: Jamie Summers, Alexis Greco, Shanna McCullough, Nikki Nights, Mike Horner, Tom Byron, Joey Silvera and Sean Thomas.
Those of us who cut our porn teeth back in the days of Crockett and Tubbs all remember the Brat movies. Through a number of leading ladies, Vivid kept bringing us silly sex comedies. Each of them revolved around a spoiled little rich girl, the hell she puts her husband through in plot lines that would make Lucy and Ricky shake their heads in shame. The first of these Brats was none other than Jamie Summers. Jamie is certainly one of the most beautiful women to ever appear in an adult film. Her scenes didn�t always measure up to her world class beauty, but that fits in with the role she plays in the Brat movies. Fueled by Tom Byron�s glowing assessment of Jamie�s charms, (He said she has a pussy like melted butter.) I am anxious to re-visit one of my favorite series of 80�s sex comedies.
Morty, (Tom Byron) goes to private dick Shanna McCullough for help. His wife has disappeared and he is sure that a spiritual huckster has kidnaped her. In order to find her, Tom takes us back a bit in the story to explain how she vanished. You see, their sex life was getting a little boring. To illustrate this point, we flash back to Tom making amorous advances on his wife, only to find her face covered in facial mud. As she sits, reading a magazine, he does his best to awaken her desires, licking that beautiful pussy. Jamie really is the perfect brat, actually turning pages while she sucks his dick. I know this sort of scene won�t work for everyone, but I really think it�s played perfectly. It will also work well for those of you just really like watching gorgeous women fuck dispassionately. While fucking her from behind, Jamie gets up at the just wrong moment, leaving Tom to jerk off all over one of her fashion magazines. (I wonder who the chick in the picture is.)
The next night at dinner, Jamie rambles on about a new yoga class she has been attending. As a kicker, this new class recommends celibacy for a full year. What�s a frustrated husband to do? He goes out jogging and runs into Nikki Nights. They hit it off right away, but before they can get back to her place, Jamie�s hairdresser sees them. (Important for later plot development.) Back at her place, Nikki proves to be a kinky chick with a sweaty jockstrap fetish. Nikki is one of those lost treasures of the 80�s with a sexy punky haircut, a perfect, totally natural body and just enough sexual energy to make us all believe that she�s loving what she�s doing. When it comes to giving head, she is the exact opposite of his bored wife, loving his prick with her hands and mouth. Great eye contact and hand motion from Nikki here. They go for a quick 69 before he puts the sexy chick on her hands and knees and power fucks her from behind. After a high energy boff, Nikki jerks a big load from Tom right onto her perfect tits, licking the last few drops off of his head. (Too bad the hairdresser is watching through the window.)
The hairdresser spills the beans right away and poor Jamie runs to her yoga instructor, Alexis Greco. All this woman really wants is to see the rich blonde babe naked. It�s supposed to help her relax, but the lecherous look on her face gives it away. Since Morty fucked another woman, the only way for Jamie to be whole again is for her to make love with a woman as well. It�s a cheesy excuse, but it works out really well for Alex. Jamie is much more into the scene here, really kissing and sucking tittie like she wants to cleanse herself completely. I don�t dig lesbian scenes that often and Alex really doesn�t turn my crank, but Jamie is so pretty and looks so good in the water, that this one still gets a bit of a rise out of me. Her shy girl act is sexy, but Jamie licks pussy like she�s been doing for years. (Actually, she did it in every brat movie.) I love the water angle and I still say Jamie would be tasty, head to toe.
Morty comes home to find a note from Jamie. She has taken off to find spiritual enlightenment. That brings us back to the start of the movie. As soon as she finds the guru, you get the feeling that he�s out for the same thing Alexis got. Tom and Shanna are hot on the trail, but they need the help of sleazy cop Joey Silvera. No problem there, all he wants is to fuck the private dick with his public prick. This is where things get frustrating for me. I hate it when two scenes jump back and forth like this. It�s the way most porn vids were made back then, but it just fucks up the rhythm of the scenes. Still, a whacked out Jamie working on Guru Mike Horner�s cock is amazing to watch. He assistant Sean is taking on her pretty pussy. Quick jump to Shanna sucking Joey�s prick. She is definitely the more skilled woman and there has always been something sexy about Shanna. Joey throws her up on the desk and starts fucking her. Again, as things heat up, we cut to the other scene. Horner is still doing his Quickie Mart clerk impersonation as he now takes his aim at that gorgeous gash. (Jamie in just white socks? Was Max Hardcore a PA on this movie?) Joey is still doing the harder fucking and Shanna proves to be a vocal, aggressive fuck kitten, stroking him to climax as she gets the information she needs. By now, Jamie is squat fucking Horner and taking pretty deep strokes with Sean�s cock as well. It�s been said already, but this girl has that too-pretty look about her face and body that just makes her a natural sperm target for strokers everywhere. Just as one load pops in her hand and another splashes her ass, Byron crashes their party and takes his wife home.
Shanna decides that since Jamie isn�t giving Tom any, she might as well get a dose of that big dick. Just about the time she gets a good taste of it, in walks wifey. This time, Jamie realizes that if she neglects her man, he will stray. Now the gorgeous blonde joins Shanna for a nice looking double blowjob. Using the lessons she has learned along the way, Jamie pleases both of them with her mouth, looking like a homecoming queen as she sucks and licks. This time, she doesn�t take Tom�s dick passively, grinding her hips as he shoves it deep into her. As Shanna takes it from behind, Jamie even licks his asshole a little. That�s a good little brat if I ever saw one. Jamie gets back on for one final ride, letting Shanna milk his load right onto her stunning little ass.
This movie really works as a light hearted sexy comedy. The cast is pretty great looking, though the sex is definitely on the couples-friendly side. Jamie Summers is so beautiful it hurts. Her first scene is intentionally cold, and fun to watch in a sick sort of way. Nikki Knight and Shanna McCullough real bring the sexual level up a notch. Anyone who never got to see Jamie Summers will want to check it out, just to see how perfect a woman can look. As a guy who likes a good laugh or two in his porn, I enjoyed this movie. It�s not going to be a raincoater fave, but couples should find this a light sexy romp.

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