American Bukakke


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65 Mins.

JM Productions

2000 (3/99)

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Bukkake, Facials, Masturbation.

STARS: Envy, Candy Apples, Heaven Leigh and a whole bunch of guys.


The Bukkake movies are the kind of porn that you either really, really love or really, really hate. With a very simple premise, bukkake movies appeal to guys who love facial cumshots and anyone who enjoys freak show porn. A whole room full of guys line up to jerk off onto the face of one young woman. They generally are not for me, mostly because most of the action is focused on fat dudes jerking off. (I do wonder if bukkake vids have any appeal to a gay male audience.) Perhaps the saving grace for this series is that each of the women does a little solo scene to get the guys warmed up. Since I like all three female performers in this movie, at least that part will be worth a look.

Envy is in the barn rolling around on the hay. That looks a little uncomfortable, but she is just too delicious to resist. As the group of guys comes in watches as Envy work her pussy, I am torn between praising her awesome bod and cringing at the shots of this collection of jerk-offs. (Not an insult, that’s what they’re doing.) From what I can see, the only good seat for this show is in the front row. I mean what if the guy behind you shoots a little early? Once the cumshots start, there isn’t much to say other than the fact that Envy holds her mouth open, taking every load on her chin, mouth or cheeks. Her face ends up caked in cum, which is never a bad thing. Envy has no problem taking big loads which is nice to see.

Heaven Leigh is looking really good as she does her solo scene. I can certainly understand wanting to drop a long on her pretty face, but still, to sit around with the rest of this group just for the shot? Ms. Leigh dons a pair of bunny ears, turns her face skyward and awaits the streams of sticky good. Her eyes stay closed for most of the action, which is too bad because Heaven has lovely eyes. Cum drips from her face for several minutes as countless guys deposit their loads on her.

Candy Apples is a total freak so you know she’s up for this kind of hard core action. Like Heave, she puts on some bunny ears and starts playing with her pussy. She’s got a huge dildo working. It’s too big to even fit in both of her hands, but somehow she shoves it right into the pussy. Candy holds her mouth wide open and even holds a glass under her chin it catch the cum as it runs off her face. Some of these guys are super hard to watch, but Candy has this look in her eye that tells them all she wants their cum. Thanks to this super slut, this is easily the best scene of the movie. Cum sucking hose beasts like this just don’t come along that often.

I’m still not turned on by the whole bukkake thing. Fat guys with little cocks, jerking furiously to get them hard just isn’t my idea of eye candy. The freak show element is high and a pretty face with cum all over it is always worth a look. What makes this one at least fun to watch is the three super hot chicks they give us. Envy is wonderfully nasty. Heaven Leigh is totally bone inspiring and Candy Apples is the hottest little freak in all of porn. Fans of the genre will love and if you’re not a fan, you may enjoy the side show factor, or like me, just dig the three great solo scenes we get at the start of each cum bath.

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