Cream On 2



75 Min
DIRECTOR: Jim Enright
THEMES: Comedy
STARS: Heather Hunter, Lexus, Monique, Chloe, Holli Woods, Charlie, Peter North, and Tony Tedeschi
I?m not sure if it matters that I didn?t catch Cream On part one before reviewing this movie. I suppose there could be some intricate plot twists or subtle symbolism that may be lost on me. The fact that Heather Hunter and Holli Woods are in this movie has caused me to take the risk and try and follow things here in part two. If by chance, I get too confused by the character development, I guess I can always just fast forward to a scene with one of the hot women and enjoy that. Actually, the premise her is pretty funny. For those of you may have missed the HBO show ?Dream On? it was basically an adult sit-com that was peppered with spliced in old movie footage to accentuate a line or an inner thought. So, as our characters work their way through the story, we get short clips from old porn flicks. It?s a pretty way to work in some nice editing and get a chuckle out of the one liners.
Heather is waiting in a bar for her friend Chloe to arrive. Apparently, she?s late and in a fog because she met the man of her dreams. The idea of her friend turning from total slut to happily monogamous girl just doesn?t fly with Heather. It?s all too ridiculous for Heather, so she heads back to the office. When she gets there, Heather finds that the love bug has also bitten everyone at her office. The woman setting Lexus afire is Heather?s ex-husband Tony Tedeschi. They retire for a little private time, which includes Lexus in black leather and Tony paddling her pristine backside. She looks pretty good in the outfit and Tony forgets the paddling when he gets a look at her pussy. Lexus always looked better than she fucked, so it?s not shock that her short blowjob is nice to look at, but lacks energy. The same can be said about the sex. Lexus has long; amazing legs and the shots of her being fucked look great. Just don?t expect her to fuck and suck like Chloe. Tony unloads all over her chest to prove his love.
Turning back to Chloe to escape the weirdness is a bad idea. Chloe?s new love just happens to look just like Tedeschi. What?s strange for Heather is perfect for Chloe. Since they have some time before her show goes on the air, Chloe takes full advantage. Any time Chloe stops and drops to her knees, it?s time to pay attention, Everything I said about Lexus being lackluster in her scenes, reverse it and you have Chloe?s performance. There is something genuine in the way she attacks a dick with her hands and mouth. She uses great eye contact and just loses herself whenever the scene starts. Tony puts her right up on her desk and starts stuffing her shaved pussy. He rolls her over onto her side to make it easier to slip that bad boy into her butt. Chloe looks back over her shoulder, encouraging him to stroke her harder and faster. This time, he pulls out and shots all over her well-stretched sphincter.
Peter North is no help to Heather either. He is still too happy for words. We get to see why as he shares some quality time with his new girlfriend, Holli Woods. Take a look at that fresh face as she works on Peter?s dick and tell me they don?t know how to grow them in Texas. She has her hair short in this scene with I love. I hated that shitty wig Holli had to wear in some of her scenes. No wonder Peter is so happy, he?s got a nineteen-year-old cutie that just loves sucking his cock. Spreading her perfect young body out on a table, Peter puts his throbbing cock to good use on her lovely slit. Holli looks great and is having a ball fucking Peter. I like the way this scene is cut, with tight shots of the action as well as longer shots letting us see her whole bod. No anal for the tight Texas tart, but she does take a blast from Peter?s balls right in her mouth and rubs it all over her pretty face.
Lexis is not at home, trying to explain to her girlfriend Charlie that there may be a guy around to give them the occasional dick. Lexus and Charlie do make a fine looking pair of bikini clad babes. Both women really enjoy their lesbian scenes, so the energy is a lot higher in this pairing than in the other scene with Lexus. If you like this kind of action, it?s a very good scene. If you?re lukewarm on it, as I am, it?s at least nice to look at while we wait for Heather to finally get boinked.
Good news for Heather, everything falls apart for her friends. In the middle of all this chaos, she takes time out of her day to meet with a traveling sex toy saleswoman played by Monique. The set up may be silly, but the result is one totally hot black girl rubbing oil all over a totally gorgeous chocolate skinned beauty. Heather bends her new friend over the desk and really buries her face in Monique?s pussy. Since Monique is one of the hottest fucks in porn, it?s no surprise that she uses every toy in her bag to make sure Heather?s day ends with an explosive orgasm.
After all that, we don?t get to see Heather in a boy-girl scene. What a let down. Not that I didn?t enjoy watching her hook up with Monique. They burned it up together. The plot is pretty thin in this movie, but the added editing is clever enough to get a smile from time to time. Chloe and Holli Woods provide the best sexual action in the movie. Lexus looks great, but really only gives off heat in her lesbian scene. More action from Heather would have been nice, but that?s just my own personal desire to see her get busy.

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