Lesbian Teenyboppers


107 Min
Jim Gunn Productions
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Outdoor Sex, and Young Women.
STARS: Denee Dreams, Dinah Sunrise, Ashley Heart, Stacey Sweet, Leah Lauren, Gina Rae, Cat.
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This is a pretty solid collection of extras. The bios give a lot of info and are joined by a short video clip in the corner. High quality photos fill the gallery, giving a whole lot of lesbian pics to check out. The trailer is for Jim Gunn’s other veggie DVD, Lesbian Cheerleader Squad.
Jim Gunn has a very simple plan with his movies. Take brand new girls, make sure they haven’t hit their twentieth birthday, and then throw them together for lots of lesbian sex. This formula makes it pretty simple for the viewer. If you like lesbian sex, you know you won’t have to worry about any HMA shots getting in the way. (Harry Man Ass for those of you unfamiliar.) Also, those of you who think that women really seem to lose sexual steam the day they are able to down a tequila shot and chase it with a Bud Lite can feel safe with this collection of high school to high heel strippers turned porn stars.
Redhead Denee Dreams serves as our mistress of ceremonies, relating tales of veggie love. First she tells us all about her first girlfriends, blonde Dinah Sunrise. Their scene starts with a lot of kissing and gentle breast fondling. If you like watching girls really enjoying each other and not just going through the motions, this one appears to be quite genuine. They slowly explore each other with gentle licks and finger fucking. Denee is the better looking of the two and really digs the taste of her friend’s pussy. (What’s up with Dinah turning her belly into a billboard? When will the body ‘art’ fad end?) The best shot in this scene comes as Denee is being eaten and hooks both of her feet behind her head. That sure does look tasty. Near the end, they do pull out the toys, but most of the action is pure chick stuff.
The next scene is between Ashley Heart and Dinah. (Who now has dark hair) They are washing off a hotrod in the back yard and just can’t keep their hands off each other. Ashley is pretty cute with a great haircut. After flirting around a bit, Ashley pops a tit out of her friend’s bikini and starts feasting. Both girls are young and natural though Dinah has those nasty tats on her young belly. Even without those, Ashley just has something special that her partner doesn’t. Ashley’s pussy is juicy looking and nicely displayed as Dinah eats her. The toys come out earlier in this scene with Ashley using a vibe to really make her friend’s motor hum. I’m happy just looking at Ashley, though Dinah has some nice legs and a good ass.
Dinah and Ashley are back, this time with a very hot, tall blonde named Stacey. Here I am about to praise this incredible creature when she turns around. What the fuck would possess a girl to put something like THAT on her ass? All three girls spend a lot of time sucking each other tits. (All natch save for Stacey.) As long as we’re looking at Stacey from the front, she is awesome. Perhaps she should get together with Dinah and provide us with one, lovely, tat free body. Mostly, Stacey faces us while fingering the other two girls. She also dons a strap on and lets them suck it. Sexy Ashley takes a ride on that plastic prick; it just doesn’t seem to do the trick for this cutie. Dinah seems to like the fake fuckstick a little better, riding it hard to climax. Were it not for that tat, Stacey would be getting so much praise from me, you wouldn’t believe it.
Denee has this other friend Gina, who also happens to have a smoking short haircut and natural tits. You do have to wonder just how this chick met so many young girls who love beaver. This is the first scene where we don’t have distracting tats to deal with, so it’s all about the tight young cookies and the girls who love them. Gina bends Denee over the edge of the pool for the best shots of the scene. It’s just bad there isn’t a big hard cock to come in and fill the void in this hot lady’s labes. Again, there is plenty of action before the toys come out. This will make a lot people happy. I hear that a lot of lovers of lesbian sex want to see more finger and tongue action and less dildo play. Well, there are dildos in this scene, but both girls suck each other silly before turning to the plastic.
Kat and Leah are two more of Denee’s friends who just happen to like to get it on with each other by the pool as well. We’ve now reached the point in the movie where the all girl nature is starting to work against the action here. Some hot lesbian action is fine, but by now, the scenes all start to look alike. (Which by the way, is good if you’re looking for young lesbians getting it on outdoors.) There is more toy play in this scene, but otherwise, it’s more of the same. This leads us right into a final all-girl orgy. Four bikini-clad babes get it on poolside. Basically, if you have enjoyed the action to this point, you will love this last scene. If you haven’t been enjoying it, then you probably didn’t stick around this long.
Gunn sticks with his formula as always. There don’t seem to be any girls in this movie who don’t really enjoy lesbian sex. Even as a non-fan of veggie fests, you have to know it’s a hundred times better to have girls who dig it, than those who are just going through the motions. Denee is great in her scenes, and personable enough as and MC. As I’ve said, this movie is for fans of young girls having lesbian sex. Since the girls are all young and mostly natural, it’s going to appeal to those of you who like Lesbian Teenyboppers. Oh wait, that’s the title, so why would you expect anything different?

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