My Plaything- Tera Patrick



Digital Sin

2000 (9/99)


STARS: Tera Patrick.


Photo Gallery

Blooper Reel

Preview Trailers

Like the video quality, the photos on this DVD are incredibly sharp and look great. Any photo session with Tera is going to be great, but this one is truly excellent. There are some really wonderful shots of Tera here. There are six Digital Sin trailers here, including previews of some of their award winning titles. The final DVD extra is a pretty funny blooper reel. Tera seems to be as pleasant in person as she is beautiful. (Hmmm, an interview would be nice eh?)


I am at a loss as I begin this review. Do I start by praising Tera Patrick for her beauty and sexual heat, or do I begin by praising the My Playmate series as one of the better virtual sex lines on the market? I’m pretty sure I just a little of both, but not nearly enough. Tera is the fastest rising star on the horizon and it doesn’t take much to figure out why. One look at that cover girl face, naturally busty body and million dollar smile should tell you all you need to know. If you’ve ever seen her perform, then you know she’s as dynamic as she is beautiful. As for the My Playmate series, I’ll let the rest of this review address the strengths and weaknesses (Mostly the former) of Digital Sin’s first person fuck flicks.

When you begin your virtual sex experience with Tera, there are four choices, Tease, Masturbation, Do-Do Me and Sex. For a good flow, we’ll start with the first choice, Tease and make our way through your options. There are three more choices in the Tease section, Tits, Ass and Pussy. Again, working our way down the menu, we begin with Tits. Tera addresses that camera while playing with her breasts. This is really good tease footage with some hot dialog from the gorgeous brunette. The same routine applies to the Ass and Pussy portions of the tease footage. You can jump back and forth between camera angles, cutting form the longer shots to the close ups as Tera does her best to get everyone all warmed up.

Before we move on to masturbation, we can hit on a few DVD points. The picture quality on this disc is outstanding and so is the sound. There is a small on screen menu that makes it easy to move from position to position with a single click of a button. You’re also got the Nice & Naughty option that allows you to switch between the soft Tera and the foul talking nasty girl she can be. I prefer Naughty most of the time, but even in the Nice mode, Tear is wonderfully vocal and a hot talker.

For the Masturbation section, Tera has changed into a stunning light lingerie outfit that shows off her considerable attributes in the three choices. Fingers, Toys and The Sybian are all available for our viewing pleasure. As a fan of solo action, this is one of my favorite sections of the disc. The fingers choice is a very nice warm up and quite sensual. Tera picks a really big toy for that section and loves fucking that big fake cock. This is the best choice in the Masturbation menu by a long shot. As always, her dialog fits the action, proving that everyone involved in this disc has taken the time to consider the little things. Those of you who love the Sybian get the chance to watch this beautiful young woman ride it to a slow, sexy climax.

The Do You-Do Me section is a combination or oral sex, finger play and some sex toy action. If you start with the Tongue Pussy option you get a very close look at Tera. This is first person pussy licking, so you’re looking up at that beautiful face. Angle two moves you back a bit so you get a shot of her whole body as the unseen guy licks away at her labes. Finger Pussy is basically the same thing only you actually see the fingers working her slit. She seems to be enjoying herself and this is very nice looking footage. When you move on to Dildo, you get to make Tera squeal with her sex toy. Finally, it’s time for a blowjob and few women look this good while sucking cock. Angle one is a first person look down at the gorgeous Tera on your rod. Angle two is a little tighter. Great eye contact, a pretty face and nice talk make this a fantastic blowjob. By the way, now you can also choose Cum at any point in the action to shoot your load. In Nice, you shoot onto her face, while the Naughty Tera takes it in her mouth and swallows. (So we never actually see anything.)

Now that it’s time for full blown sex with Tera, we again get four choices, Missionary, Doggie, Cow Girl and Reverse Cowgirl. These are standard virtual sex positions because they offer nice point of view shots as well as second angles that show off whatever you might be missing were you actually fucking. In Missionary, we look down at Tera who shows off her world class boobs in this position. Again, you can cum any time, but these shots are the digitally added pops that many of you didn’t like before. To get first person action in doggie, you have to go to angle two because angle one is on her face. Both look good to me. Angle one on Cowgirl has you looking up at her face and tits just like you would if you were the lucky guy actually underneath this incredible woman. Reverses Cowgirl doesn’t give you a POV shot, but that’s just fine since you would be looking at her back. Instead you get two different shots from the front as Tera grinds her hips on that big cock. This is great sex even if you don’t normally like the virtual sex stuff.

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