Sunset, Inc.




86 Mins
2000 (6/98)
THEMES: Story, Prostitution.
STARS: Sunset Thomas, Melissa Hill, Temptress, Rebecca Lord, Amber Michaels, Dalia, Lexington Steele, Steve Hatcher, Kyle Stone, Herschel Savage and Matt Zane.
The best feature on Zane discs is the sub-scene selection. If you just want to watch the girls sucking dick, just click to any of them and you get just what you want. This is a great example of DVD technology used perfectly in a porn movie. There are the usual previews, photo gallery and bios as well as running commentary by Matt Zane, making this a very nice bonus material collection.
This is another Zane movie I loved on video mainly because Sunset Thomas is just such a total hottie. When she signed on to do some feature work for Zane, I was quite happy because it gave Sunset a chance to do some high profile work. We all know she is gorgeous and can fuck and suck, but she hasn�t always been given the chance to carry a movie. Director Matt Zane�s quick cut MTV style looks great on the DVD transfer here, making me think that I will enjoy this title even more on DVD than I did on video. (After all, the sex is the same and Sunset, Temptress, Melissa Hill and Amber Michaels are all highly appealing.)
We open with Sunset lounging naked by the pool as Matt Zane cleans her pool. Herschel Savage is not happy to have the pool boy eyeing the gorgeous blonde and wants him to get lost. Sunset thinks it would be more fun to fuck in front of him and so we begin. Sunset is head to toe perfection, a visual delight for the eyes and Herschel is one lucky man to have this gorgeous woman working her talented lips on his cock. Her face is just incredibly gorgeous and those pretty eyes light up whenever she gets near a dick. That great blowjob gives way to some nice reverse cowgirl, showing off Sunset�s tight tummy and mouthwatering pussy. After only one position of van, Herschel gets behind Sunset and sticks his throbbing cock right in her tight Texas tush. After a few slow strokes to get her ready, he gives her a quick pounding and drops a wad on her firm belly. Great scene, mostly because this woman is just wonderful to look at.
There is a plot here, though it�s hard to figure out just what�s up at the beginning. There is a lot of money involved and some sort of high priced secrets to be sold. Lexington Steel arrives with a special chip for Sunset and she hooks him up with Temptress as a reward. What a reward she is. Tall, wonderfully leggy and just filled with sexual energy, Temptress is absolutely one of the hottest women to come into porn in the past few years. Even paired with this tall Goddess, Lex�s cock is huge, filling her hand and mouth. Not one to back away, Temptress puts all she has into making that thing grow and throb between her talented lips. He gives her a quick lick to wet things down a bit, then slides that sheathed sword right into her hot hole. Women with long legs look so great on their backs, with thighs gripping. Is it any wonder I have a thing for tall women? After giving it to her hard from behind, Lex leaves a sticky load on her still untouched tits. What a wonderful reward.
Herschel shows his true colors by tormenting Zane some more. He starts slapping him around a little. What Herschel doesn�t know is that Matt isn�t what he appears to be. After easily subduing Savage, Zane has a struggle with his bodyguard. We get a little fight scene, but there is sex going on somewhere else. Let Zane continue his pursuit of Sunset while we enjoy her body. She has delivered the chip to her new partner, Zach Thomas and then joins he and Melissa Hill for a little three way on his desk. As much as I love Sunset, Melissa isn�t far behind. She looks great in her heels and hose as she helps Sunset suck Zach hard. Actually, only Melissa sucks this time, because Sunset is busy working on Mel�s pussy. Sunset reaps the benefits of Melissa�s sucking, getting her pussy plugged on the desk. Mel takes it doggy style and her buns gets a nice dousing.
Kyle Stone helps to continue the plot, but for our purposes, let�s get right to his sex scene with the lovely Amber Michaels. Amber is another tall woman with a fantastic body and a pussy that looks good enough to eat. After doing just that, Kyle is treated to an enthusiastic blowjob from the sexy blonde. Great reverse cowgirl footage if you like watching a strong thighed woman work her magic. Kyle takes over, doing all the work as she slams her from behind. Nice close up shots here, leading to a pop right on her shapely ass.
Zane is still making his way towards the action. He runs into more problems and we get a nicely choreographed fight scene. Meanwhile, Sunset is still busy fucking. This time, she hooks up with two of her girls, Dalia and Rebecca Lord. Sunset and Rebecca pay a lot of attention to each other, but Dalia won�t be denied. This is a very passionate three way lap-a-thon before Sunset breaks out the toys. She fucks Dalia�s young pussy while Rebecca encourages deeper penetration. The new girl shows that she has some lezzie skills as well, fucking Sunset with a big strap on. Great anal shot that shows of Sunset�s pussy for a while before they add a second dildo for a hot DP. They team up to give Becca a little bit of action as well.
The plot on this movie is a bit thin and confusing at times, but there is a plot and some nicely shot fight scenes. Still, it�s the sex that carries this DVD. Sunset Thomas is awesome in there scenes, but you would have to expect nothing less from this extraordinary performer. She is joined this time by Temptress who rocks the house in her scene with Lex. Melissa Hill and Amber Michaels also add a great deal to this one. From a DVD perspective, the picture quality is excellent, as is the sound. With a nice bonus material collection, this is one of better DVDs I�ve seen in a while.

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