We Go Deep


120 Mins
DIRECTOR: Sean Michaels
Sean Michaels Productions – 2000
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Oral Sex.
STARS: Chloe, Lisa Belle, Pebbles, Lola, Chaz Vincent, Deja Bleu, Kasorn Swan, Venus Milan, Deanna Star, Serina Lewis, Alex, Teri Starr, Deja Milan, Anastasia, Norman Bates, Mr. Marcus, Nick East, Santino Lee, Julian St. Jox and Sean Michaels.
For years, Sean Michaels has been one of the classiest, most popular men in all of porn. Since branching out on his own with SMP, his movies have shown the same grace and style. The ‘We Go Deep’ series is Sean’s oral sex line which means we’ll get to see plenty of porn’s hottest babes getting down and slobbering all over that long dick he’s got packing. Unlike some other oral lines on the market, this one isn’t just a blowjob movie. It actually has some pussy eating as well. Hell, Sean was even kind enough
We begin with a blonde I don’t know taking a big handful of Sean’s cock. It fills her mouth and leaves a whole lot of exposed shaft, but this skilled babe uses some great hand action to keep every inch in play as she works her mouth magic. The alley setting and trace of fog certainly show that Sean is going for a little more than just your average suckjob in the sales office movie. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Using that great hand action, this babe eventually works a load of cum right onto her chin.
Nick East has an appointment with Pebbles. She wants to be in a movie with Sean and lucky Nick gets to do the pre-interview. Taking full advantage, he has the pretty young black girl get naked on his desk. This babe has a really nice set of real tits and does seem to have all the right assets to make her a star in the world of smut. She certainly has the oral abilities to get her in the front door. You know, this wouldn’t be a bad job at all. Young, would be porn stars come in and before they even get to interview with the boss, they have to shine the ole knob. Yeah, popping a load into the mouth of a babe like Pebbles would make the nine to five work day just fly by.
Deanna Star is a blonde who is a little nervous waiting to suck Sean’s dick. Sean has her relax a bit by playing with her pussy. Nothing takes away stage fright quicker than a little labe lapping. By the time Sean is done, Deanna is totally comfortable and ready to take her shot at his long rod. You know, this might be a good time to point out that Sean is doing some unusual things style wise with this movie. Personally, I have never liked anything that takes away from the sex visually. The interesting filters and digital strobe look annoy me more than intrigue me. Sean, you’ve got a good looking blonde girl taking nearly all of your dick in her mouth, why mess with it? I can’t say this isn’t a nice looking blowjob even with the visual trickery. Deanna knows how to suck a dick and takes a nice load on her big tits.
Kasorn Swan shows up to audition for Sean’s big western movie. Santino Lee explains that Sean is out of the office After a little dialog, he gets her on her knees and tries out what would seem to be one hell of a great mouth. Kasorn drools a bit too much, but her exotic looks and great eye contact work for me. Right in the middle of the audition, Norman comes in and now we have an Asian chick sucking a black dick and a white dick. All colors of the rainbow are beautiful and what better way to show that than a multicultural blowjob? Great double popshot on the face of this totally sexy babe. (I have it SO bad for this chick, I can’t believe it.)
Anastasia Blue is quite well known for her dripping wet blowjobs so this should be interesting. Sean stands over the petite blonde, watching her rub her sweet pussy. Check out the twinkle in her eye as Anastasia takes that long cock between her lips. Apparently, her web blowjob is so good, Sean just has to get a little piece of her smooth pussy as well. After a quick fuck, Sean drops a thick wad of cum right on her tongue. Hot scene from a hot little cock monster.
Using another sexy set up to add to the scene, Sean has a couple of women playing female reporters waiting to get post game interviews in the locker room. Venus and Deja will do anything to get their story and neither Sean nor his teammate Nick East are about to turn them down when they get on their knees. Deja isn’t all that great looking, but she does a nice job with Sean’s dick. Venus has that slightly older, classy banker chick look to her that is sexy in a quiet sort of way. Both of them know what to do with their mouths and I have no doubt that both of them are going to get in depth interviews that you won’t see on ESPN. Half way through, the women switch off and I have to give Venus the nod as the better cocksucker in this scene. After Nick blows a load on Deja’s face, Sean actually lays some wood to Venus, filling her pussy with more than enough meat to make her scream her way to a finger assisted climax. The slow motion cumshot lands all over her face and Venus sucks out the last drops. Not a beauty queen, but quite hot fuck nonetheless.
Teri Starr and Lola are a couple of horny office chicks who decide to suck off the first guy who gets off the elevator. As luck would have it, Mr. Marcus steps through the doors and finds himself on the happy end of a nice double blowjob. You aren’t going to find too many women in the biz who suck dick as well as these two and neither of them have any problems with a fat cock like Marcus has. Teri has the great hand motion as she sucks, but it’s hard to beat Lola’s eye contact. Luckily for Marcus, he gets both and even gets to spray goo on their outstretched tongues.
Finally, Chloe hooks up with Sean. You know that this is going to be a fantastic scene. As soon as Chloe sees her husband off for a day at the office, she strips down and crawls over to Sean. (What, is he living in the house?) Always a volcanic cocksucker, Chloe is at her best when she has one big enough to tax her considerable skills. Great POV shot as she holds that prick in both hands while slobbering all over the head. There aren’t too many women in or out of this biz who can handle all that meat, but Chloe shows you why she is such a super fucking star. Taking full advantage of the situation, Sean fucks her on the couch, making her hot enough to take it all right up her tight asshole. This one just becomes pure, hard-core anal sex that is the best of the whole movie. Hell, the facial is great, but I still can’t get over how good the anal is.
After all we’ve seen from Sean Michaels, why would we expect anything but a hot, strokeable piece of smut that somehow manages to treat women like something more than pieces of meat. Not that we see them cure cancer in this movie or anything. All of the girls know how to get down and dirty and a few really stand out. Chloe, of course, gives an incredible scene with Sean to close out the movie. Teri Starr and Lola team up for a really fine double job on a lucky Mr. Marcus. Kasorn Swan and Anastasia Blue add some additional heat with their wonderfully slutty performances. Nice set ups to many of the scenes lightening things a bit and making it fun to watch the in between stuff. Some of the visuals are a little different. Different is good, but when you have women this hot, I think the less the style in between my eyes and the sweet flesh the better.

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