Black Throat


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62 Mins
VCA � 1999 (1985)
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Tits, Black Women.
STARS: Sahara, Purple Passion, Christy Canyon, Erica Boyer, Lady Stephanie, Kevin James, Marc Wallice, Steve Powers, Craig Roberts, Peter North, Tony Martino and Jack Baker
Those of you who, like me, began you porn viewing in the mid 1980�s probably remember that this is one of the two Dark Brothers movies that starred Traci Lords. Of course, she�s not in this version because at the time, she was just sixteen years old. However, we are fortunate to have this movie even without her two scenes, (which were two of her best by the way.) because it shows the Dark Bros at their irreverent best. From the opening credits and chuckle a minute theme song, you know you aren�t in for your average porn flick. (Traci�s name is still in the song by the way.) There really isn�t time for me to do a whole dissertation on why the Dark Bro movies were so ahead of their time, but remember a few things while watching this unusual take on interracial sex. Black Throat was made long before anal sex was the norm in porn videos, and long before interracial sex was even approached by major companies. Keep this in mind as well, the Brothers Dark are about as far from politically correct as possible. If you are easily offended, you might want to close your ears for this one.
Our story begins with Tony Martino rummaging through some garbage looking for dinner. He talks with his friend Mr. Bob who is a rubber rat. They find a card that confuses poor Tony. You see, he doesn�t know what fellatio is. Rather than just explaining it, the rat calls in one his top bitches to show him. This is where Traci came in, but we miss that scene. Instead, the search for Madame Mambo is on. With the help of a wild pimp, Jack Baker, Tony sets forth on an adventure. You know, with the Traci scene cut out, all of the dialog runs a little long, but it�s still pretty hilarious at times.
The first sex comes when Jack and Tony watch Kevin James getting some first class skull from a couple of sisters, Purple Passion and Lady Stephanie. Both of these women are first class cock suckers who deep throat his rather long member. The style of Greg Dark is very clear even in this early work. There is a lot of quick cutting and close up shots as the two black women take turns treating Kevin to a slice of white boy Heaven. I actually wouldn�t have minded a few more long shots mixed in with the monster close ups, but there is a whole lot of energy in this scene. Both women have tight bodies and for those of you like a more natural look, full bushes. He pulls out and leaves a huge load on Steph�s belly as Purple licks it up.
The first two chicks know how to suck a dick, but can they help our heroes find Madame Mambo? They send them down the hall where Erica Boyer is all alone, oiling herself up. Erica is one of those women who have always turned me on. She is good looking, with a nice, hippy, muscular bod and an insatiable sex drive. Surrounded by black plastic that I just perfect for slippery sexy, Ms. Boyer fingers her aching slit as Steve Powers and Marc Wallice come in with a bottle of cooking oil. Erica attacks their cocks as she gets probed by slick fingers in all of her tightest orifices. Marc finds her ass very inviting and slips his little prick right up her back road. Even better, Erica manages to take both of them at once in a slippery DP. There is something about a woman�s body all oiled up like this that I find totally sexy. (Probably due in part to the fact that so much of the porn I watched back then had such activity. Or maybe it was that chick across the hall in college who had a thing for putting baby oil between her big tits and��sorry, that�s another story.) After getting both holes filled and slam fucked beyond belief, Erica takes the cum on her slippery body, tasting some of it off the tip of Roberts� cock.
With all of my Traci talk at the start, I neglected to mention the fact that this movie also features an early Christy Canyon scene that featured the busty brunette at her best. All decked out in a dom outfit, Christy attacks a bound Peter North, promising to make him pay for being such a pervert. This is a young Christy and it�s easy to see why she was my first ever porn crush. Look at that incredible body and just listen to her talk dirty. Before she fucks Peter, Christy whips him for a bit, but then makes up for it. She goes down and sucks his cock and balls like she wants to rip them right off his body. When she finally frees those monster titties, Christy beats Peter with them a bit, giving the boob lovers a nice show before fucking his fat cock. Great reverse cowgirl shots showing off that flat tummy, huge boobs and meaty pussy. Once he is free of his bonds, Peter really lays some serious pipe on his beautiful mistress. Best of all, he finishes this scene off by blasting a huge load all over her rack and even drops a wad right on her forehead. With so many great scenes in her career, it would be hard to pick a best Canyon fuck, but this one has to rank up there on any list.
All this great sex still hasn�t shown Tony the way to Madame Mambo�s. In the end, all they had to do was go back to their place, because that�s where the Madame is. Sahara, in a blue and orange wig, is doing some sort of tribal dance while three guys stand around and jerk off. In comes Tony and his journey is complete. Sahara gets her full lips around his cock and shows him the true meaning of fellatio. This gives Wallice the opportunity to shove his cock right up her ass. Apparently being anally violated makes the Madame an even better sucker. Great hand action by Sahara here, as she milks his cock right into her mouth. (Dude, that�s another thing that girl across the hall was really good at.) The whole time this lovely lady keeps busy sucking cock, the other guys take turns fucking her. Tony finishes things off with a great facial popshot.
I don�t think the two missing Traci scenes hurt the story at all. As I recall, it didn�t make any more sense in the original form. Basically, if you�re watching a Dark Brothers movie for story, then you�re barking up the wrong tree. There is a great deal of style for sure, but mostly it�s the sex on display here. Christy Canyon and Erica Boyer stand out in this movie, but don�t they always. There is a reason why both of these scenes appear in compilation tapes everywhere. Sahara�s final scene is quite impressive as well, especially her oral skills. Black Throat certainly lost more when Traci was cut out than New Wave Hookers, but it�s still a gritty, sticky romp into the world of interracial sex, leather clad tit queens and talking rats.

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