Kelly The Coed 2


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84 Mins

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

Heatwave – 2000

THEMES: College Girls, Anal Sex, Sex Toys.

STARS: Allysin Chaynes, McKenna, Sabrina Johnson, Gwen Summers, Candy Apples, Dave Hardman, JJ Michaels, Earl Slate, Kristen, Katie Gold, Herschel Savage, Jay Ashley.


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There are some really nice features on this disc. In Meet the Cast, we get short interviews with Allysin and six of her costars. While the video interview plays, we get slide show photos and some bio information. Check out this feature, the interviews are actually pretty interesting. So is the Behind the Scenes footage. It’s worth a few laughs to be sure. As an added bonus, we get a three choice virtual sex scene with Kelly the Coed. Solo, blowjob and fucking are your options and while not as fully developed as a virtual sex disc, it’s some nice added stroke material. There are four previews, six language choices and full motion chapter stops as well.


The first Kelly the Coed video is one of the most popular DVD titles released to date. I reviewed it and really liked it, but it’s hard to put a finger on exactly why everyone seems to love it. Perhaps it’s the way Allysin Chaynes just oozes co-ed gone bad sexuality. Perhaps it’s the campy humor that seems to hit on every cliché «nown to porn fans the world over. Regardless of the reasons, Kelly was a simple, sexually hot movie With Allysin Chaynes reprising her role as the cute, plucky, sexually adventurous (Or just plain easy) Kelly, things are bound get real fun. Add the likes of Candy Apples, Katie Gold and Sabrina Johnson to the mix and I’d say we’ve got a student body just built for all night parties, co-ed naked keg bashes and plenty of gonad-fish swallowing.

Allysin is walking across campus one fine sunny day when she runs into Sabrina Johnson, an exchange student from the UK. Sabrina is having problems in organic chemistry, but has a study date set up with some frat guys for later. Further up the path, Kelly runs into her pal Gwen Summers. What’s really interesting here is to watch the real students going to and from their actual classes in the background. Later, as Sabrina studies with JJ Michaels, they are joined by beer swilling jock Earl Slate. After a little bit of pointless banter (Is there any other kind in porn?) they decide she would be better off sucking cock than studying. Sabrina agrees and takes Earl’s dick into her mouth. In seconds, the sexy Brit is on her knees taking turns sucking their cocks. If ever they was a woman who needed two cocks to keep her satisfied, it’s this volcanic hosebeast. In no time, they each take and end and start fucking her as hard as they can. Sabrina’s mouth is very active and her pussy is quite accommodating as JJ and Earl take turns doggying her. When that isn’t enough, JJ starts in on her ass. After some very nice close up shots of the ass fucking, both guys start fucking her at the same time. DP is no problem for this over-sexed overseas slut and Sabrina loves every inch of cock shoved into tight orifices. With two thick shots of cum on her smiling face, the guys welcome Sabrina to college life, US Style.

Kelly goes in to see one of her professors, Herschel Savage. He is concerned that maybe she is letting her love of fun get in the way of her studies. In fact, she is failing geography and really need some tutoring to save her ass. Speaking of ass, you’ll never guess how they work this one out. Herschel slips one of Kelly’s nipples into his mouth and starts sucking like he’s discovered a new flavor of ice cream. Liking the way he handles that task, Kelly lays back on the desk and feeds him her delicious young box. Finding it to be an inviting place to spend some time, the old professor whips out his cock and shoves it right into that snug little honey pot. Kelly may not know Arizona from Maine, but she sure knows how to fuck and that’s not something you can just learn from books. It takes years and years of practice to become this good a slutlet. Check out the way she bounces up and down on his cock. After nearly fucking Herschel right into a coma, she hops off and jerks a load of his love juice right into her mouth. With skills like this, Kelly will be on the Dean’s List in no time.

Dave Hardman and McKenna are getting to know each other over at the frat house. McKenna is deaf, but that doesn’t seem to play into things here. She wants a demonstration of the paddles on the wall of the house. Damn, her ass gets so read you can see the bruises already starting to form. Dave opens her pussy up, spits in it and does some other stuff that has all the sexual appeal of trash day on the docks, but McKenna turns the scene around when she gets his cock in her mouth. With plenty of eye contact, this sexy brunette shows that she is more then woman enough to handle Dave’s nearly hard prick. Once it gets stiff enough to fuck, McKenna gets down to some serious dick riding. The cowgirl is ruined for me by shots of her beaten nearly bloody ass, but I suppose if you like your women well paddled, this is a turn on. Her ass takes cock well and McKenna takes the dribbled popshot on her face. Cute girl, pretty hot scene.

Kelly takes a shortcut through girl’s locker room, and stumbles upon some more action. At first, cheerleader Candy Apples is less than thrilled to be bothered by janitor Jay Ashley. He tells her that he can fuck just as well as those frat boys. (With a lisp that strong, one could make any number of jokes here, but I’m not Sid Deuce.) Of course, once Candy gets a look at his hard cock, she can’t wait to suck it. (Warning, college students, do NOT try this at your school. You are likely to have the unit clipped off or at least get your ass sued.) I don’t know if Candy learned how to suck cock like this in college or if she just spent a lot of time in the back seats of cars, but either way, she’s a damn pro. Great eye contact, nice hand work and she makes his moderate stick disappear to the root. Jay is really enjoying this littler perk, licking Candy’s shaved pussy and asshole until she’s practically begging him to fuck her. He looks a little small between her thighs, but gives her as hard a fuck as he knows how. That still can’t prepare Jay for the serious fucking Candy lays on him when she gets on top. In the end, Jay gets to fuck the blonde college cheerleader in the ass, cum on a trophy and watch as she licks it clean. Man, Candy always manages to shine as the perfect fuck toy.

It’s finally time for Kelly to be initiated into the Pi Pi sorority. She starts out on her knees as Katie Gold comes in and the fun begins. After putting a dildo into her mouth, Katie buries Kelly in popcorn. Yes sports fans, popcorn. Before you can say ‘what the fuck’, two other girls come in and the all girl fuck fest begins. Gwen Summers and Kristin join Katie in the action. This is the kind of lesbian munch marathon that fans of toy sex will just love. The existing Pi girls make Kelly their play thing, shoving a variety of toys into her mouth. Hey, any time we can see Allysin use her mouth on anything phallic, it makes for great porn. The other girls all seem quite experienced in fucking other girls with strap on cocks, and poor little Kelly just has to take every hard inch of rubber they can dish out. (This sort of reminds me of the sex in the ‘Violation of’ series, which I rather like.) Before she can complete her initiation, Allysin must take it in the ass, and she passes this final test with flying colors.

This second Kelly adventure has all of the charm of the first one, a super cute lead, great supporting cast, light, silly humor and lots of hot sex. Allysin Chaynes is energetic, funny, cute as hell and even believable as the somewhat ditzy, totally irresistible Kelly. All of the cliché³ about college life are he
re, drunken frat boys, horny cheerleaders, lecherous professors, lesbian sorority sluts and even dick starved exchange students. Aside from the light hearted humor, there is great, well shot sex. Allysin does a great job in her scenes, but you have to see Sabrina and Candy in action to really appreciate the kind of sluts who go to school with Kelly. Clearly, Kelly the Co-ed 2 is as good, if not better than part one. I for one, can’t wait to see what sort of sexy adventures she has in part three.

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