Dr. Fellatio 9








124 Mins

DIRECTOR: Dr. Fellatio

Elegant Angel – 2000 (1997)

THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials

STARS: Jill Kelly, Raveness, Toni James, Roxanne Hall, Sydnee Steel, Jessica Darlin, Raylene, Marilyn Star, Nikita, Vicca, Liza Harper, Anna Amore, Nici Sterling, Johnni Black.


As fans of blowjob movies already know, a trip to the doctor’s office at Elegant Angel is more fun that mortal men deserve. The women line up, come into see the doc and spend the next several minutes on their knees administering oral pleasure to whatever lucky guy happens to be along for the lovely ride. Usually, the cast of a Dr. Fellatio movie is good, but in this volume, it’s nothing short of awesome. Check out the big names in the cast and then imagine how good they are going to look honking some hose. Better yet, how about I shut up and watch these ladies do their best to make the doctor feel good.

Jessica Darlin makes her presence known in a wonderful manner. She does a little bit of dirty talking before crawling over to take a big cock in her mouth. I don’t know which I should talk about first, that talented, active tongue or her too good to be believed, all real rack. Since this is a blowjob DVD, I guess I should talk about the way she uses her mouth. Whenever her mouth is not full of cock, Jessica is purring softly or talking sweet dirty talk to the dude getting blown. This is a perfect combination of tongue, hands, lips, talk and a pretty face. The cumshot ends up on her feet, which is my only complaint about this scene. That face needs a bit load, but I guess if feet are your thing, this one ends well.

Raylene is a pretty decent talker as well, something that Vivid seems to have forgotten. She also attacks cocks like there is something magical waiting for her at the other end of his rod. After a little bit of shaft licking, Raylene kicks in some serious hand action that seems to really turn her on. (Well, she’s playing with her pussy, so we can assume she’s turned on.) In between sucks, there is more hot talk, but all that we really need is that cover girl face to make this a great scene. Her guy takes a while at the end to jerk his load onto her face, but the payoff is well worth the wait.

Since we’re talking about how hot the aural side of oral sex can be, it’s appropriate that Nici Sterling should be up next. Her accent is so totally classy, yet she talks a complete whore. That, and her hot solo play make for a pre-blow that is nearly as hot as her wet suck off. Check out the eye contact Nici gives as she sucks cock. It’s nearly as impressive as the long, skilled tongue she uses to please the throbbing meat in her mouth. Don’t you love the combination of classy babe and sperm chugging hosebeast? I sure do.

Hey, two hot looking, foul talking UK babes, Roxanne Hall joins us and already has her fingers deep in her hot hole. She is quite inviting as she looks right into the camera, promising oral delights, the likes of which we’ve never seen. By the time John Decker actually takes his prick out and let’s Roxanne suck it, she’s already convinced me that her mouth should be registered with the Government as a lethal weapon. Using her feet as well as her mouth, Roxanne keeps John on the edge of climax until she’s good and ready to taste some jizz.

Anna Amore adds some huge boobs and a little color to the mix. Tit lovers are going to flip over the way she shows off her rack and uses it to enhance her already impressive oral game. The cock they give her is about average, but she makes short work of it with deep strokes and buries it between those mountainous breasts. From start to finish, Anna looks like she totally loves sucking cock and makes that massive cleavage available for an E Ticket tit fuck. Her boobs get a healthy glaze, finishing off one of the best blows of the movie.

Toni James has a face that is pretty, it’s almost hard to believe she ended up in porn. It’s also sad to think that her career was so short and that for some reason, she felt she needed to enhance her already perfect, if slim frame. Toni also gives one hell of a sexy blowjob. Slow, wet and full of enthusiastic eye contact, this knob polishing scene deserves to be preserved for posterity, especially since it’s her posterior that takes the cumshot.

Johnni Black is always hot, but watching her crawl to the camera, begging for cock is impressive even for her. She starts at this guy’s feet and licks her way up, but I was sold on just the hot talk. (Yeah, I think we get that by now.) Once Johnni gets her mouth full of man meat, the show really begins. How many cocks do you this babe has sucked to perfect her skills? Or do we think she just lined up all those guys in the Army and gave them reason to celebrate? Nice low angle shot here of a nearly perfect blowjob. Johnni ends up letting the guy shoot on her shoe, then drips his load into her mouth.

Also making their mouths available for the doctor’s special brand of medicine are Raveness, Liza Harper, Jill Kelly, Marilyn Star, Nikita, Vicca, Melanie Stone and Sydnee Steel. What makes this volume of the doctor’s work special is the number of big stars who lend their mouths and cum streaked faces to the mix. Even the ones I don’t find personally appealing are popular stars who give their all when it comes time to honk hose. Hot oral sex, cute, sexy, smiling, jizz drenched faces, what more could a pervert want?


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