Gallery Of Sin


77 Mins
DIRECTOR: Jerome Tanner
Legend – 2000 (10/99)
STARS: Sadie Jordan (Tera Patrick), Lola, Nina, Kiki, Inari Vachs, Raveness, Jezaree Robs, Mike Horner, Dave Hardman, Todd Alexander, Nick East and Nacho.
Photo Gallery
Behind the Scenes
Phone Sex
Most of the features are pretty standard, nice but standard. The photo gallery is nicely done, but the best part is the behind the scenes footage which is funny and gives us a nice look at what goes on backstage on a porn shoot.
I have said it before, but it’s hard to deny that there has not been a hotter commodity than Tera Patrick to enter porn since Jenna Jameson. As soon as I wrote this line, I started thinking that I should really challenge such a bold statement. After all, to compare Tera to the kind of attention Jenna got is saying a lot. After careful consideration, I would have to say that I’m right. There hasn’t been a bigger star to grace the blue screen and all the AVN awards handed out to other women can’t convince me otherwise. (To be fair, Tera really won’t be eligible for any awards until next year.) Legend was smart enough to grab her from the beginning and put her in every movie they could. In this one, she plays a living work of art and what could be more appropriate?
Nick East and Raveness are erotic artists who don’t like each other very much. They are hired by a wealthy client to re-create some great works of art in their special way. This is the plot vehicle which will allow us into the dark, moody sex scenes. Raveness tackles the first piece, a vampire legend starring Mike Horner and Inari Vachs as a pair of horny blood suckers. (No, they’re vampires, not lawyers.) Inari is bored with drinking blood and seems ready to quit. That’s OK, it looks like she prefers sucking cock to necks anyway. Very nice blowjob here, with a minimal amount of excess drool. Now, am I the only one who finds the use of condoms by vampires funny? They drink blood, but they’re worried about HIV? Aren’t they already dead? And aren’t they immortal? Anyway Horner pus a pretty fair fuck into Inari, keeping mostly to missionary before dropping his load on her belly. Their post fuck dialog leads to the reason he drove a stake through her heart, but you’re going to have to watch for yourself if you want to know the reasons.
Nick needs to top that one, so he takes on the kidnapping of Helen of Troy. In Nick’s version, Helen (Nina) goes to Hell where Dave Hardman and Lola play devilish tormentors. Nina struggles a bit with English, but is quite at home with a cock in her mouth. This blonde Euro-babe is pretty good looking, but Lola steals the scene with her intense sexual heat. Hey look, in Hell, they have sex toys that don’t melt in the internal fires. Dave’s pitchfork is equipped with a fake cock that fucks Nina until she needs the real thing. Before she finally gets fucked, Nina has to tongue fuck Lola’s pretty pussy and that makes for a fine looking little prelude. Lola gets busy on Dave’s cock, sucking it to the root over and over with no problem at all. Wow, they wear condoms in Hell too. While Nina gets fucked by Dave, Lola is still stealing the show, blasting her pussy with a fat dildo. Her pussy is too much for Dave to pass up and we get a great shot of her being slammed doggy style. Both women share the final shot, each taking a side of his cock and sucking the load right out of him.
Raveness takes on a scandal of more earthly proportions when she visits the scene of a famous Hollywood murder. A famous director was gunned down and no one really knows who did it. The best part about letting Raveness tell the story is that we get to watch the hot and sweaty sex that preceded the killing. Mister director seems to be a bit jealous that his girlfriend is sharing on screen heat with her leading man. Hell, anyone lucky enough to be banging Tera Patrick on a regular basis is bound to be worried that might all go away. They end up having sex. (Of course they do, this is a porno.) Tera on her knees sucking a big cock is such a rod stiffening sight that it must be seen to be appreciated. Nacho has a pretty big dick, so she starts out with just the head in her mouth while she gently strokes it with her fingers. However, that isn’t good enough for Tera and she shoves more than half of it down her throat. Taking her onto the couch, he starts slam fucking Tera’s beautiful little pussy. This chick knows how to fuck and doesn’t hold a thing back in her scenes. She scratches and claws as Nacho bangs her hard enough to make those billion dollar boobs shake rattle and roll all over her chest. On an interesting side note, this is the first non condom scene. OK, so vampires use rubbers, they use them in Hell, but a slutty starlet and a philandering director. So, the only people who would actually need to worry about HIV aren’t using condoms. (All right, enough of this, the horse is dead.) What is really important here is that Tera looks awesome and is totally into the scene. After dropping a load on her wonderful ass, the director is dropped himself. By who? Check it out yourself.
Nick’s next creation is a bit odd as a couple of clowns get it on. Multi colored wigs aside, this blonde chick is a pretty emphatic cocksucker and looks a little bit like a young Janine. Her pussy looks tight, but he manages to fuck her with three fingers before replacing them with his hard cock. If this is what goes on backstage at the circus, maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss the whole clown college option out of high school. After giving her a solid fuck, this clown manages barely a single drop of cum for her cute little butt.
Finally putting their differences aside, Raveness and Nick decide to make a little art of their own. The busy porn veteran has gone blonde recently and looks quite different. Of course, her big tits are still the same and Nick has a good time playing with those monsters before warming up her pussy. I don’t know if I would call what Raveness does with her tits and mouth art, but she has perfect tits for fucking and the way she deep sucks his cock is certainly fine smut. She’s got his eyes rolling back in his head long before he starts fucking her slit. Fans of big, shaking boobs will love the way she looks being boned mish. She rides him for a bit, but the best sex comes when Nick bends Raveness over and starts thrusting into her from behind. She spins around and shakes her tits as he drops a load right between those fun bags.
Don’t expect much of a plot here, it’s more of an excuse for the different sexual scenarios than anything resembling a coherent story. Thankfully, the sex is enough to carry things here. Tera Patrick is the obvious choice for the most watchable and desirable woman in the movie. Her scene is absolutely the best thing about this movie. In fact, I think it’s time she gets more than just one shot at showing off her skills in a movie. Lola and Nina add a second fine scene, doing each other in Hell and making sure things stay plenty hot. Inari’s scene is another one to watch. She looks as good as I’ve ever seen her. Well shot sex that is hot enough to keep everyone interested, but just enough sexy mood to keep the ladies from leaving the room.

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