Private- The Matador




88 Mins

DIRECTOR: J. Yves Lecastel

Private – 2000

THEMES: Anal Sex, Gaping.

STARS: Clarissa, Vlasta, Helen, Chrstine, Atlantis, Cassandra, Nicol.


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As with all Private discs, most of the good stuff is under the Extras menu. There is a full length trailer, a photo gallery, production notes and one of the Private reports. (A little behind the scenes short that is always interesting and packed with hot sex.)


Private is without question the most popular porn company on the face of the earth. From the very start, their DVD releases have been among the very best on the market. This is the first release from a new line that is, hold on to your hats, all about anal sex. Butt fucking in a Private movie? No way. Actually, it’s about a whole group of friends who all specialize in sodomizing willing young women with their special technique. If the premise seems a little thin, remember this, all the women end up taking it in the ass. So, who cares if the plot holds water at all? As long as director Jean Yves Lecastel keeps the focus on the action and the young hotties, we should be just fine.

First we see Jean Pierre, the oldest of the group. He invites girls out to his place a weekend of fishing, but all they end up seeing is a whole lot of trouser trout. He’s got a blonde on his couch with an average face, a tight body and a very wonderful rack. More importantly, she has a deep need
to take his prick in her warm mouth. Not for long though, because he has bigger plans for this blonde dirty girl. She takes a ride on his cock, but Pierre wants her on her hands and knees so he can pop her puckered pooper properly. This girl is not one of the prettier Private girls I have ever seen, but she takes a big dick deep in her ass and has tits that are bound to make you drool. Speaking of drool, check out the stream of jizz this guy fires, it nearly knocks this chick’s head off. She lets it run down her face and tits while sucking the last drops out of his rod.

Jean Yves is the leader of this group and while he fucks a lot of babes, his blonde wife Christine has no clue. From the looks of this hottie, he shouldn’t have a lot of time to be out fucking other chicks. She is all over him, spreading those thighs for some intense finger fucking. I love long legs, and the pair on this girl is amazing. Jean is more interested in her asshole though and gives it a very thorough licking before putting wifey on her knees. He’s got a big cock, but give her credit for a very enthusiastic blowjob. Bending her over, Jean pulls her panties aside and enters her shaved slit with that monster of a prick. There are multiple insertion shots for those of you who really dig watching it go in and all the way back out. All of this is just a warm up for the anal sex to come. Watching that fat thing slide up that back road is pretty amazing, but she manages to take it all. So, how come this guy is out cheating when he has a pretty little wife who loves to do anal gapes? We are right in the middle of some very good looking RCA when he does his 1, 2, 3 Ole’ thing that ends with a monster gape. I mean we can see her mother fucking lungs in this shot man. Yikes. Thanks, but I much prefer the way she strokes cum into her mouth and plays with it while looking up at him adoringly.

Jean Pierre and the final member of the little troupe like to visit a wine cellar to pick out a good bottle and pork the crap out of the pretty brunette who runs the place. (Not necessarily in that order.) The guys light her up at both ends, filling her mouth and pussy and making her squeal with delight. Nice close up shots as she takes cock in the puss and gets a mouth full of a balls. Since this merry band of men is mostly concerned with being booty bandits, the focus turns quickly to her ass. It starts with a couple of fingers, but cock follows almost immediately. Reverse cowgirl lets them finger fuck her pussy while she rides cock, but that’s just a warm up for the DP to follow. The first shot of cum hits her right on her stretched sphincter, which is an interesting shot to say the least. The other guy just fires on her face, letting her lick it all up and suck the last few drops from his swollen head.

One of the guys in the group is a shy photographer who calls Yves in for help when he wants the booty. This seems to work out well for both guys, because as we know, their advances are never turned down. Once the model gets going, in comes the shy guy for a taste of tangy twat. It’s funny how quickly these guys can make chicks wet and ready to do just about anything for them. This blonde squat fucks one guy while the photographer fucks her pretty face with his. For the anal, they put her on the couch and pull her legs way back, giving us a perfect view of her tight asshole as it’s filled with hard cock. Once fucked, that hole gapes pretty good, but it’s her gaping mouth and the cum they fire at it that really makes this scene work for me.

Jean Pierre is married to a woman who knows all about his little side trips to the nookie stand and does her best to keep him interested by bringing young hotties to bed with them. Hey, two blondes in bed is a sure bet to keep the home fires burning brightly. The girl she’s brought in is pretty cute and she can outsuck the experienced wife as well. There is enough cock her for both mouths, and both mouths work overtime to get this big rod wet and ready for their little holes. There is a long shot while the young girl rides his dick that is really nice looking. It’s a longer shot, but we really get a good look at the spectacular shape of her butt. From this position, the wife starts using a finger on her ass, prepping it for her old man’s pole. Once the assfucking begins, wifey pulls it out and sucks it clean over and over. Having a total slut wife who lets you fuck young hotties up the bum doesn’t suck to much, that’s for sure. For the pop, Jean pulls out of his girlfriend’s ass, sprays her down and watches while his wife licks up most of the goo.

Cassandra is leggy blonde who gets the attention of all four guys in the group. They meet with her to talk business, but quickly surround her with cock. She is more than ready to take them all on and doesn’t slow down even when they start finger fucking that tight asshole. One at a time, she works her way around the circle of cock, sucking and stroking each of them. So far, this is the best looking footage of the movie. One of the guys moves in behind her and gives her a hard standing fuck, sending the lovely blonde into orbit. Her legs ass and tits really are phenomenal and even when the anal begins, we get some good shots of them all. For s stuffy professional woman, Cassandra sure takes DP like a total whore. (Which is, of course, part of the fantasy.) Gapes galore as the guys round robin her slick slit and ripe rosebud. To finish her off, each guy drops a load of cum right onto her pretty face. They don’t buy the house from Cassandra, but they sure do leave her with lasting memories.

I suppose if gaping assholes is your favorite thing about porn movies, then this one is about the most perfect thing you will ever see. What I found interesting, is that the women, usually the strength of a Private movie, were not up to the high standards in this one. Not that they were ugly or anything, in fact there are a couple who absolutely kick ass. However, we are used to seeing an entire cast filled with stunners. Unfair as that might, be, it does hurt this movie somewhat. However, the final scene with Cassandra more than makes up for a few of the earlier disappointments. Don’t look for much of a story here, but the picture quality is very solid and the hard core anal with gapes should make this a favorite with DVD raincoaters. I say turn this band of buttfuckers lose on the usual collection of Private babes and we’ve got a real treat.

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