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100 Mins.
VCA- 1992
DIR: John Leslie
STARS: Ashlyn Gere, Deirdre Holland, Rocco Siffredi, P.J. Sparxx, Fawn Miller, Candace Heart, Tracy Wynn, Sunset Thomas, Zach Thomas, Leanna Foxx, Nick East, Woody Long, Tim Lake, Jon Dough and Mickey Ray.
THEMES: Shape Shifting, Sexual Vampirism, Story.
The only thing here is a very nice photo gallery and a feature that allows you to go straight to a scene with your favorite babe. VCA has come a long, long way with their DVD extras package.
It doesn�t seem that long ago that I mad this movie my 200th video review. Nearly 800 video and 200 DVD reviews later, I get to sit down and watch what I consider to be a classic adult film on DVD. Given the VCA track record for quality DVD transfers, I would say that this John Leslie masterpiece has a really good chance of being granted instant classic in this format as well.
For those of you who may have seen Leslie�s �The Chameleon�, this movie makes a big deal about not being a sequel to the Torri Welles/Tom Byron/Victoria Paris film. Instead it takes some of the same shape shifting backbone and expands on it with Ashlyn Gere, Rocco Siffredi and Deirdre Holland taking over the lead roles and carrying this story driven, moody feature.
Ashlyn brings here band of pretty people to one of their favorite haunts. Blocking the doorway is a babbling Tim Lake. Rather than pushing him aside, Ashlyn has one of her girls, Fawn Miller take care him. Only in porn is being smothered with huge tits and fucked silly considered a bad thing, and I somehow think Tim really liked it. Fawn is a big girl with enormous, all natural boobs who gives one of her best on screen fucks in this scene. It�s dark, it�s strange and it sure ain�t romantic, but it�s a great way to start a movie.
Upstairs, the crew joins a party already in progress. As the camera pans the crowd, we get to see a few familiar faces as well as couples randomly fornicating here and there. Leave it to John Leslie to have sex as a backdrop in a porno. Deirdre Holland catches a good look at Ashlyn dancing and like all of us, is instantly smitten. She follows her into the bathroom and then things get a little strange. In the blink of an eye, she become Rocco Siffredi. He actually takes Ashlyn in his arms and kisses her passionately before helping her to the floor where Ms. Gere comes face to face with nine inches of pulsing, skin covered steel. Ashlyn was always a great cocksucker and being teamed up with a cock this big just brings out the best in this adult film legend. Standing, Ashlyn bends over and takes cock from behind, letting those of us who love legs get a long look at two of the very best to ever grace the porn screen. There are certain couplings in porn that seem to bring out the best in both performers, and Ashlyn has always been this way with Rocco. They fuck with such intensity that it�s a wonder both of them make it out alive. She is sweating profusely as she gets back on her knees to take his big load on her pretty face. Check out the way she licks cum from her own boobs and tell me this isn�t one of the best female performers of all time.
Ashlyn watches Rocco change back to Deirdre and leave her confused and covered in cum. The real Rocco is aware of this little game and isn�t too happy with Deirdre. (There is a strong �The Hunger� vibe going on here.) Actually, Leslie does a really nice job letting the story unfold. Be patient, it�s worth the wait. By the time Rocco and Deirdre work through the dialog, they hook up for a very sexy scene. Those of you who enjoy sensual scenes will love the way she kisses her way down his body before delivering a blowjob that looks like she�s in love with his dick. Unwrapping her body is a treat for Rocco and he lets us enjoy every inch of her lovely skin. Deirdre takes every inch of his dick from behind and pushes back to meet him. This scene is proof that erotic scenes don�t have to be a total bore. Big shot of cum on her curvaceous ass.
Impressed by the bathroom fuck, Ashlyn shows up taking things to the next level. She has a ton of questions, which is pretty understandable under the circumstances. Apparently getting the answers from Deirdre is going to cost Ashlyn a piece of her ass. She dons a very large strap on and beckons the Euro-blonde over for a taste of plastic prick. These are two absolutely stunning bodies and watching Deirdre kneel and suck is a beautiful thing. Ashlyn brings the same passion to her lesbian scenes that she shows when taking dick. Very nice strap on sex, even for a guy who doesn�t have a real thing for lesbian scenes.
Ashlyn is looking to become a chameleon, but she�s stumbled into something much deeper than she could have imagined. Learning quickly, Ashlyn puts the move on Jon Dough while looking like Deirdre. (Hey, it�s easier to understand when you�re watching.) He puts up a decent fight at first, but can�t resist the blonde�s charms. Kind of strange when you think about it, cheating with your significant other. During her long career, Ms. Holland always looked fantastic, but she wasn�t always a blistering hot fuck like she is here. Jon gives her a long, hard cock and Deirdre takes it into her body like she can�t get enough. Using her tits to jerk him off, she takes a big load on her chest. Why couldn�t she always fuck like this?
Having perfected her skills, Ashlyn goes out cruising for some new blood. She picks up Mickey Ray and PJ Sparxx. PJ looks so damn good in her little outfit that she could stop traffic. She takes them home and does a little shape shifting into Dough. PJ already has Mickey�s cock in her mouth, and seems happy as hell to have a second to suck on. Just the sight of her face moving back and forth between those two dicks is enough to make the shorts grow tighter. With Mickey watching, the beautiful blonde gets fucked hard by Dough until both guys erupt on her perfect skin.
Things come to an interesting conclusion and that�s always a nice plus in a porn. Picking one John Leslie movie above all the rest would be a tough thing to do, but it�s hard to argue against the perfect combination of hot sex, interesting script and solid acting make this a movie that will appeal to couples and even most of the raincoaters out there. Ashlyn Gere is always hot, so no one should be surprised by her here, however both Deirdre Holland and PJ Sparxx are hotter than ever in this movie. With John Leslie at his very best and Ashlyn Gere in Hall of Fame mode, Chameleons is adult movie making at its finest.

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