Diva X Brittany



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Pixis � 1999
THEMES: Virtual Sex,
STARS: Brittany Andrews & the Faceless dick.
There isn�t a whole lot to review in a virtual sex DVD, but I�ll give it a shot. One thing to know up front is that if you don�t like the woman at the heart of the action, you aren�t going to have very much fun with the disc. Since the sex in this one all involves busty blonde Brittany Andrews, I suggest you at least enjoy watching Brit before even trying to take a look at her Diva X. Those of you familiar with the �Virtual Sex� discs know the drill, but the Pixis folks have added a number of different features here. For years, Pixis has brought us virtual sex on CD ROM, now they make the transition to DVD.
Before you get to the virtual sex, you can view a short blooper roll or a stunning slide shows featuring Brittany at her sexy best. You can also watch a sexy little set up video where Brittany leads you from the front door to her bedroom. This first person scene starts off with some tit play, but quickly gives way to Brittany deep sucking a hard cock. (Ian Daniels is standing in for us on this one.) It�s nice to get this added scene in addition to the virtual sex action. Even if you don�t like the interactive play, you can sit back and watch Brit do what she does best. Her pretty pussy gets fingered thoroughly before she gets fucked. Brittany seems to like it deep and pulls her legs back far enough to get every last inch up inside her. A nice bonus for you big tit fans is the tit fuck at the end with a pop all over those heavy bags.
Now we can move over to the virtual sex arena. The left side of the tool bar has an exit button and a feature that allows you to rotate the subject. So, if you�re dying to get a look at Brit�s backside, all you have to do is spin her around. To the right, you have five options. These options vary depending on what area of Brittany�s body you want to concentrate on, her face, her breasts or her crotch. Not all options are available at every level in every area of the body. The options include rubbing, fingering, undressing, using a dildo and using a cock.
You can start off by watching her suck on your finger or a big dildo. If you prefer to play with her, you can rub on those big tits. Taking off her bra, we get better access to those chest globes. That opens up the option to massage them or finger Brittany�s nipples. There is also the chance to use a dildo and real dick on that cleavage. Big boob lovers are going to enjoy this for sure. Once you get her panties off, the options open us again and you can use all of the tools to please her sweet slit.
There are some limitations to this disc, but the groundwork for a brilliant virtual sex movie is all there. One limitation is screen size, but I am told that this has already been addressed in the next Pixis release. Being able to view the action in full screen will help a great deal. It takes a while to get used to the controls, but once you do, they are quite logical. The picture and sound quality is excellent and the action is quite good as well. Some of the clips are a little short for my taste, but there is nothing here that a little fine tuning can�t make excellent. I have always said that I would like an option on virtual sex discs that allows the user to view a whole scene without having to click your way around. The bonus video scene provides something very much like that. I like this disc a lot and can�t wait to see what they do with their next release.


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