80 Mins
DIRECTOR: Jonathan Morgan
Wicked ? 2000 (4/97)
THEMES: Fantasies, Dreams.
STARS: Serenity, Missy, Jaclyn Lick, Johnni Black, Spice, Shawna Edwards, Warner, Jonathan Morgan, Mickey G, Mike Horner, Colt Steele, Steve Hatcher, Michael J. Cox.
The biography section is really well done, with running video, factual text tidbits and an audio voice over reading of detailed biographies. Very nicely done.
There are four trailers for other Wicked DVD titles, Flashpoint, Conquest, Satyr and Crazed. All of them are great trailers and would make me want to check out all of these DVDs.
A nicely put together slide show shows off tons of hardcore shots.
Morgan and Serenity do running commentary on the movie and they have a great chemistry. They don?t over do the commentary like a lot of other commentators do in the adult word, but offer great insights into the making of a porn, as well as plenty of cool sexual tidbits.
It?s kind of interesting that Wicked would release this DVD right after director Jonathan Morgan just took home a shitload of hardware for his genuinely funny movie ?Double Feature.? We got back a couple of years and find that Morgan is also entirely capable of making edgy, chilling movies as well. Also showing versatility in this role is Serenity. Usually most at home in light, quirky roles that allow her to show off comedic timing and killer smile, Serenity shows us a side we?ve never seen in this movie. Since so much effort went into the look and feel of this movie, it?s nice to see that Wicked did such a great job on the DVD transfer. The picture and sound quality are excellent, which really adds a great deal to the feel.
is an inmate in an asylum. Jonathan Morgan is her doctor. Apparently, part of her therapy is to bone her doctor. Well hell, she?s playing with herself, so all the good doc is doing is helping the poor thing out. Opening her mouth wide, Shawna shows some great deep throat abilities, making all of Morgan?s cock vanish. She seems a little lethargic as he starts fucking her from behind, but once a thumb finds its way up her ass, Shawna lights up a bit. After fucking her hard in the cell, Morgan drops a load of cum on her tiny tits.
There is another patient who attracts the attention of a specialist. He wants to hear her story. Be prepared smut fans, this is not the drop dead gorgeous Serenity we?re used to seeing. Her hair is a mess and she looks like she?s half a step away from eating the nose of anyone who gets to close. She starts telling him her tale of demons and torment. It takes us back to her marital bed where husband Mickey G seems about a subtle as a kick in the teeth. Serenity would like it very much if he would make love to her, but all G wants is a warm place to stick it. Clearly this relationship is in a bit of trouble. She relates her problems to girlfriend Jaclyn Lick who gives her an evil looking statue that she calls a sleep god. Oh this is going to help.
On the first night, the statue does bring her sleep, but also brings a dark figure, Mike Horner, to her dreams. It doesn’t seem so bad at first, because in her dreams, hubby Mickey is very warm and attentive. Of course, what guy wouldn?t be attentive to a woman this gorgeous with her mouth around his dick? I guess the candles and the big bed make even a blowjob romantic in the world of porn. After Serenity rides his face like a donkey, Mickey rolls her over and gives her what she?s wanted all along, a long, slow session of hot love. Wow, Serenity is flexible and that looks fantastic on film. Mickey leave a rather big load on her chest and a huge smile on her face.,
Convinced that her dreams are real, Serenity sinks further into the madness. Horner haunts her dreams, mocking her naiveté® With the help of Missy, he begins to unlock all of the hidden desires that she has kept hidden. Check out this little leather outfit she?s got on under that frumpy housedress. Missy and Serenity look fantastic together as Missy takes a whip to that fantastic ass. Yeah, it?s a veggie scene, but when you bring this kind of heat to a scene between two women who look this fucking good, even I have sit up and take notice. (So to speak.)
Her dreams are no beginning to spill over into the waking hours as she slips not so slowly into paranoid insanity. Jaclyn comes over to check on her friend, and doesn?t come along. Jackie brings Michael J. Cox and Cold Steele along to help relieve some of her stress. The four of them get into bed and both guys get very busy with their mouths. Jackie is a great performer, but can you blame the guys for wanting a shot at Serenity?s perfect body and gorgeous face? I love it when she really gets into sucking a dick, it?s perfect porn. The foursome give each other a hard, fast fuck, but there is a surprise waiting for Serenity at the end. Jackie isn?t who she appears to be, but is Horner in disguise.
The doctors force Serenity to finally sleep, but that only makes things worse. (Well of course, she?s being haunted by sleep demons.) Horner promises to make everything all right by showing Serenity an orgy of exposed flesh. (and this makes it OK how?) Warner, Spice, Johnni Black, Steve Hatcher, Cox and Morgan find their way around each other. Warner is quite a performer, but Johnni is a phenomenal cocksucker and Spice is one of those unsung supersluts who light up the screen whenever they take centerstage. Horner and Serenity watch as the debauchery unfolds, including a very nice anal from Ms. Black and a healthy facial for each of the ladies.
This is not your average cheery porn story, where everyone gets laid and has a few laughs. As he did in Indigo Delta, Morgan paints an eerie picture of sexual fantasy and evil. Serenity and Horner both shine in their roles, making the dark dream world as real and frightening as possible. It?s amazing though, even when they try to make her crazy and scary looking, Serenity still looks like a million bucks. Her sex scenes carry most of the sexual heat in the movie, but when has that ever been a bad thing? Just the sight of her perfect body in that leather get up in her scene with Missy is worth a second look. A nicely crafted, creepy porn movies with some hot sex scenes, ?Crazed? is perfect for those people looking for a little bit more than your average schtoop fest. Housewives haunted by demons and demented doctors may not be everyone?s idea of a sexy two hours, but you have to appreciate the effort it takes to put a movie like this together.

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