Chasey Loves Rocco




72 Mins
Vivid- 1996
DIR: Tony English
STARS: Chasey Lain, Jeanna Fine, Roxanne Hall, Rocco Siffredi, Caroll Der Bois, Marc Wallace, Bobby Vitale, Dic Tracy.
THEMES: Movie Making, Big Cocks.
I have to admit, the idea of a woman as totally gorgeous as Chasey taking on a guy as big as Rocco is pretty appealing. Of course, the fact that Chasey generally seems to be sleepwalking her way through her scenes gives me reason to be concerned. On the other hand, Jeanna Fine and Roxanne Hall are part of this cast, assuring us a couple of hot scenes no matter what Chasey ends up doing. This is part of a series of videos from Vivid that paired the Italian super stud with various contract starlets.
Rocco plays a wealthy out of towner looking to invest a little money in the movie business. He hooks up with a helpful cab driver who takes him to the office of a small time producer, Marc Wallice. Before meeting with Rocco, the producer has a little desktop rendezvous with hot little starlet Roxanne Hall. Some women will do anything for a starring role and Roxanne has a lot to offer between those long legs. Marc?s tongue whips Roxanne into a frenzy in a way his minuscule cock never could. However, aspiring star that she is, Ms. Hall acts as if this dick is the greatest thing she?s ever had her skilled lips around. Not wanting to miss an opportunity like this, Marc moves quickly from her mouth, to her pussy and then into that tight asshole. Roxanne takes everything in stride, letting his pound away until he drops his load on her tiny titties.
Marc?s money men are pounding down his door, making life very tough on him. Enter Rocco who has the money to save Marc?s ass. A quick partnership is formed and our story moves forward. Cut to Marc?s ex-wife, Chasey Lain who is in bed with Jeanna Fine. Just looking at the two of these women in bra and panty sets is enough to launch a few dozen hard ons. The question is whether or not the gorgeous Ms. Lain can keep up with Jeanna. No doubt about it, Chasey is a lot more into girls than she is guys. I love looking at this woman and there is enough heat to keep me from totally fast forwarding through the whole thing, but I have to say, it?s pretty average.
Not only is Marc?s ex-wife fucking actresses, but his current wife is boffing the help. While Marc tries to get Chasey to help him, Caroll Der Bois is getting her groove on with Bobby Vitale. Caroll is really skinny and overly tattooed, however, I do like her cool short do. The scene is a total throw away to the plot and not all that hot sexually either, making it a good time to get up and run to the kitchen.
Chasey and Rocco are destined to hook up, proving that the gorgeous babe isn?t all about the veggie sex. Their verbal foreplay is quite a nice build up and they make a very lovely couple. Once Chasey convinces Rocco to stay, he takes over, putting her skills to the test in ways she could never dream of. Give Chasey credit for being an incredible tease and so pretty to look at, it hurts. Rocco slides between those thighs and starts licking at that delicious puss until Chasey is more than ready to put her Covergirl face to work on his cock. It looks huge in her hand and even bigger in her hot mouth. Chasey will never win any awards for being a dirty cocksucker, however watching a face this pretty penetrated by hard dick is a treat no matter how much she does or doesn?t like sucking. She even sucks his balls a little and you can see a true slut lying in there somewhere, just dying to break out. Maybe she does so much work with her mouth to avoid having that monster dick inside her precious pussy. He gives it to her pretty hard from behind and look at that, Chasey isn?t melting. After two positions, he pulls out and drops a ball bomb on her neck, nearly hitting that pretty face.
Contract this low key fuck with the final scene between Rocco and Jeanna Fine. Teaming up her legendary throat with his massive cock is the best way to assure a great blowjob scene. Of course, they skip this part at the beginning, letting Rocco eat Jeanna then shove his prick right inside of her wet hole. This does give her a chance to do what she does second best with that mouth, talk a ton of sexy trash as Rocco buries his baby maker deep into her womb. Jeanna loves to be fucked by big cocks and appears ready to take Rocco home at the end of the day as he gives her everything she?s ever wanted and then some. Only after getting royally fucked does Jeanna turn her incredible throat lose on his thick pole. Damn if I don?t shake my head every time I watch her finish off a big cock like this. Where does it all go and more importantly, when can she do that to my cock? Nice facial shot that Jeanna laps up happily to get her daily dose of vitamins.
For a feature movie, this one has a pretty thin story and doesn?t cut the sex my slack. Without the benefit of something to follow in between fucks, Chasey Loves Rocco has to rely on the sex to get by. Most of it is pretty average feature sex. Roxanne Hall does give us a little something to like in the early going. Chasey, the star of this movie, gives us two scenes. The first, with Jeanna Fine, is great if you like this sort of lesbian action. I enjoyed looking at the two women together, but that?s about it. Chasey?s big boff with Rocco is better that I expected, mostly because nearly the whole scene features Ms. Lain?s gorgeous mouth wrapped around a really big dick . Jeanna Fine actually turns in the best scene, taking Rocco on in the final scene and showing why she is such a perfect blend of actress and total slut. If you just want to see Chasey get it on with Rocco great, but there is nothing here to make this movie stand out in the slightest.

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