Lewd Conduct 3


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140 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Ethnic Women, Anal Sex, Big Cocks.
CONDOMS: None Noted
1999 (12/98)
STARS: Jewel, Dominique, Mariah, Emanuelle, Vanity, Salacity, Tamia, Honey Love.
Vince Vouyer is quickly becoming one of my favorite, wall to wall directors. His movies are short on bull shit, special effects and pretentious edit tricks that plague many other productions. Instead, he concentrates on hot women and the many orifices they have to be filled. I very much enjoyed watching this movie on video and if the picture quality is nearly as good as the other Diabolic movies, I see no reason why I won?t be telling you how great the DVD is. So, if you like, save yourself the reading and just buy the damn thing. It?s got killer scenes from start to finish and closes with Salacity making a fan for life.
We open with a couple of young women, Jewel and Dominique DeWitt. Dominique has since left the business to attend to family matters in the wake of Columbine tragedy, while Jewel has made a name for herself. In this scene, Jewel gets busy on Vince?s cock, while Dom stands nearby, fingering herself and looking pretty. Hats off to Jewel for a well delivered blowjob, but Dominique refuses to take a back seat to anyone. (Though she will take it in the backseat and that?s always good.) Moving in to take her turn, Dominique passes Vince?s cock back and forth during a sexy two girl BJ. Jewel gives a low key fuck until Dominique gets involved. The three way sex seems to get pretty Jewel in the mood to be a great little fuck. She even takes that big thing in her ass, starting out slowly, but building up great speed. The girls share a very sticky cum swapping kiss after this ass stretching opening scene.
Mariah is a totally cute eighteen year who has gone on to great things in porn. This exotic hottie has long legs, full lips and an untouched rack. Vince has a good time having her strip and an even better time with his dick in her mouth. No stranger to dick, Mariah welcomes his cock into her pussy for some well shot mish footage. I like the doggy footage because her ass looks so good and that rosebud just seems to be calling out for a good stiff prick. Mariah?s ass stays cherry this time around, but she takes a shot of man butter on that pretty face and I?ll take that for a new teenager any day.
No dialog from sexy Emanuelle as she starts right out with a couple of cocks in her hands. This pretty Euro-slut has lust in her heart and a DP on her mind. She seems quite content to suck on Lexington Steele while rubbing her pussy to full froth. The Euro-guy she is paired with has a pretty good sized cock as well and Emanuelle looks quite pleased with the way things are going. Both guys take turns enjoying her mouth and plugging her pussy. A body like this looks good from any angle, but the best ones show off her great tits. No doctor can make them this good my friends, so enjoy the boobies while you can. All this action gets her ready for her anal and Emanuelle takes that like a champ. Even with a big deep in her ass, this pretty girl manages to give a great blowjob. Once Lex pops that pooper, it?s time for our girl to get her DP thing going. The guys unload on her face and thankfully the cameras keep rolling as she plays with their loads after the shot. My friends, this is one well fucked Euro-slut.
Back to the US, we get a twenty year old Texas chick named Vanity. This girl is all about sex and has the bubbly personality to go along with hot little cunnie. Mark Davis moves in to lick her pussy, but two of Vanity?s own fingers invade her asshole. She is really ready for some action, but Mark has to stop for a moment to admire her perfect breasts. Vanity loves cock and you can see that in the way she sucks dick. Some girls suck it, some girls love it, and this babe is in the latter category. It?s like she lives to please a hard dick with her hands and mouth. Her skills don?t stop there however as Vanity slides up into the saddle for a hard ride. Holding her lips open, she pretty much lets Davis pound down on that pussy with all he?s got. Great looking legs, amazing tits, a face that is filled with beauty and mischief and a sweet looking pookie. Vanity has it all. What she also has a is a big load of cum on her face. As a final gift to us all, she uses the head of Mark?s cock to rub the jizz all over her fact. Nice touch.
Salacity only did a handful of movies, and this is head and shoulders above the others in my book. She and her husband have a fantasy for this sexy twenty four year old to take on a huge cock on video. To make sure it happens, Vince brings in Lexington Steele and turns the lusty Latina loose on her first black dick. Her personality is perfect for porn and this girl looks great taking a huge prick. This is a great blowjob, with Salacity lovingly licking and sucking that big dick, actually telling us just how much she loves it. Seeing how petite she is, it seems impossible that she could slide her body down on the full length, but there she goes, dropping down and taking it all. After seeing Salacity in this movie, I want two things, to see more of her and two get an interview with this awesome young woman. How the hell does she take that thing in her ass and how many women love it as much as this babe. Lex rewards her for all that hard work with a big load of cum that gets milked out by some very nice two fisted stroking.
For the final fuck, Tamia and Honey Love team up to fuck Vince. See, interracial sex works both ways my friend. Could Tamia be any hotter looking? Honey says this is her very first scene which makes it an added treat. As a white man who loves black women, I have to say that these two women doubling up on Vince?s cock is a beautiful sight. Honey straddles a bench, showing off her great ass and inviting Vince to try it out. I like the way the girls kiss while he fucks her, very sexy. Tamia has a really snug little pussy, but she just loves to have it stuffed. High energy from beginning to end, these girls are all Vince can handle, but he does a nice job, filling Tamia?s pretty asshole and pounding away as she smiles up at him. When it?s time to pop, he pulls out of her ass an blasts a shot right onto Honey?s face
I enjoyed every scene in this movie when I reviewed it on video. Now that I see it on DVD, I like it even more. The great picture and sound quality only add to the hot sex that was there in the original. Vince keeps the best scenes for late in the movie, letting Salacity, Tamia and Honey take us home. I liked Vanity a lot, and Mariah is stunning. Emanuelle is quite the horny slut, but it?s the final two scenes that win my highest praise. Give me a couple of chicks like Tamia and Honey and I?ll be in white boy Heaven. However, if I have only one wish from this movie, it?s a roll in the hay with hot tamale Salacity. She?s all that then some. Great women, hot sex and outstanding picture quality make this one of the best stroker DVDs available on the market today.

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