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Elegant Angel- 1996

DIR: Robert Black

STARS: Alicia Rio, Missy, Tricia Deveraux, Heather Lee, Barbie, Jessica Kane

THEMES: Rape, Execution, Drug Use, Demons, Anal Sex, Spitting.


When this movie came out three years ago, no one knew who the hell Rob Black was. Certainly no one could have dreamed that he would wake the porn world up with his over the top, aggressive, often offensive displays of sexual images. I remember when the video came out, everyone I knew wanted to see it because of the great trailer Black cut to promote the movie. Since this early work, Black has done as much to upset, offend and excite porn fans as anyone in the business. Bringing this early effort to DVD may help people see why he ended up being honored as the best director in all of porn that year. Bear in mind DVD fans, that this feature is not what you’re used to. It’s not a soft Vivid tale of misplaced infidelity. It’s not even a big budget Private film where pretty girls get fucked in the ass in the middle of the desert. No, this is sex as raw and hard as it comes and sometimes my friends, it’s not very pretty.

To set the stage for this movie, Black and his friend sit behind a counter at a cheesy pawn shop. For a couple hundred bucks, customers can have their problems taken care of. This leaves plenty of time in between scenes for Rob and his corpulent buddy to take long hits off a bong and prattle on endlessly. Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino do it better, much better. However, we do get something we don’t get to see in movies by those guys, raw sex. When the first guy comes in and announces that his wife is cheating on him, they send him down into the cellar. Here, the cheating wife, Tricia Deveraux, is taken to the electric chair to be execute. Not exactly the sort of message most people want to see in porn, even if its done as a joke. I have to admit, watching this one three years later, I hate it a little less than I did. After all, she doesn’t get executed and actually fucks two guys while he has to watch. Besides, once we get past the whole anti-woman premise, watching Tricia fuck three guys is fucking awesome. She looks great and can’t seem to get enough cock in her mouth. I could do without seeing her spit on, but the sex is hard and Tricia still has one of the prettiest pussies in the world. Great ball sucking here as Tricia gives a great anal and DP performance, something that I didn’t seem to appreciate much the first time around. Maybe I’ve become too jaded to be bothered by the execution. Nah, I just like Tricia so much that I let it go more easily.

Back upstairs, we have to sit through some more painful dialog. I never thought I would be happy to see Steve Hatcher in my life. He comes in looking for some action and the guys send him downstairs. Since he wanted fresh and innocent, I’m not sure why he is so happy to see Heather Lee. She’s a busty, Latina slut, but fresh? Her pimp hands her over to Steve and after wondering again, why anyone would wear blackface, it’s time to settle back and watch Heather take on both guys. I don’t’ think I have ever seen Heather as nasty as in this scene, so I guess that’s a good thing. Again, the spitting stuff gets in the way, but beyond that, watching her DP’d before wearing two big loads of cum. This one is a lot more erotic than offensive.

Barbie is just a poor girl how leaves her door unlocked and suffers the consequences. Two masked guys break in and start raping her. She really fights and screams ‘no’ a lot, making this one way over the line for my tastes. You all know how I feel. People have a right to make movies like this, I just don’t have to find them sexually appealing. When she’s not screaming, the sex is very hard and Barbie does some sexual skills. I just can’t get over the whole rape thing and the scene holds little interest for me sexually. They give her hard anal and even some DP action before dropping their loads on her struggling face.

Alicia Rio shows up looking to test her faith and that launches one of the strangest scenes of the movie. She is taken to the feet of the devil (Rob Black) and set to test her faith against his angels, Missy and Jessica Kane. From this interesting set ups, Black goes to the spitting card right off the bat. That cools the jets for a while, but Missy vs. Alicia is a sexual match up no one can resist. Missy rolls Alicia up over onto her back and starts working on her holes some serious finger action. Lesbian scenes are usually too sleepy for me to pay much attention to, but these women do things to each other than just about melt the screen. If you’re into toe fucking, take a good look at this scene because it’s packed with feet inside wet pussies. A couple of facials for Alicia close out a very, very hot scene.

Missy returns for a scene that I loved the first time around. She is in a shark cage, surrounded by three guys who want to have her for lunch. Missy sucks like she’s desperate for cock and there is no disturbing subtext here. (After all, it’s the men in this scene who are the animals, Missy is human.) She climbs the walls, looking to get more and more stiff pricks into her hot little body. Missy has done some amazing work in her career, but I honestly don’t think she has ever been any hotter than she is right here. Everyone gets a shot at all of her holes, even giving Missy a red hot DP before dousing her in dick droppings. I said it was one of the best scenes of 96 and I still say it’s one of the best we will see on DVD this year as well.

Yes, I have softened a bit on this movie since I first saw it three years ago. That may be because I’ve seen a whole lot worse in the time since this one came out. Rob Black’s work, and porn in general have grown even more outrageous. I still don’t think the non-sex segments of this movie are all that fresh, in fact most of them are pretty bad. Still, what works here is the sex. For the most part, it’s pretty hot. The last two scenes, both starring Missy are nothing short of spectacular. Add Tricia’s hot three on one grudge fuck to the mix and you have a movie that is pure stroker paradise. Rob Black may be disturbing, but in this case, he also brings us some great sex scenes and that’s enough for me to put this into the should see category.


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