Real Sex Magazine 22




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90 Mins
THEMES: Anal Sex, Bit Tits.
STARS: Brooke, Mariah, Precious, Lee, Tony Montana, Kid Vegas, Nick East.
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The photo slide show is nicely done with a combination of nudes and hard core shots of each woman. That�s bout it for bonus material.
Fans of the Real Sex Magazine series already know that is one of the very best sources for brand new girls. Some of today�s best and brightest have passed through the pages of this video magazine. You may recognize a few faces from this volume, but there is one that rises above the rest. That�s right, billed here as Brooke, the newest big sensation, Tera Patrick shows off her charms and skills for porn fans everywhere. Hell, that alone should be enough to make people line up to watch this one. In his intro, Wild Bill tells us that this is an all-anal volume of RSM, but don�t cream your pants just yet. Brooke only masturbates, leaving that ass fucking to the other three babes.
Brooke is nothing short of stunning. Her face is as good, if not better, than any to grace the porn world in recent memory. She is only slightly shy in front of the camera, which is kind of cute. We hear about her masturbatory fantasies, which happen to include sex with four men at once. (Can I be one of them?) In addition to that incredible face, Brooke has a set of natural tits that could serve as the model for rack perfection the world over. After playing with those lovely rack, the spreads her thighs and letting those fingers do the walking. With a finger in the cookie, she starts gently sucking on a nice dildo, helping fulfill her fantasy of multiple penetration. Once it�s a little wet, the toy slips right into her wonderfully tight slit. Using a pocket rocket on her clit, Brooke works herself over nicely. If you�re a fan of solo scene, this is close to perfect. Even if you aren�t, looking at Brooke is still worth the ride.
Mariah seems just a little bit nervous on camera, but as soon as she starts talking about sex, her eyes light up. She calls herself a �cockaholic� and her story is certainly convincing. Mariah has already fucked Tony Montana off camera, but is giving up her on screen cherry for us to see. By the way, she says she fucked a guy who was ten inches long and seven inches wide. Pardon me sweets, don�t you mean seven inches around? Seven across would be like shoving a half gallon of milk up your ass. Tony comes in and starts fucking her pretty face. Mariah does seem to genuinely love sex, rolling around and welcoming him in with a smile. Tony goes almost immediately for the ass, poking her pooper with his fingers while he fucks her doggy style. (Her favorite position by the way.) When he starts fucking that ass, Tony doesn�t go easy on her, giving Mariah long strokes, going head to balls and pounding her face down into the pillow. With the help of the pocket rocket, Mariah even cums with a dick in her ass. For her first popshot, she takes a load on her flat tummy.
Lee (AKA Love Lee) has a very fresh face and a tight little eighteen year old body. This LA native isn�t making her debut, but she�s still just off the freeway. I love this girl�s real tits, but that big tat across the small of her back is a real turn off. Speaking of tattoos (and turn offs) she ends up paired with Kid Vegas. Fully toned down, the Kid works on her pussy for a bit before letting her suck his dick. Even though it wouldn�t take much blood to make that little thing hard, Kid seems unable to get wood while she sucks him. He ends up hard somehow and Lee takes a reverse ride, thrusting her titties out and making a whole lot of noise. Can you believe a girl this thin has such a round butt and perky tits? She rolls over and rubs her clit furiously while he fucks her. This seems to serve her well during the anal as well. Her juices run all over her thighs while that ass gets busted. Vegas pulls out and paints her face with a pretty good load as Lee licks for every last drop. This chick is nice and nasty.
Finally, Precious, a cute Asian girl gives us her tight asshole to enjoy. I just can�t figure out why a chick would put such a huge blot of ink on her boob like that. The audio loses synch during this scene, which is pretty annoying. Precious is an interesting ethnic mix, part Spanish, part Caucasian and part Filipina. Were it not for that big tat, this girl would be the perfect late teen sex dream. Nick East comes in to break Precious into the biz. He gives her tiny tits a little sucking before moving right to that sweet pussy. Precious keeps her eyes closed while sucking cock, and that�s something she needs to work on. Of course, she does have a dick in her mouth, so we can�t complain too much. When it comes to fucking, Precious is a bit flat at times, but looks pretty good from any angle. Nick gets her nice and worked up before going for that sphincter. Again, Precious is using that pocket rocket, which helps her enjoy the anal more. Guys who like to see the pussy during these shots will be disappointed since she�s got that blocked with her hand. In the end, she takes a shot right in her mouth, proving she is ready to make the leap to full fledged porn slutlet.
The real reason to grab this movie is for Tera Patrick, but since she doesn�t even give a full scene, let�s talk about some of the other girls. Precious has porn slut written all over her, but she�s not alone. Any one of the women in this volume could go on and have success. The sex here is well shot and feels fairly real. That�s the key isn�t it, giving us new girls to enjoy. So far, every time I have reviewed one of these movies, I�ve enjoyed it, and this one is no exception.

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