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145 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Veronica Hart
THEMES: Plot, Fantasies, Movie Stars, Ginger Lynn.
1999 (5/99)
STARS: Ginger Lynn, Chloe, Sean Michaels, Juli Ashton, Devin Wolf, Stacy Valentine, Kylie Ireland, Scotty Shwartz, Raveness, Julian, Mia Smiles, Tina Tyler, Veronica Hart, Miss Sharon Mitchell, Alec Metro, Chris Cannon, Michael J. Cox, John Decker.
VCA Interactive REALLY pulled out all the stops for this DVD. In the cast section, we get some great looking screens, with slide shows of the featured performer a direct link to their scene as well as a really nice video interview with Ginger Lynn. There is also an outstanding photo gallery with super high quality photos in a slide show format. (Hard core shots mostly, and some hot ones at that.) Only three previews on this disc, one for the other big comeback move of 99, �Still Insatiable.� Director Veronica Hart and Ginger lend their voices to a well done and, for the most part, interesting running audio commentary. A funny behind the scenes looks, closes out this wonderful collection of DVD extras. Top notch and then some. Also worth noting is the well done and easy to use multi-angle feature. Both the video and alternative audio tracks are super easy to access and useful.
The return of Ginger Lynn was one of the biggest events of 1999 and seeing her on DVD only makes her return to porn all the more special. Ginger�s return to smut films delighted porn fans who grew up with her image permanently burned into their masturbatory memory banks. For those who did not get to enjoy Ginger the first time around, the incredible picture and sound quality on this DVD will bring her brilliance forth in a way that old videotapes could never dream of. For those of us who already launched countless loads over Ginger�s girl next door getting nasty face and body get to enjoy seeing her all grown up and still as nasty as ever. When I reviewed this movie on video a few months ago, my praise for Ms. Lynn took up the whole opening paragraph. I�ll gladly do another dozen or so lines on her incredible sexual career, but I think I�ve got time to cover that later. (Besides, it�s not like it would ever get me a blowjob or anything.) Instead, I�ll say that the DVD transfer of this movie is sharp and as incredible as Ginger is sexy. (If that�s possible.)
Ginger plays a well know soap opera star who hams her way through the intentionally overwrought dialog. The combination of her good looks and the high tension sexuality have made the show a hit and Ginger a big star. Of course, that takes a back seat as one of Ginger�s pals Chloe takes full advantage to a beautiful young girl, Mia Smiles. Chloe is living with Sharon Mitchell, but isn�t about to pass up the sexy young Asian doll. Both women look amazing and somehow Mia keeps up with the always volcanic Chloe, nearly fisting her in this well shot, enthusiastic opening scene.
Ginger and Tina Tyler share an interesting non-sex scene, showing that both women can handle dialog as well, or nearly as well as they take hard cocks. As nice as this is, the moment we�ve been waiting over a decade for is right around the corner. Ginger comes out in this black outfit that just screams sex. Alec Metro, Michael J Cox and Chris Cannon are the lucky guys who get to welcome the legend back into the fold with nearly two feet of hard cock between them. Nothing like stepping right up to the plate and taking the big cut right out of the box. There you go folks, the legendary oral skills on display for all to see. Ginger lucks, nibbles, kisses and sucks her way right through this half circle. (Oh please I want to be the fourth in this line.) Alec nearly drives her over the edge with his eager pussy licking. Anyone who thought Ginger might have lost some of her energy during her time off will be happy to note that she fucks like a demon here. She even does a DP in her first scene back. I realize it�s feature film porn, but damn, but the time the guys rain cum down on her body, I�m more than ready to join them. Hot, fucking hot and damn fucking hot I say.
Stacy Valentine is a hot looking babe, but as a patient, she�s a pain in the ass. Dentist Devin Wolf finds this out the hard way when she tricks him into a little too much laughing gas. Funny, a male doctor taking advantage of his female patient would be a crime, but watching Stacy use this opportunity to suck some dick is nothing short of fantasy material. Instead, his mind turns to innocent times with Ginger until he explodes all over the little dental bib Stacy has on.
Since Devin bugged out a little early, Stacy grabs the first nurse who comes through the door and gives us round two. One blonde, one brunette, both busy and hungry for a little tuna taco. A lesbian lovers paradise, but Julian shatters the veggie atmosphere with enough meat for the both of them. With one pair of natural hooters and one pair of enhanced funbags, Julian does a taste test. That must not be enough information for him to make a decision, because he has to fuck them to find out who is hotter. Great standing fuck here and a shard pop across all four breasts.
Ginger has a special way to get over the boredom of long flights. She sits next to Sean Michaels and when the lights go down, lets her fingers to the walking. Just watching Ginger finger that lovely pussy is enough to make every dick on the plane stand up and say hello. Add sexy, naked stewardess Juli Ashton to the mix and Ms. Lynn is in for one lust filled dream. She takes his huge cock in her mouth and demonstrates blowjob techniques that should be required reading for all would be porn starlets. Juli joins in the fun as the two women share some toy assisted lesbian love on the seats. If this is what you get in first class, I will never fly coach again, ever. Sean shows his appreciation for the show by dropping a load on Ginger�s lovely boobs.
Ginger holds court in a bar with some of her closest friends. John Decker gets particularly lucky, sneaking off into a back room with Ginger. She puts on a dirty talking display that is nothing short of brilliant. Follow that with same sort of oral brilliance we have seen throughout this movie and you get a fucking nut buster before he ever gets to fuck her. John goes to work on Ginger with his tongue and four fingers before giving her a fuck on the pool table. The only thing that could make this scene better is if John were allowed to pop on that pretty smiling face instead of those lovely buttcheeks.
Ginger isn�t the only one of the gang to get lucky. When Devin drunkenly stumbles into the wrong hotel room, he really hits the jackpot. He slides under the covers with Kylie Ireland who is clearly bored with her hubby, Scotty Schwartz who sleeps beside them as she lovingly sucks Devin�s cock. She looks fantastic in her little lingerie and is more than ready for a ride on the dentist�s pole. It�s amazing all this athletic fucking doesn�t wake Scotty up, but is sure puts a shine on Kylie�s face. Check out the way Devin grabs her legs, spreads them wide and just piston fucks her sweet looking slit. He has a nice load that ends up on her belly. Sweet dreams Kylie.
You just know Ginger and Chloe have to have a scene together. Ginger comes over, finds her friend in the bath and joins her. This is a very slow, romantic and sexy scene between two women who are just as appealing this way as when they are burning the house down. It�s quite a bit different from the first Chloe scene, but is easily one of the best lesbian scenes I have seen in years.
There is only one person left in the gang who hasn�t been able to bed Ms. Lynn, but fear not, he gets his shot at long last. They also share a bit of romance, as Devin slowly unwraps her like a Christmas gift before tasting the lovely Lynn labes. Ginger gives such great head, Devin can�t even wait to blow his load. With her mouth on his balls, he jerks a load onto his stomach. Hard again, he takes her on the bed and gives her the high hard one in some great missionary footage that has Ginger nearly bouncing up off the mattress.
As far as porn comeback films go, this one has to be at the head of the class. Ginger looks great and is every bit the sexual dynamo she was when we last saw her. Her best scene is the first, taking on three guys like a true superstar. In later pairings with Michaels, Decker and Wolf she shows that no one gives head quite like Ginger. Also hot in this movie are a number of the side players. Kylie really gives a good scene and Chloe is as hot as ever in her two veggie scenes. Don�t expect the deepest plot in the world, but at least it makes sense. Besides, there are a couple of really nice dialog scenes that tie the action together quite nicely. Great looking cast, hot feature film sex, incredible picture quality and nicely done multi-angle/alternative soundtrack work make Torn one of the best porn films on DVD, ever.

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