Brazilian Boychicks



83 Mins
TEMES: TS, Anal Sex
STARS: Camilla, Jackeline, Fabiana, Claudia Aloura, Natasha Dumond, Marcia Ferreira, Isis Fischer, Chisbel, Juliano Ferraz
Well now, this is something completely different. I have never actually reviewed a he-she video before. I’ve been getting some requests to do so and when this one by Alex Ladd came my way, I just couldn’t say no. Some of these guys look kind of pretty on the box, but that doesn’t always translate onto film. (Look what Wicked did in making Alexa passable.) Alex is pretty good at shooting boy/girl stuff, does great gang bangs, so I guess seeing how he does with girl-boy stuff is the next step.
Out strolls a buff looking guy onto the beach. He sits down between a couple of brunettes, Claudia and Luana. Claudia looks a little like Kristi Myst as he goes down and stats sucking cock. Luana is a girl, and a nice looking one at that. She and her boy-she pal share this dude’s cock, getting it very hard with the same tongue teasing technique. The dude bends Claudia over and fingers his ass until the dick is hard. Then Luana starts sucking while the dude checks her for extra parts as well. The he-she slaps a rubber on his cock and lets Luana suck the other dude’s cock. The dudes switch place so she can get pumped while sucking she-male cock. For some really original footage, Luana gets fucked by Claudia who also takes it in his ass from the other guy. Now that’s something you just don’t see every day. For a better look at he-she dick, the dude puts Claudia on his cock and watches him stroke his cock to a semi-rigid state so the girl can ride it. That is a whole lot of slapping balls and penetrated man ass, too much for my taste. I know the theme here is boy chicks, but I would like to see this Luana chick in straight scenes because she is super hot. She ends up taking loads from both dudes on her face and loving it.
Fabiana is a tall dude who hooks up Chisbel, a hot blonde real chick. The scene starts out like a girl/girl romp as they make out in the bed. At least until Chisbel reaches down and pulls the cock from between Fabiana’s legs. It looks like the very pretty blonde chick has a thing for girl dick because she delivers a hot blowjob before bending over and getting fucked from behind. (Is it me or does Fabiana look a whole lot Marilyn Manson?) Isis must really like Fabiana because she takes his dick up her tight little ass in some very enthusiastic RCA. Turn about is fair play and while Fab jerks his cock off, Chisbel fucks him right up the ass. In fact he blows his load all over the bed with the fake cock in his bowels.
Another threesome is brewing between a Brazilian pretty boy, he-she Jackeline Beggi and cute little chick named Mayka. They take turns fucking the guys cock and Jackeline actually does a better job handling that thick rod. Pretty Mayka has to work very hard to make Jackeline’s little dick hard, but with her stud boy pounding away, she manages to make it rise. It’s not all the way hard when the two guys start going at it, but a big cock seems to be just what Jackeline wants in his butt. Personally, I like watching Mayka take that big cock up her ass and don’t even mind that she’s sucking way too hard on a he-she dick that just doesn?t want to work. Both blonde share his big load and lick him clean afterwards.
Marcia and Camilla are two very manly looking would be shes who strip each other and start having some TS/gay sex. Camilla is a blonde who beats his partner’s dick against his face in vain. Both of these guys have pretty decent boobjobs, but from the neck up they are pure man. Watching them work each other over is very strange and you can really see the trouble they are both having with wood. With no girls in this scene, it’s really not all that appealing, especially since these two hard looking dudes only get hard when fucking each other in the ass. To top it off, they shoot on each other and kiss.
That leaves us with a final threesome. The same guy from the last three way is back with Natasha Dumond (Who is supposed to be some sort of beauty pageant winner) and Isis Fischer who is a nice looking big booty girl. Maybe I’m just hopelessly straight, but why would a guy who can be fucking Isis want to turn around and put it into a manly looking he-she? Actually, Natasha isn’t too manly looking and does seem to enjoy both boys and girls. Of course his dick doesn’t really get hard, even with Isis sucking like mad. I would really like this scene if it were just a boy/girl because Isis is quite attractive and enjoys fucking. Natasha’s cock never does get hard, even when he’s being fucked in the ass, but he does share a cumshot with Isis.
OK, so I’ve done it and I am happy to say that I still have no desire to suck on a dick no matter how cute the guy may be. Most of the scenes are between a boy chick and a real chick. Often it’s a three way, so I guess it appeals across the board. It’s still guys fucking other guys in the ass, but hey, porn has something for everyone. Technically, things are shot well and the quality is good so that’s a plus. Personally, I would like to see some of the real girls in this movie come back from some hot action.

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