Extreme Teen 19



102 Mins
DIRECTOR: Prince Myhskin
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Young Girls,
STARS: Alexis, Meriesa Arroyo, Catalina, Kelli Sparks, Lindzy
As we get to the nineteenth Extreme Teen, I think we’re on the twelfth director of the series. OK, 12 is probably a little high, but since about number ten, the line has been passed around more often than a fattie at the Extreme offices. (Bro, re-think that analogy, you know ain’t no on in that office sharing their weed.) OK, the line as been passed around more often some of the eighteen year old crack whores they use in the Cocksmoker movies. (Better.) I really like the way the box shots look, but without names, I can only tell you that I recognize Kelli Sparks. Beyond that, it’s just some very cute chicks who won’t have names until the cast list. One thing I do want to know is how closely Extreme checked this “Prince Myshkin” guy’s immigration papers. He sounds foreign and wouldn’t it be a bitch if the terrorists found a way to get a man inside porn? Can you imagine the Extreme teens in head to toe rags or not allowed to shave? The horror man, the pure mother fucking horror.
Alexis is a pig tailed brunette who just wants a Big Stick from the ice cream man. We should know she’s in trouble when the dude in the truck is Rod Fontana. Naturally he doesn’t have any on the truck, but takes her a ride to show her all the big sticks she can handle. When he shows her his own stick, Alexis plays the innocent, but those tattoos up her back make me think that maybe she’s played hide the Popsicle before. His cock is really thick and barely fits into her mouth, but she licks it dutifully. When Rod starts fingering her ass, he has to work around some down under jewelry. Alexis isn’t exactly thrilled to be taking that big cock and it’s not part of her character. He’s just too damn thick. I would say that the close up shots are better since we don’t see her wincing, but instead we see tats on her tits, stretch marks on her thighs, ass and tits and that ring down where none should be. (Actually, that’s not a big deal, the thing is nearly buried in the folds of her ‘hunk-o-HubbabBubba’ pussy. She does take it in the ass and wears a big load on her face. The lack of energy really killed this one, but Alexis was a lot cuter with her clothes on.
Meriesa looks pretty cute in her cheerleader uniform as she sits waiting for the bus. Brian Surewood stops by and offers her a ride. Ordinarily, she would run from a dude who looks this scary, but she’s running late and really needs to get home. Two plus two equals four so they end up back at his place where she is more than happy to let this raggedy dude up her skirt. The shy act doesn’t last long because it’s hard for her to talk with a big dick in her mouth. This girl has a great set of tits and some nice curves down below. The look on her face as Brian fucks her doesn’t exactly convey unbridled lust. (It’s more of a ‘who stepped in shit’ look.) Watching her get fucked in spoon is some nice eye candy though and she has good flexibility. (Important for her college cheer career no doubt.) Brian may not be her dream man, but once that pussy gets heated up, Meriesa isn’t about to stop. She wants him to pump and pump hard. After he rolls her over the bed, fucking that pussy with a vengeance, Brian shoots a load right into her waiting mouth.
Kelli Sparks is a college student who has to go see the dean when her grades sag a bit. She says that her teachers are just jealous of her so they won’t give her a chance. Luckily, the dean is Rod Fontana so things are going to be just fine. He gets called out of the office, telling Kelli to go back to class. Instead, she hides under his desk. When Rod comes back, he sees her fingers poking out and decides it would be a good idea to whip out his cock and start stroking to some porno. Poor Kelli can’t stand to be so close to a hard cock without having some of it. For someone who says she never actually sucked a dick, Kelli shows a lot of skill. She keeps up the newbie attitude, but really gives a great looking blowjob, working Rod’s fat cock in her hot mouth. He stands her up, flips her cheer skirt over her ass, pulls the panties aside and starts fucking the shit out of her hot little twat. Great doggy from this blonde with her great ass and thigh on display. The reverse cowgirl gives us a good look at her perfect tits as well. Rod moves her to the floor for some nicely shot piledriver anal. Kelli looks a little overwhelmed by the thickness of his prick, but takes it quite well. Having learned her lessons, Kelli takes a nice shot on the face, closing out her scene.
Linzie is a round faced blonde with long pigtails and a cute smile. She gets home, changes into a tiny bikini and sits in the backyard trying to get a tan. What she doesn’t know is that Brian Surewood is in full stalker mode. He makes it into her backyard just as Linzie starts getting some sun on her exposed tits. The dialog is hard to hear because the music is just too loud. He talks about being a friend of the family and is able to talk her into letting him rub oil on her fine breasts. Her body is soft, nicely tanned and really ready for some serious dick action. There is a sexy twinkle in her eyes as she gets a look at and then a taste of his prick. Linzie shows some cock sucking promise. A little more eye contact and this cutie is going to launch thousands of loads at that pretty face. Brian uses her pigtails and handles until he has fucked her face long enough. From there he moves to her puffy little muff, slipping it all the way into that chubby cunnie. Taking the young bikini babe and fucking her from behind, Brian makes sure to lift one of her legs so the camera can get in close. Linzie doesn’t shy away from a big facial, in fact she moves in the second he’s done shooting to suck up all of the cum he has left. So that’s what all the pretty girls do after class.
Brian is out on the streets, looking dirty as ever, when Catalina comes skipping along. Ion her short skirt, pigtails and carrying her stuffed animal, she looks pretty young, but that’s probably why Brian breaks into an office to show her around. The place is all done up with crime scene tape, but she doesn’t realize anything is up until it’s too late. Since she’s a Max girl, you know Catalina knows how to play innocent for a few seconds before diving in and devouring his cock like a seasoned pro. She looks really good in her uniform and loves having her bald beaver banged senseless. Nicely shot action and Catalina gives one of the most energetic performances of the movie. When he starts fucking her ass, this horny little brunette digs her fingers into her pussy like she wishes Brian had two cocks to fuck her with. She bounces up and down, playing along with some funny dialog. Like a good girl, she asks for a load on her face, but then ends up bound for later pleasure.
There are some pretty good looking girls in this movie. Most of the set ups are pretty mild, with some pred stuff, but it’s all very tongue in cheek. Even the final scene with Catalina is played very soft so that her sexual heat can come shining through. Kelli Sparks does a nice anal romp with Fontana, Linzie shows some big time slut skills with Surewood and Meriesa is worth a second look. Most of the sex is well shot and the girls are decent enough. Start to finish, it’s a pretty solid volume with some promising new faces and bodies to enjoy.


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