Jack And Jill



97 Mins
DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong
THEMES: Romance, Fantasy, Toy Play
STARS: Serenity, Joel Lawrence , Nikita Denise, Ian Daniels, Dillon Day, Syndee Steele, Devinn Lane, Stephanie Swift
I think I am about to OD on features right about now, but I had to give this one a try. Jack & Jill is billed as a light romance and stars Serenity and Joel Lawrence as the title characters. Given Brad Armstrong’s usual MTV style, this will be a nice change. We know Serenity can handle comedy and that Joel can do dialog as well as any guy in porn, but how will they jell on camera. More importantly how will Armstrong use Wicked’s hottest contract girl sexually. He’s got three other Wicked Girls, Devinn Lane, Stephanie Swift and Sydnee Steele also along for the ride, so it’s an all in the family sort of thing. Before I can even finish this open and with the credits still rolling, it looks like we have an answer to that Serenity sex scene question. She’s already getting into it with Ian Daniels, so let’s just sit back and watch shall we.
In just her bra, Serenity is on top of Ian, kissing him passionately. Hell, a kiss this long actually seems out of place in porn, but I’m sure he’s just as happy to see her move her head down a bit. Using her hands as she does so well, the beautiful blonde works his cock to full length and gets it nice and wet. At this point, she takes off her bra. Maybe it’s me, but isn’t that sort of backwards? I mean, once you’ve had your dick in her mouth, is seeing her tits that big a deal? Ian pushes her back on the bed and does some serious work with his fingers. Before the fucking starts, Serenity’s body is all over the place. Ian gets her to stop just long enough to slide his cock into her tight pussy. The energy level in this scene is very high from the start and thankfully, Armstrong takes advantage of her flexibility. I love a girl who can do these kind of things with her legs and Serenity knows how to make it look great. I don’t remember hearing her quite so loud in any scene before this one. She rides him hard then turns in a very hot doggy scene. (Personally I think she’s teasing us with that ass, knowing we’re not going to see it violated any time soon.) As he pulls out, she spins around to catch his load on her face and suck down the final few drops.
Jill (Serenity) has a roommate and enlists him to walk the dog as she enjoys the glow of post-coital bliss with her new friend. Jack (Lawrence) isn’t happy about taking the pooch out, but does so anyway. That means that the dog is in his room when Jack tries to spank his monkey to a picture of his hot ex-girlfriends Nikita Denise. Instead of stroking it, he has to settle for a dream in which the sexy brunette is his for the taking. Lovely Nikita stays fully dressed as she slides down and slips her lips over his cock. She gives great eye contact and knows how to suck dick like a filthy little pig. Watching her mount and fuck him, it’s no wonder Jack is in a funk over this girl. Nikita just always seems to be ready to fuck. Joel rolls her over and really pumps her hard with that big cock. He even finds her ass available and that’s got to be an even tighter fit. He slams it for a while, then shoots a big wad all over her pussy.
Now that they have both had initial sex scenes, we get to know Jack and Jill a bit. They are roommates, but the sexual tension between them is so thick you need a weed whacker to cut it. Jill thinks Jack needs to realize that this girlfriend is gone for good and Jack thinks that Jill does way too much bed hoping. (Sounds like an ABC sit-com pilot.) Ever the party girl, Jill tries to get Jack to go out with her to get over his lost love. He refuses and even misses her not so subtle come ons. Hey buddy, she’s naked in the tub watching you pee, she just might be into you.
Successful during her night out, Serenity comes home with Dillon Day. She’s looking outstanding in this cute little top and short skirt. Dillon doesn’t waste any time, getting his hand up that skirt and letting his fingers do the walking. Keeping he party clothes on, Serenity gets down on her knees, takes his prick in both hands and jerks it into her mouth. She uses her tongue on the head, then on the shaft like it’s a big candy stick and makes sure we have a great view of the action. He lifts her up onto the kitchen counter and have a late night snack between her parted thighs. With her legs high in the air, Dillon uses them to get a good stroke going. Again, Serenity is showing great energy and looks really good bent over her kitchen counter. She keeps her top out of the way as he shoots his load all over her tits.
The relationship between Jack and Jill moves forward with the plot. Jill has a girls night in and you know this is going to turn into a veggie love fest With Jack sleeping in the next room, Jill and her friends (Stephanie Swift, Devinn Lane and Sydnee Steele) bash men for a while, drink wine and then fall into each other’s arms. This is probably how company meetings at Wicked go and from the looks of things, this is initiation day for Devinn. The girls all pair off and lick each other for a while. I’m pretty bored with this until the toys come out and then Serenity does some very nice work on Stephanie while the other two work a two headed dong. Devinn has to suck on a blue strap on while Steph stuffs Syd’s butt with beads. All the toy action kind of saves things here.
Eventually Sydnee catches Jack watching and joins him in the bedroom. Even though she just fucked, the busty brunette needs a taste of the real thing to make her really happy. She helps Jack catch up to her by sucking his cock deep and drooling all over it. After slipping a condom over his cock, Sydnee slides her pussy down and takes full advantage of every inch. He is awake now and gives it to her hard from behind. We all know where Jack is going to end up, but she sure likes fucking Jill’s friends. He pulls out and shoots a load that fires half way up her back.
Naturally, the two become closer than ever and go through a quick revelation, conflict and resolution as the movie winds to a close. They finally kiss. This is the kind of thing we would have to wait three seasons to see on a TV show, but we get it in an hour and a half in the movie version. Besides, we don’t get to see sitcom chicks actually sucking dick. For as much shit as Jack has given Jill for her promiscuity, I think he’s enjoying the results of her extensive practice. Compared to the first two scenes with Serenity, this one is much more tame. It’s supposed to be of course, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wish Joel would give it to her with same urgency that he pounded Sydnee. This scene is still great eye candy with Serenity pointing her toes and spreading her legs wide to take as much of his meat as she can manage. He bends her over the dinner table and slides in and out of her slowly. I guess he’s going to have years to fuck her like a rag doll, so for now he just gives it to her nice and slowly. Jack pulls the rubber off and shoots his load all over her fine ass. How romantic.
This was supposed to be a light romance and that’s exactly what it is. Both Serenity and Lawrence handle their dialog nicely and the little love story is bound to make the couples audience feel good. Most of the sex scenes are pretty good, with Serenity turning in three pretty hot boy/girl scenes and a decent lesbian orgy. Nikita Denise actually outshines the other Wicked Girls, mostly because they are underused. Only Syd gets a boy/girl and it’s just not as good as the rest of the movie. Armstrong does a nice job in this movie of keeping the plot moving and the sex hotter than average. Light as it is, this still may make it into the top ten features of the year based on a couple of very hot sex scenes.

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