Dp Virgins- Dp Callin’




OVERALL RATING: 5 (ALL for Aurora)
86 Mins
DIRECTOR: Jim Powers
JM Productions
STARS: Aurora Snow, Wanda Play, Devin DeVay, Jay Ashley, Julian St. Jox, Dave Hardman, Rick Masters, Damien Michaels.
Normally, this series brings us some decent looking babes breaking their DP cherries. That’s what you’ve got in this movie, though there are two chicks in this movie who just aren’t going to get much attention. You see, I’m quite smitten with Aurora Snow and I’m not about to try and hide it. She’s the main reason I grabbed this movie and if the other girls are even halfway decent, it will just be a bonus. Aurora plays the lead in this movie and is on the recieinvg end of some very nasty phone calls. Whoever is calling has his eye on the whole neighborhood and quickly starts telling Aurora what sluts her neighbors are.
First it’s big titted Devin DeVay who has her hugs bags sucked on by Rick Masters and Dave Hardman. She wraps them around Rick while Dave goes south for a little pussy exploration. Her body is fairly trim, making her tits look even more out of proportion as she rides hard on one cock while sucking the other. Dina doesn’t say much, but that’s because there always seems to be a cock in her mouth. Instead she just moans a lot and takes a hard pounding from behind. The scene really drags on as they plow her puss. This is a DP movie and we’re waiting to see Devin get double fucked. Even as her ass gets filled, I’m ready to move on. I guess that’s what they call anticipation eh? She does finally get both holes filled and takes every inch of both dicks. By the time they shoot loads on her face and tits, I’m ready to see the next girl.
Down the road, Wanda Play is another neighborhood whore. She lays out on her couch with her head hanging over the edge to take one guy down her throat while the other preps her pussy for some hard poking. This girl is about as appealing as the first one, with a pale, soft body and a decent face. I know holding your best girl for the end is a nice trick, but if I didn’t know Aurora was coming up, I would have just turned this thing off. Wanda has a big, very soft ass that eventually becomes ground zero for an anal invasion. If this is her first DP scene, then I guess that’s something for fans to enjoy, but frankly, two scenes in a row that are average at best are no way to start a movie. There is some nice looking close up during the long anal and a couple of facials to close things out.
After way too long, Aurora finally gets the call that will change her life. She agrees to play with herself if he promises never to call again. After a hot little solo set up, Aurora goes downstairs and waits for two guys to come in and take her. Julian St. Jox comes in behind her and shoves her head down on Jay Ashley’s cock. While her pretty head is working hard on one cock, she reaches back to play with Julian’s log. Both guys take turns using her sweet mouth, letting Aurora know exactly who’s boss. She looks great sucking both cocks, but you know that her wet little hole needs some attention as well. Julian finally bends her over and fucks that pussy from behind while Jay just sits back and gets more spectacular head. He eventually pistons her hole so hard she nearly gags on Jay’s prick. The energy here is outstanding and this scene deserves to be in a best of Aurora compilation at some point. When Jay moves to the chair, Aurora slides her ass over his cock and works her hips for a few seconds. That leaves that delicious pussy open and Julian isn’t about to waste any time. The guys switch places quickly and stay in the reverse cowgirl DP position for a long time as Jay slam fucks his gorgeous girlfriend. I like the tight shots, but when the camera pulls back, we get better shots of her long legs and her feet flailing away as her tight openings are assaulted. Julian gets some one on one time with Aurora and uses piledriver to make her little ass gape. Hell, it wasn’t that long ago that she didn’t even do anal and look at her now. After Jay gets a short taste of that positon as well, both guys shoot their loads into her pretty mouth. This movie may have sucked before her scene, but Aurora comes through big time.
There isn’t much left to say about this movie that I haven’t said already. The first two scenes were lame enough to leave me time to rag on them and I certainly gushed more than my share of praise onto the Aurora DP. I like the obscene phone call set up, but when it leads to flat scenes with less than appealing women, I’d rather just watch Ms. Snow finger her slit. Aurora fans will want to grab this one and maybe even own it. Just make sure you fast forward through the first two scenes and only watch the finale. It’s worth the price of admission. (Now that Aurora is doing anal, I wonder if I should re-interview her.)


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