Blind Date (vca)


107 Mins
THEMES: Romance, Veggie Sex, Prostitution
STARS: Julie Meadows, Kyle Stone, Chris Cannon, Monica Mayhem, Belladonna, Nina Ferrari, Dominica Leoni, Keri Windsor, Deva Station, Evan Stone, Lee Stone, Marty Romano
I think this is the first Julie Meadows movie I have reviewed since she signed her contract with VCA. I’m not sure why since she is one of my very favorite performers. Oh well, enough about that, we have Julie and Monica Mayhem heading up a nice looking cast. I would make a guess about the plot, but things start out before the credits even end. Julie is ready to get into bed with a very lucky Kyle Stone, but he wants to see her strip for him. Good enough for me. Who even needs a plot when you have this beautiful woman doing a hot bump and grind?
After she strips out of her clothes and shows off that hot little body, Julie does a very intimate lap dance on Kyle as he lies on the bed. (I still say Julie didn’t need her new tits, but they look really good.) When Kyle has lost his clothes, Julie gets her blonde head bobbing and this is always a great sight. After an all too short blowjob, she gets into his lap and bounces her pretty ass up and down. She’s really letting out some hot squeals as she rides. Turning her over, Kyle takes full advantage of Julie’s pretty ass, fucking it deep and hard. This is really nicely shot and very hot, but we leg lovers get a bigger treat when she rolls to her side for some anal spooning. Kyle pulls out in time to shoot his load all over her tight belly. No idea who these people are, but it’s a great way to start a movie.
The next morning at breakfast, Julie is less than thrilled by Lee Stone’s lectures on health. Not surprisingly, she turns down his idea that she join Monica Mayhem for a little two on one action. Instead, Monica is left to take on that big cock all by herself. Don’t worry too much, because this hot little blonde is up for the challenge, squatting before him and inhaling that long rod. With lots of eye contact, the pretty blonde takes what she can in her mouth and uses her hand to keep the rest throbbing. After some pussy licking, Lee sits back and lets her straddle his long prick. When he bends her over and pounds, we get some great shots of her leg and of her stuffed pussy. Monica needs her protein and gets down for a hot facial finish.
Still looking for someone to talk to, Julie goes to see another friend. She is worried that every guy she meets treats her like a hooker. All she wants is one guy to get to know her as a person. He gives her some advice, then goes back to banging hot little Euro-import Dominica Leoni. She’s been going down on him as he spoke to Julie so he licks her for a while. Dominica goes back to sucking, making sure he is good and ready to pump her pussy. After she gives an enthusiastic ride, he bangs her from behind, sneaking his thumb into her ass like he’s heading there next. Instead he just fucks her pussy until she’s ready to spin around and take a big load all over her pretty face.
Julie may be in luck when she hits a blind man with her car. Good luck? Well, this is a guy who might be able to get to know her without seeing what a total hottie she is. After a bit of conversation, he acts her out on a real date. Julie is very excited about this guy and shares her joy with Keri Windsor. There is only one problem. Julie hasn’t told her new man that she’s a stripper. When she leaves, Keri hops into the shower with her redheaded galpal. They soap each other up and as usual, Keri out shines her veggie partner. This woman really knows how to drive another woman crazy and she looks really good in the shower. Hell, that tongue looks like it could put a lot of toy companies out of business. I don’t care much for most veggie scenes, but I did like Keri in this one and the water is always a big turn on for me.
Julie is visiting her new man’s parents, something that is bound to mean she has met her true love. At least until his dad puts a porno tape on and calls her a whore. His words must hit a nerve because she rushes over to see Evan Stone. He’s been trying to buy a night with her for a long time and now she’s ready to be bought. She’s a little surprised when he wants to move slower than a lot of the dates she’s had, but hey, it gets her naked and that’s what we care about. He gets up under her dress and licks that pretty little box of hers. When it comes time to suck cock, Julie handles that big cock like a pro and makes sure Evan gets every dime’s worth of her hot mouth. Damn, this girl sucks a mean dick. Since he paid a couple of grand, he naturally gets to feel the inside of that snug, slick little slit as well. Julie looks delicious bent over on the stairs and Evan happily uses her in this position until he is ready to pop all over her pretty lips.
Julie’s pal is still doing well with the ladies, this time fucking Nina Ferrari and Belladonna in a three way. These two girls keep him very busy, but also find time to make each other very happy. They hook up for a pretty hot double blowjob where their eyes lock across the head of his cock and the girls try and outsuck each other. All three of these people have been to the ink well too often, but they sure do seem happy to fuck. Bella even takes it in her ass and this woman does have a fine looking backside. He pulls out and shoots on her hip.
I don’t want to give away too many plot points, but Julie and Cannon finally hook up at the end of the movie. It’s really a shame he can’t look down and see just how hot she looks with a cock in her mouth. (Speaking of, isn’t it time for a re-interview Julie?) At least we get to watch as she slowly pleases his stiff prick with her warm lips and active tongue. For a guy who can’t see, he sure does find her hot spots with his fingers and tongue. Poor Julie can hardly stand it. Her long legs and flexible body makes for some very hot standing action including a shot with one foot on his shoulder. Showing that he really loves her for her mind, he doesn’t even fuck her in the ass, pulling out to cum all over it instead.
There is a sweet little love story going on here that is bound to please a number of couples. The side characters are good, especially Keri, Monica and Dominica who add plenty of eye candy and sexual heat to the mix. Julie and Chris do a pretty good job with their dialog and make the final scene somewhat believable. Of course, even an exceptionally good feature isn�t going to outshine the star of this movie, Julie Meadows. She looks great, dressed and naked, fucks like a champ and manages to make us all wish we could find a girl like her to bring home to mom and dad.

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